Friday, 24 February 2012

Hoeski makes its Raw Debut!

The Hoeski is born! 

Courtesy of Max Waltham, the Hoeski was finally born on TV. WWE saw it trend to no end. (All it takes is one email and I may be yours.)

Eve was officially turned into a heel after now using Zack Ryder to get whatever she apparently aims to gain. Now she has a role again.

After confiding in the Bella Twins backstage, Eve explained that "people use each other" as some of us are aware... 

She said no one really liked Zack Ryder. (Well he has been stingy with his open legs to hard camera, which has seen likes of CM Punk, Randy Orton, The Miz, Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan among a few to be kind and man enough to project).

Aiming to move onto the "bigger fish" targeting John Cena, she said everyone was "talking about me now." I guess I should officially say thank you now. :)

After turning around, John Cena stood there staring back at her. Whoops!

After Cena went to ringside to expose Eve, she pleaded for a chance to explain. Claiming it was "taken outta context" , Cena wouldn't allow her. Eve, according to Cena, had been "sipping the skank juice". Using her "assets" to "further your career". She's living the American Dream.

Discussing friendship, Cena claimed the killer line. "I lost a Broski for a Hoeski!". The crowd instantly picked it up before Cena then asked for everyone to chant for it. :) 

He advised Eve she should go for the bigger fish - The Rock. Being "Disingenuous" , Ego-Maniacal self centred and both "scandalous bitches." 

Eve/Rock = Waltham/McMahon? Matches made in heaven :p

Eve fell to her knees, slightly crying. As Cena approached to leave, Eve jumped on Cena aiming to plant a kiss on his lips. Cena fought his face away as he was "disease free" and planned to "keep it that way."

Eve was carried away by referees after her breakdown.

Cena and Eve kissed one another last week on the Valentine's Day episode of Raw (13th Feb 2012). Zack Ryder caught them.

Hoeski's and Bimbo's have invaded WWE, and for that Max Waltham appreciates. Though you know you have had more than has been recognised. All that is needed properly is to drop the name or cultural references. Perhaps a poster in office or MW plastered somewhere? How about CM Punk's backside? Or when opening his legs to hard camera :D Some more implementaion can suffice... Your creative... Future posts may express that. Perhaps even a checklist for you, seeing as healthy 'competition' drives forward.

Hoeski was trending all over the Twitter airwaves. Creating the trends often pinched, one form of appreciation was received.

Here is the list of the Hoeski's origins, -  (just click the link and your there)

Thank You X

Now... what's next? 


© Max Waltham 24th February 2012

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