Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Maddox Paradox

The (Brad) Maddox Paradox

As a blue eyed, smooth talking sweetheart captivating WWE’s audience, Brad Maddox was propelled onto the wrestling scene in glorious fashion. With a cocked smile, flawless hair and stylish waistcoats kitted in distinguishable attire, Maddox had viewers lingering on his every word. Leading the charge for WWE’s new look for budding young talent having a strong presence on WWE TV the company chose to instantly undo its steady progress. The rug was soon yanked from beneath Maddox’s feet so harshly fans lost belief in WWE’s system of star raising profiles. Craving a new world filled with stars they could personalise, adorn or join with in some capacity as understanding their principals, decisions or influences in reflection to their own were shattered. Hoping for a new favourite to invest in, one that seemingly had all the tools to succeed, was rejected by WWE and so too were the audience. That very audience chose to reject WWE for the last time and have distanced or left the WWE product altogether. Favourites stuck on NXT, jobbing or relegated to parts unknown and The Rock’s return now simmered down male men and fans not seeking entertainment come muscle men unable to work have abandoned the shows. If WWE cannot believe in what fans want, fans will simply not stick around for the countless times they have been neglected on in the hope for new stars emerging.

Why exactly was Maddox pulled so sensationally? Being crushed by WWE’s chosen one, Ryback in the Ambulance match during the Hell in a Cell series of 2012, where Maddox, as special referee cost Ryback a victory for the WWE championship against then champion CM Punk, was perplexing to viewers unable to grasp why WWE would ruin a hugely growing interest in the rising star. The answer is simple. Brad Maddox was formed on the genome of Max Waltham, someone WWE constantly pinch ideas and designs of character improvement from. Used as a point to express WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s feelings toward supportive help and advice on how to grow stars was displayed. McMahon dislikes any idea that isn't his own and with a lack of creative input from his own corporate walls, can only take from one outsider, of which he could not endorse as any level of better. New, fresh and exciting to product, Maddox adopted the Waltham persona only so McMahon could destroy it on television. In theory, McMahon, who did not succeed in breaking the essence, only strengthened that aura for Maddox/Waltham. Fans thought the attack to be unjustified, lacking dignity and plainly absurd. They could not fathom why a new star would suffer such unnecessary choice of ill feeling.

McMahon did choose a new star from this. Selecting a gargantuan, muscled sized block tower in the form of a man known as Ryback, was given a fetish for food and favour to main event status. The WWE Universe disagreed with such an irrational choice. A man who had no charisma, lacking in depth skills and could only defeat working locals instead of headline stars with no coming of age, rise to the top story, fans were disengaged. Those fans, which WWE caters to, still today disagree with the choice which clearly isn’t working.

After Ryback’s rise and Maddox’s desmise, Brad was left vacant from television for months, soon to resurface in a new drama involving the trio of The Shield. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins soon abused Maddox on television once again, in a dhingy backstage dark area after cunning Paul Heyman told Maddox he was paid for his Punk intervention and sent away by The Shield viciously. Selling the new group Maddox was still extremely over that WWE had no other option but to resurface Maddox once more. This time, as Waltham noted was capable of being a General Manager for WWE with such crucial future development and angles to excel talent, WWE inserted the aura in the form of Maddox alongside Raw’s Managing Supervisor Vickie Gurerrero. Assistant to the Managing Supervisor, or Assistant Managing supervisor, according to Maddox, the star once again shone with WWE’s strongest corporate television character Guerrero. Able to hold his own, irk Vickie’s decisions and work together as ‘Team Brickie’ when management threatened to overrule their choices to the show, Brad kept relevance.

Where Brad’s future travels on from here is unclear and interesting. WWE have no clue currently and until they decide to do something asking creative to come up with “strong options” Brad will remain in the commanding role of which needs more involvement and strengthened on screen presence with Vickie. WWE are still relying on Max Waltham to produce its content once again because it is clueless to plan ahead and hope to steal a great way forward because others in WWE cannot reach its conclusions on its own merit. Raw’s declining numbers haven’t altered the landscape since Maddox was sensationally dropped in October 2012. There are many choices Maddox can have as a star and able to work in the ring perfectly, put others over and supply strong vocal skills, WWE are sitting on a potential gold mine. With his tantalising lips. fashionable waistcoats and pullovers with the cheery smile, WWE have someone capable for greater scenarios. Alongside Vickie, the pair have an extraordinary chemistry that drives home further interest. The neglect of a smaller man is one that could become costly when it finally does choose to push forward. Maddox will still have fanbase, but failure to capitalise on him at the height of his intense support will affect how much time was wasted as a result. 

©  Max Waltham 18th June 2013

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