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The WWE Royal Rumble new concept idea and match structure

The WWE Royal Rumble new concept 
idea and match structure 

The Royal Rumble, a varitation of the Battle Royal match, then booked as ultra important, the Royale match itself was one that saw eliminations became powerful, in both execution and star raising.

Gail Kim, now 'Owns' the BR
Should one star eliminate a higher ranking participant,  that would be an immense boost, elevating them over more than just the top rope.

The Royal Rumble, it’s predesccssor, now sees the Battle Royal booked in a comedy or worthless fashion, which had one goal in place. The desire to win!

Taking anything but first place was inconcivable. And with 30 bulging men battling for dominance, it was bound to be a messy encounter. Creative brains, and wrestling genius, Pat Patterson, designed the Rumble concept. The result would be to lay foundation along for those unable to assertain the top spot as victor, in order to gain somethiong to further develop, thus never allowing unsuccessful stars dwell in the depths of mid/lower card despair.. One sole winner became a star on notice as the new “one to watch”. It could make careers instantly.

The stakes were raised. After changing the prize from the heavyweight title, (which, Ric Flair won in 1992, the spot at Wrestlemania would be pencilled in. Making Cinderella dreams come true, on the grandest stage of them all this would be what defined its notoriety.

As a stepping stone to a possible title reign and reaching the unobtainiable under other general hard slog circumstances, this would set fans thoughts into overdrive, developing ideals in their mind, feeling they recieved what they deserved (or not, in a heel’s case), and would be instantley impressed into the heads of those watching, further acknowledging they wouldn’t have made it otherwise, but are glad they have as they had the talent to back this up, and thus gather support from the crowd watching. 

Nowadays, it is booked so that a veteran, i.e Kane or Triple H gain eliminations to prove they are a veteran and nothing else. Which then lays waste to performers harmed by that elimination, which then became worthless with those taking the fall into that very category for those watching. If the company has no interest in them, will the fans? Yet those eliminated are the stars WWE wish for you to invest in. Does the double edged sword strike here?

Drew Carey's Hall of Fame moment....

WWE try to spice it up, yet devalue the very principle it aims to achieve everytime with the simple practises of dismissing stars many wish to see participate further. No one is interested in the Kevin Nash, Triple H, Kane, Mark Henry, Big Show, self satisfying ego eliminations to prove worth to the company in a role which i primarily designed for the building of younger stars, which, humorously enough, none actually choose to do.


Duggan won the very first Royal Rumble

So, if you truly want to change the perception of the RR, here is EXACTLY how you are going to do it.

Thirty men, as usual. forty was a change, but ten were unnecessary and should have been omitted to a dark match or superstars etc.

It has NEVER been done before. A live episode of Monday Night Raw. Every star has a number from 1 – 30, who are in the Rumble. Make sure all the balls are seen individually placed to amid claims of a ‘fix’. Spin the cage/tumbler/bin receptacle around, live on air, choose a random superstar from the other bin, or already waiting as pre-selected to draw, due to TV time constraints for live producvtion., and all). They select their number and SHOW it to the audience. Zack Ryder draws ball number 13, How will he/she enter at number 13. Simple. Do it for everyone. Or spread it across the weeks to find out who ranks where…

Heyman, Dawn Marie and their, ... balls

The Royal Rumble is constructed with a fine toothcomeb. Which means by live random drawing. It means that established stars who may enter early, would be in the match far longer and gain notable respect to perfoming for x amount of time. This will also showcase a wrestling structure to its very stars.

Last year's winner, Alberto Del Rio

Went on to become established and most talked about in WWE
CM Punk, Mason Ryan, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan could be in the match early on and, if originally intended to spend a long time in the match, would gain a broader value to all audience, plus being shook up, keeping the product fresh, vibrant, current, unpredictable and intriguing. Fans have no other option but to ‘lap it up’.

Like candy from a baby.

If you do take this idea, send some tickets please, and one will also report it for WW!? This isn’t a “make my name b*llsh*t”. It’s called being their at an extravaganxa that is good for the product and all concerned. Plus, no one else has ever thought of it, so if anyone wishes to steal on the Bleacher Report, the lawayers may come out to sue you (so don’t do it! Derr).

So, onto the event, who should we put forward as candidates?

Mason Ryan

A huge stepping stone for the man and WWE themselves. Evident he’ll be heading forward at some point in the naer future, wouldn't this be the way to enforce that?

CM Punk

Stated earlier in the year, that he has “never won” the Rumble event itself and the victory would be a “feather in my cap”. While this may be the obvious choice, we don’t recommend Punk. He is involved in the WWE Championship scene and therefore does not need it. Maybe next year, as he will be around for it. It should only be as a last option before star aura falls completely off the shelf for him. Punk is the most talked about in WWE since his “off the hook”, expose character.

Chris Jericho

What a way to return this would be. Shrouded in secrecy to his WWE comeback status, this truly would be a ‘shock’ revelation entry as is often the case in the Rumble match which would have fans severly interested. (So, if spots are reserved for surprise people, how will that work? Simple. Those unknown places won’t have a number drawn. Meaning those not drawn would be left open for WWE to either tamper with or, if sticking to the structure, (in for the whole hog may be better), they can draw the numbers randomly off screen around their "conspiracy table", (where they may be reading me out load. :D)

A new rising star?

The match is solely designed for this purpose. Yet WWE often devalue it every time by giving the win to a veteran who doesn’t need it, meaning it becomes a sheer waste. A new star can be propelled in a three month strong position to Wretlemania, regardless of victory or not, this sets their future immensely.

Has power to hurl over the ropes, RR could
remake him a Raw contender, if WWE  bothered...
Alex Riley seems to be leading candidate should WWE put wheels behind and get his him slightly brighter tights than one primary colour, though not to be LOUD neither, (and maybe 'Rileylicious' on the back) along with a strong set of challengers. Michael McGuillicutty or Dolph Ziggler (though hardly new, and not in need, seeing as he has an established following, but just needs to his evolutionary wings to fly with higher on screen). It would propel Ryder, but let’s face it WWE views Ryder as it’s “Steven Richards could be World Heavyweight Champion” notion.

Could have been our World Champ.
Worse things have happened since.
 Henry, Khali, Big Show...


Of course, the WWE’s worst kept secret leaked out months ago, and those whom already know, are aware that the Royal Rumble will be in St.Louis, Missourri,hometown to Randy Orton.

Randy Orton, at time of wrting, is scheduled to win the event. Rumour also circulating is that WWE would be planning an “inside joke” dropping Orton from the successful win due to the hometown event structure in some capacity. If that were true, it would be foolish to book him to win, then drop him which means that NO ONE won by the end of the evening and would leave fans in attendance in uproar, not to mention viewing figures dropping like crazy.

Either way, Orton, as much as I respect and value his in ring efforts, should NOT win. It is another veteran winning mechanism that is unwarranted. Orton, among others, need new opponents. Orton is firmly set as a headliner. But who will he challenge? The same person for a whole year? Add new stars to the mix by winning, as well as others who eliminate Orton, rather than an established star doing the honours? (Cena eliminates Orton, Punk eliminates Cena, etc). This dissolves the audience, furthermore boring them whom pay a lot of hard earned money in a struggling ecomonical market to witness WWE events first hand..

On course for home victory, it seems
Would you like a list of candidates? If I gave them, you wouldn’t let them win due to me announcing. I don’t need the ‘glory’ to say WWE took my idea and pushed ‘MY’ star. But acknowledgement is something that should come in some fashion, as that’s a sign of ‘fair trading’. And after the insight I give to the companies infrastructure and fan situation on the whole as research purposes, it is no small risk for you to have a “friend in Waltham”. Anyway. Whatever. I shall always continue on, See it as the longlost member of your family, or the illegitimate child storyline – the gay son you never wished you had, but the one your stuck with!

© Max Waltham 12th December 2011

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