Monday, 13 February 2012

WWFX in Manila. John Morrison - Heavyweight Champion

Heavyweight Hennigan!

Took a new stance to championship level

WWFX hosted its event in Manila, Phillipines on the 4th February, crowning John Hennigan its heavyweight champion.

Serving as host/ring announcer was Colt Cabana (Mr.Colt).

1,000 fans were said to have been in attendance though a capacity of 15,000 was capable. Perhaps more fans in the Phillipines will be attending further on. WW has a lot of stats from the Philli's!

One thing is for certain, Wrestling can be anywhere you want it to be.

The card and results shaped up as follows...

The main event of the card saw ex-WWE favourtie John Morrison, now John Hennigan, regain his stride for wrestling. WWFX rewarded him with its heavyweight championship.

48 year old Billy Gun looked thoroughly impressive. In prime physique with barely an ounce of 'fat' on him.

Jillian returning is always a joy, even if your a cynic who berates due to the fact she had 'time off' with her WWE songstress angle away from the limelight, to focus on other areas with priority.

Though I must say, Rhino was looking incredibly handsome in these snaps below.

While that of Chris 'Masterhunk' Masters, ever more charming. It is a miracle as to why the WWE let him go in the very first place. Rehire! He has worked his backside of for WWE before being let go and is more sustainable as a force than The Great Khali, Mark Henry or bumbling Big Show ever could be.

You may also notice name changes. This is due to copyright law. Which people on the internet plagerising should understand not to steal/adapt nor modify the tone of intellectual property.

Billy Gun V Jimmy Yang

Hurrican Helms V Shawn Daivari

Melina V Jillian Hall

Luke Gallow  V Rhino

Snitsky  V Carlitos

Chris Masters V MVP

John MorrisonShelton Benjamin

Rhino's looking at you. You want the third eye?

Masters V MVP, Both have matured considerable in in ring panache

That's Mr.Colt in the back :) OMG, that smile... Waltham wants an interview....

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