Monday, 12 December 2011

Update on WW top 50 of all year 2011...

Progress Update
on coming posts....

Its been another busy week. Updating those who are wondering...
WW will be conducting its own top 50 of the year at the end of the month (as that is it's due time). It is no rip off to Powerslam magazine, we have been ranking many times and this is no different. We have our own mind and know exactly where we are going with it. (We've already complied most of it, maybe the next couple of weeks, however would change it a little.)

Thank you for staying tuned. We still have an overflowing news agenda. Some treats are coming your way so keep yer eyes peeled. 

And a shout out/thank you to some of our supporters who promote/advertise (as well as our readers) and throw our name about, follow or share on social media outlets. Max Waltham thouroughly appreciates it. X

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Much Love,

Max X

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