Monday, 19 December 2011

WWE’s Returning superstar Videos

Who shall be returning on the 
January 2nd Raw?

The dropped name of Kane was due to return. His new reoccurance will see him don the masked persona once again. WW inclined towards an evil side of The Undertaker returning some months back. While that is no option for WWE (in their view Undertaker must be protected now that the company, in its PG format, makes children actually believe Undertaker ‘dies’ when he is ‘Buried Alive’).


Which then prompts a question, will Kane’s new masked attitude for 2012 be a massive flop? The 1997 generation welcome and enjoy it, maybe to enhance those fans back is the idea, though with children today, it may have to be dumbed down and is also deemed old and dated once again. Placing the mask back onto Kane without any sustainable suggestion causes viewers to contemplate WWE’s loss of the product and fans in mindset deliverance.

Once you lose your audience continually, they will become ever more uninterested and question your viability to produce something truly interesting anymore. (Down the tubes, comes to mind).

Apart from Kane (who has now returned to television, as you read this), WWE are offering another star return. The December 5th 2011 broadcast of Monday night Raw saw another promo air in between Beth Phoenix and Natalya’s entrance. Kharma was featured. A red herring?


A red herring thrown out there is possible, yet return is also plausible. However Kharma’s intended target, if we remember (something WWE may wish you to forget, so it could change contingency plans), were The Bella Twins.


Eh? Michelle McCool? One can make a case for anyone, probably WWE couldn’t even realise.

McCool's previous talents lied in teaching. The video depicts a child in a classroom. Footage aired of Kharma on Raw in the video package most recently. McCool was smashed into retirement by Kharma. Of course, unlikely, though WWE now have an added contingency plan, if necessary. (I am, again, wasted on this computer). One day WWE might have good business sense to do the obvious with me…


Due to return soon, so a potential fall back, should plans always change in a rapid environment.


Contemplating possible return, it could see the former wrestling god comeback somehow.


Out of his ‘yard’ for a while. Returning shortly. Though this would be a waste for him. Needs a bigger return. And should we all forget last year, the most obvious video return package of the “Last Outlaw”, clearly Undertaker, must have been hilarious for the creative forces behind it when the WWE Universe went ‘Sting!’ crazy.

p.s. Do not use the “Last Outlaw” gimmick on Undertaker. It would kill him off completely, if implemented. (McMahon copyrighted the name for intended use, last year.)


The man the video is directly intended for. Jericho is the mystery behind the video by WWE. It’s been ‘well reported’, (reported very well badly and cheaply), by the mass dweebs online, that the ’E and Jericho parted on bad terms. While that may be true, everything is workable. And Jericho is a wrestling diehard. He may take breaks to recharge his batteries - which is no bad thing, but he and WWE can always figure out a decision for future returns. How you break this code to the video, we aren’t exposing… sorry, though many believe they have sussed it with the (Y) Year (2) Date (J) Month [January]. We shall see if WWE offers us that on January 2nd.

© Max Waltham 19th December 2011

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