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John Morrison: Monday night Delight Diffused

John Morrison: Monday Night 
Delight Diffused

John Morrison’s WWE future has been rather sketchy as of late. After failing to re-sign as a sign of good faith, usually favoured and an ‘unspoken word’, which can place potential careers in jeopardy in a balanced unambiguous context, neither were able to find a way forth.

In what may be an impasse of two parties failing to agree, or possibly just having enough, Morrison and WWE have parted ways. Morrison’s contract expired on November 30th 2011 (Wednesday).

Morrison's last match was Falls Count Anywhere
Morrison, given lengthy time on the November 28th Raw, was written out on TV by former on screen pal and former partner, The Miz. Seeing as R-Truth has left for 30 days, and with no direction, it added an extra string to Mizanin’s bow.

Morrison was originally planned to be crushed by Brodus Clay, though WWE dropped that initiative as Clay posted a tweet on Twitter, which the company rely heavily on to spark interest with fans, indicating he would be the one to hurt the leaving superstar. Clay promptly deleted that tweet.

The Original Aggressor
Many assume he’ll head to TNA, where Bruce Pritchard is favouring him and his real life girlfriend Melina.

The WWE Universe struck out in favour of JoMo, after assuming Melina’s temper tantrums and attitude to annoy fellow WWE staff and workers over a number of years to be the defining factor for Morrison’s deflated push.

Many remember the most recent occurrence when Trish Stratus, WWE’s leading lady in Women’s wrestling legacy, returned to Wrestlemania 27 to partner with celebrity Snooki and Morrison, whom filled a lesser role in the event (see post, John Morrison/Trish Stratus Angle ). Morrison’s cold attitude towards Stratus, unwilling to work with her fluidly, heralding the task of guiding Snooki also in part, gained a win for John.

The review of match event is here, should you like a catch up. - Wrestlemania 27 Review

However, the Monday night delight wasn’t delightful to certain pre-requisites.

Failing to get himself over, as he fell into a safety level which saw him become comfortable in the WWE system who was quite happy to ‘plod along’ and do nothing of interest, therefore earned him his jobber status than performing to a higher level.

Once we look further back, at Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble in 2011, Morrison became a cheap and daft gimmick in which his ‘Spiderman’ antics, jumping around the ring, devaluing the match and its principals, which cost Morrsion his own reputation in ring, these bouts and the process leading up to this didn’t involve Melina at all. It was Morrison out there performing, and the simple fact is, Morrison can perform the high spot moves, but cannot amount to much else than using that gimmick in an aloof manner.

Disinclined to adapt to a style that would transcend star quality, the Prince of Parkour placed himself at the bottom of the card. WWE gave him all the tools, speech, dialogue and creative character to push forward. It was his own lacklustre performance taken for granted with his ego and attitude that cost him his opportunity.

It’s easy to blame WWE or Melina for unaccountability. What we do know for a FACT, is that Morrison was performing In these matches on his own merit. He did not capture an audience with his entry requirements to rising up the ladder.

Wherever they go, would be a package deal, presumably

Years preceding Melina becoming an issue to WWE, The ‘Shaman of Sexy’ failed to be anything but. Unable to interest any demographic than a handful of stand alone people, Morrison had a chance on the ECW brand and Smackdown shows also. He did not get himself over enough due to his comfortability. It is that simple.

Would you push a star that doesn’t seem to give a care about your company, which he is provided a big spot on the card many take for granted? Despite that, Morrison, in late 2011 was still given green lights by WWE. He has now chosen to snub WWE with ego, which is not a good move seen by the majority of the WWE Universe.

One fan recently wrote, “Great, John Morrison comes to TNA and wins the World Title, What a joke!” Outstaying your welcome in TNA before you got there is a sure fire sign to change. Some will cheer, most on the underside, however, are not enthused.

Reports after Melina’s removal some months back from WWE, speculate Mexico could also be an option.

If either truly wish to captivate their audience, they need to lose the animosity towards WWE with the blame game and start becoming professionals than two stand alone, flittering stars of what will become ‘yesteryear’ for them. That’s constructive advice.

© Max Waltham 05th December 2011


  1. fuck u and this review.... JOMO ... every one knows he is hard worker... despite the mic skills he had every thing.. go and fuck that wwe creative team...

  2. thank you for your contribution, be it distasteful and immoral of the written language. WW allows all forms of democratic view rather than to attack, despite your stance of exactly that. (Others would not allow you...)