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Why Aksana may be WWE’s newest Diva to excel


Can Aksana become the next Diva to excel in WWE’s ailing division, due to certain contributing factors?

Aksana, most famed on television for her participation on the NXT brand, competed in the third themed season, based around the females aiming to breakthrough. On the September 7th 2010 broadcast, Aksana, teaming with her mentor Goldust, lost her debut match, though this gave her the launching pad to begin.

Following on to the October 5th edition, Aksana won a bull riding challenge, proving some worth, whilst also being involved in a visa problem related story angle. She would later seek to marry her mentor on the show, Goldust. The rushed ceremony on the November 2nd NXT, (we deserve a new and full on wedding in WWE, they are TV gold), saw Goldust marry Aksana, in order to remain a resident of the United States. She would then turn heel on Goldie by delivering a slap after the groom attempted to kiss his newly wed bride.

With Husband...

... and Mentor

As Million Dollar 'Champion'
The following Raw, saw the scheming Aksana steal the Million Dollar title, which Goldie lifted previously from Ted DiBiase (Jr). Goldust then confronted his wife, on the following NXT, whom confessed marriage to her was in order to avoid being beaten by shovels back home in Lithuania. The title was returned on a three hour Raw special, the following week, with help by Goldust. Their partnership was officially severed on the next NXT show, when Aksana became eliminated from the competition, on November 16th. It had run its course, however showed potential as a character with a devious, underline nature for success.

Wouldn't go quietly

Fast forwarding to August 5th 2011 saw the newly transformed Diva in a new style from her previous blonde presence. As a black haired, sexy sultress laced in leather, Aksana remains devilishly beautiful and mesmerizing in characterisation. Delivering small lines in key fashion, makes her valuable. Once the wrestling comes more fluidly, she will be able to launch her possible career as serious contender, if worked correctly. On the Halloween Raw, in which she was dressed up as Morticia, from The Addams Family, proved to this writer she could develop a new structure to the division alongside Phoenix and Natalya. We noticed the hidden gem many failed to witness. Aksana has that key element most Divas are missing.

Halloween Diva's Raw Battle Royal
almost made a post on WW...
but had to be scrapped due to word count -
there was TOO many.

At this time, involved in backstage skits, involving a sexual frisson with Smackdown! General Manager, Theodore Long, the sexual tension between the two has been fully entertaining and delightful. We loved the glitter ball entrance on the November 9th supershow, as well as the Rihanna/Umbrella/Alicia Fox segment. Aksana also stated in one segment that she could “handle a joystick” in reference to playing a game with the GM in promotion for the WWE ’12 videogame.
Her Smackdown! debut supported Ms.Fox at ringside. As manager/valet, she showed another hidden gem of potential often disregarded by those not looking intuitively.
The November 29th edition of Smackdown! was a holiday show. Competing in a Mistletoe on a pole match, (the irony), ‘sana was defeated by Brie Bella. Long, smitten with her, leaned in for a smooch after she questioned why he was standing under some Mistletoe. Accidentally chomping on one of those berries instead, (the overt message reminiscing a testicle scenario, though no one has noticed it, - you blind audience) claiming it “tickled her tonsils.”. Teddy’s brave efforts were scuppered.
Woah Bro!!

With her brief history and ability to control the situation placed into, Aksana, as baby face at present, could break the mould of Diva image with a wrestling background and challenge Phoenix at some stage after lengthy build up as a challenger, gaining a distinctive persona and fan favourite that would be cheered. The ’Barbie Bimbo’s’ aren’t eliciting cheers barely at all, and those that do are only cheering for flesh on show. (WWE secretly desires it audience to cheer for a piece of eye candy embodied with the feel of wrestling entity material).
Never looked better for WWE

Contrast is
shining through
Dropping an
Also holding claims to managerial services and TV shows - including The Aksana Show, the Lithuanian lady may just have more than enough to go forward. Previous experience to championships and bodybuilding, Aksana clearly takes her craft more seriously than any other ’Diva’ on the roster. (Phoenix & Natalya are not ’Diva’s’ solely, they‘re ‘Women‘). She is a far more worthier option than most on the roster at present, and the fact WWE have hired a new Diva from the American Footballing world, which is yet another Kelly Kelly clone (when will they learn?), ladies with wrestling credentials need to re-establish the division and it’s viewership. There were, and are, many interested in seeing a female wrestling market on the show. It is one of the reasons figures have dipped, though WWE will never acknowledge that Women’s Wrestling is actually a profitable option. It differs and forms a unique style to the same old men wrestling perspective. Men secretly crave strong, confident Women who can stand up rather than be weak and cry every time they face a hardship. You have enough to carry forward with, it’s up to you how to “utilise”.

A good workman finds a way to use his best tools. If he doesn’t, then you end up with a shoddy shelf that falls down. The shoddy, yet ironic shelf, is WWE’s version. For someone who craves professional quality, the shelf life of those involved tends to die out rapidly. Creating a different dimension would support that, rather than detract from it, and that, alone, will be how you capitalise on the market successfully.

One of Aksana & Teddy Long's skits -

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