Sunday, 27 January 2013

Leaked Royal Rumble 2013 Entry List

Rumble running order list 

leaked online!

A leaked list of the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble tomorrow evening 
has been (unintentionally?) released. Here's the running order. (See below.)

Is there enough time to change the order? Of course, this is unleashed on the 'internet'. Don't believe everything you read, however choose the most, accurate, and noteworthy professionals available  There is only one. You're reading it. 

Tune in to see the results and our review following.

Virtually all members of the card will compete in the Rumble, adding no diversity nor epic qualities to this Rumble as with previous years if this list is to go by.

Our pick to win? So far, John Cena is most likely.

The card features matches with :- 

World Heavyweight Championship [Last Man Standing] - Alberto Del Rio (c) Vs Big Show
WWE Championship - The Rock Vs CM Punk (c)
Tag Team Championships - Team Hell No (c) Vs Team Rhodes Scholars
(Unified Women's as) Divas title - Kaitlyn (c) Vs ?

Pre show - US title The Miz Vs Antonio Cesaro (c)

1. Ziggler 
2. Cena 

3. O'Neill 

4. Clay 

5. Slater 

6. Sandow 
7. Tensai 
8. Langston 
9. Mahal 
10. Rhodes 
11. Young 
12. Khali 
13. Kane 
14. McIntyre 
15. Jey Uso 
16. Kofi 
17. Bryan 
18. Orton 
19. Jimmy Uso 
20. Miz 
21. McGillicutty 
22. Kruger 
23. Carlito 
24. Gabriel 
25. Barrett 
26. Sheamus 
27. Benjamin 
28. Cesaro 
29. Show 
30. Ryback

MVP was also 'rumoured' to make an appearance but is seemingly off the list above...

Kruger's entry is obviously meant to be Bo Dallas who received an NXT tournament battle royal to enter. Perhaps this was a last minute victory taping change? Either way, Dallas is in.
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