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Interview: Marty Scurll (Exclusive to WW)

In an Online Interview, conducted on the 10th December 2011, poising 21 questions, leading British Wrestler, Marty Scurll talks exclusively to Max Waltham regarding wrestling in Germany, the British Wrestling scene, WWE, and having Max Waltham's babies...

1) You were recently suspended by Wrestling promotion wXw, based in Germany, after being seen having an altercation backstage with a fellow wrestler. For presumably filming a backstage video, or was there something more beneath that towards your release. Can you tell us what happened with that?

I was suspended for the December show, True Colours. I was basically punished because I threw a shot at Absolute Andy, who had been talking trash about myself and Zack, along with his buddy Bad Bones. I'd always got on with the pair before fairly well so I don't know why they've been talking crap about us, I guess jealousy must be the case. The video explains much more than I can say anyway.

2) Who was the other wrestler in question?

Bad Bones and Absolute Andy, who are good wrestlers so its a shame they've got a problem with us.

3) For those unaware, can you tell us a little about your experiences with that promotion?

wXw have been great to me, I consider them my home promotion, along with IPW:UK here in England. They brought me to the States, given me the opportunity to work with some fantastic talents and given me the chance to shine and be one of their top stars. I consider the promoters (Felix, Tas & Jakobi) to be close friends now, and would not want to upset them in anyway, so it was a shame that the fight with Bones/Andy had to happen, but that's life hey.

4) For many who do follow you, we’ve often seen you notoriously perform on the British wrestling scene. How do you feel about wrestling in Britain? 

It has some great talents and some fantastic promotions, and has as healthy independent scene than anywhere else in the world, but unfortunitly it is just that, indy wrestling, and obviously not a place you can make big money.

5) How do you think the market is today, or ways in which it could develop?

At the moment, most run it as a hobby, I think it will only be able to grow if someone is able to concentrate on it as a full time thing. Just my personal thought.

6) How does the independent circuit differ from British homeland? 

Like I said before I think the UK Indy scene is pretty healthy in terms of Indy scenes, and the same in Europe and USA, you get some great Indy promotions, and some not so great groups too. It can be a mixed bag!

7) Do you enjoy it?

Of course! 

8) You’ve been seen participating in other promotion shows including Dragon’s Gate. How do you feel about being a part of those shows, and what is it like doing them?

Those Dragon Gate shows are on another level, its a privilege to be a part of them. Hands down the best wrestling shows to take place in the UK. Need I say more?

9) Is it a different feel to anything else you’ve ever done?

Without doubt, the standard of talent is just so high. When your in there with the likes of Cima, Doi, Tozawa etc your in there with some of the best in the world, and you've really got to bring your up game. Love every second of it.

10) Where did you learn to create your craft, and realise you had the gift to wrestle?

I originally learned at the Dropkixx Wrestling Academy by Tony Scarlo and others, and then mainly learned my craft through spot shows and holiday camp circuits. The camps were a good place to learn as the people are not wrestling fans, they dont know what's right and what's wrong, and it also teaches you to be a show-man. Not forgetting wrestling every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Thats a good way to learn.

11) Zack and yourself have a strong partnership. How did you guys meet and become friends?

Zack's the man. We met probably about 6 years ago and struck it off due to being similar ages, similar humour and we both had similar ideas and concepts for what wrestling should be. Truly one of my friends for life.

Along with Zack, Marty knows how to submit his foes

12) Who, apart form yourself and Zack, do you feel is of interest in the industry and why? 

Right now? lets see in WWE I'd say Ziggler and Punk, both putting on some tremendous bouts and have really got people talking. In Japan, I'd say Tozawa, Prince Devitt and Pac. And here in Europe? Big Van Walter has had a absolute fantastic year, I'll think he'll do great things in 2012. Theres lots of other guys too, El Generico for one.

13) What is your most memorable/favourite match? 

I really enjoyed my match with Tozawa at this years Dragon Gate vs UK show, I got a lot of good feedback from fans and reviews, and just felt really good when I was doing it too. Another two matches would be myself & Zack vs Adam Cole & Kyle O'Riley at this years 16 Carat Gold Tournament in Germany, the crowd were just insane that night - likewise when me and Zack defeated The Thrillers back in May 2009 for the IPW:UK Tag belts, a very fond memory.

14) Of any other match not involving yourself, which would stand out?

Favourite matches? I always loved the 3 way world title match at Wrestlemania 20, thought it was just fantastic. Eddie vs Brock comes to mind to.

15) Would you be interested in working on the Japanese circuit in Japan?

Defiantly. That would be a dream come true.

16) I also have to ask you, what are your thoughts on Prince Devitt. Personally, I would be interested to see a match there. Is that something you would consider? Maybe Max Waltham could be in your corner. 

Fergal is a great guy and a phenomenal talent. I'd love to hook horns with him. He'd be a tough competitor, so maybe I would need someone in my corner!

17) What does the future hold for Marty Scurll?

Bright lights baby! Im hoping to continue working hard and making a name for myself, and make sure I leave my mark on this great business of Pro Wrestling.

18) Could you ever see yourself working for WWE?

Thats ultimately where I would love to go, its been my dream since I was a small child. Certainly my main goal.

19) And of TNA?

I like TNA, and I have some great friends who work there in Magnus & Mark Haskins. Magnus has been like a big brother to me for years now, and I miss him a lot now he lives in the states, so it would be great to be re-united with him in a full time capacity!

20) What do you think of Max Waltham and Wrestling Wonders?

 I would like my children to grow up to be just like him!

21) What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you so much for your support, I truly feel privileged to be able to say that I have 'fans'. Thanks for all that have taken the time to support me, give me nice comments and in some cases, presents. Hell, even starting a 'Party Marty' chant, you'll never know how much it means! One quick shill, follow me on Twitter - @PartyMartyS , many thanks!

You can follow Marty on Twitter - @PartyMartyS , he'll appreciate your support, give him a follow. And one thing, don't call him ScRull. It's S-C-U-R-L-L. x

Max would like to thank Marty for the time taken and given to Wrestling Wonders, and question 20 made our day! (If I could, I would) X

© Max Waltham 13th December 2011

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