Sunday, 4 March 2012

WWE gains Super (Chris) Hero

Chris Hero 
gains WWE Contract

Christopher Spradlin, aka Chris Hero has signed a new contract with WWE. He currently resides in its developmental training territory, Florida Championship Wrestling.  (FCW)

Spradlin’s options were still open with the corporation, though has had to wait longer than anticipated as an act of caution. After recent suspensions, WWE, concerned after Hero’s high levels of testosterone, waited for official paperwork before handing their papers to Hero for the bottom signature.

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Hero currently works under the name of Kassius Ohno, which is a rather absurd name for any newcomer to try and develop onto. WWE should re-name him as instantly as it can to protect its possible stars, regardless of whether it is in the developmental regions away from TV.

Ohno joins Antonio Cesaro, former tag partner Claudio Castagnoli, where both were excellent as the Kings of Wrestling, which helped get them noticed also.

We would be interested to see singles and tag participation from both in later stages of call ups, once WWE can think of strong character development storylines on its predominant brands.

31 year old Hero will also be recognised from the independent circuit by many followers, whom will remember him most for his roles with the Ring of Honor promotion.

Whilst waiting for his time, he briefly returned to the annual Ring of Honor December PPV , Final Battle in 2011, where he fought Roderick Strong. 

©  Max Waltham 4th March 2012

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