Saturday, 3 December 2011

New Record for Wrestling Wonders...

Wrestling Wonders expresses great support from you all! This previous month of November proved a record breaker. Our highest views in a month surpassed 8,000!

While many may scoff at this, this readership comes worldwide from every county, and for an independent freelance writer, whom delivers poise, intent and worthwhile journalism, which is also non profit, for you all, we don't think that is bad at all.

Thank you for your continued support. From all in France to Germany, Romania to India, Slovkia, the middle east, Australia to the Baltics, the med and North Sea, Ireland, the Pacific and Atlantic, we do it all for you, so thank you for continuing on this journey with us.

Feel free to join on Twitter, Facebook, follow here, subscribe or comment (I am very aware some cannot comment to to certain areas of restriction in certain cultures), but those who can, it gives us further insight into your feelings and topic matters.

A news agenda flowing from November left overs, as well as a jam packed December coming, stay tuned here. There is LOTS more coming. Some changes also. And the Randy Orton feature will be covered soon. Until then participate in some new polls, coming in a couple of days!


Max X

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