Sunday, 9 June 2013

Wrestle Talk TV exposes Neo-Nazi

On the May 5th broadcast, gossip TV show WrestleTalk TV, a fandom  made show in the UK which runs for thirty minutes mildly talking about wrestling happenings reminiscent of a gentleman’s backdoor social club listening to a tribute act in the corner whilst supping a pint made a fundamental error.

With its pithy, lacklustre attempt at comedy, with dreary host Joel Ross, a crusty old radio DJ from yesteryear  never holding any relevance in his previous years, featuring washed up old stars and backstage friends in blatant propaganda for people they like instead of skilled workers decided to conform to a neo-nazi takeover.

Ross, 36, chose to mimic Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler in a “Nein Nein, Nein!” comedy display falling flat on deaf ears with such distaste and disgrace prompting Neo-Nazism on national television highlighting more than unprofessionalism as a host and disgracing the British wrestling scene further.

Ross also works for Heart west midlands radio, which has lost portions of its credibility. Ross' favourite drama is Prisoner Cell Block H and works with The Sun newspaper in the UK which  is seen as favouring a Neo-Nazi wrestling fan presenting distorted content.

Challenge TV, who broadcast the content, and its director of programming, Stephen Ladlow have declined to comment on nor highlight or reprimand the issue, aiming to ignore taking any action further highlighting shady procedures with the absurd and boring television channel, while issuing doubt over its employer BSkyB, now under scrutiny, who produce a half hour programme on the gossip show with pictures of their favourite stars on the wall, with action figures around the room, which airs on free digital television. 

©  Max Waltham 09th June 2013

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