Friday, 9 December 2011

JBL's WWE Return?

JBL Returning?
As General Manager?

It was known sometime ago by WW, that former WWE Champion JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield) was offered the position of General Manager of Raw. It was a roll he didn’t accept. We are glad of this. JBL, a credible vocal speaker of his time and annoyance in character, proving successful, wouldn’t be able to carry the computer credentials over the last two years (The Raw GM made many babyface, pro Cena situations, among other stars), WWE forget that JBL was a heel and had immense hatred (on screen) for John Cena. Do they forget the GM was more babyface than heel?

Had his own cabinet

Missing Image Consultant and singing sensation - Jillian

Clothesline From Hell
JBL is also an obvious choice and unwelcome. The choice must be fresh for the audience. One that is current, understands their needs and develops a character over time.

WWE needs to stop looking in the past, and, once again break its old habit and look to the future.

This is one of many reasons fans became annoyed. After two years of pointless “emails”, the culprit hasn’t been selected/announced. Hmmm…. (I shall continue typing…).

Aside from the GM spot, JBL may be planning to return to the ring at some point. With a looming Royal Rumble, what perfect way to have a ‘surprise entrant’?

Didn't go down well in Germany...

We also saw JBL return on a Raw supershow in previous months gone by… A return is not out of the question. One thing JBL can do is provide a feud to build over stars. It’s just how he tends to drop them and receive protected influence backstage that puts viewers off.

UK Return (in brief)

In his Limo. All hail the "Wrestling God" "Guarranteed!"

He also refused a spot at this year’s Survivor Series, stating he was “unavailable”.

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