Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mick Foley Furious over Hoeski Eve

Foley's Fury

WWE Legend Mick Foley went vocal with his displeasure towards WWE Diva Eve's new persona as the Hoeski.

The wrestling veteran claimed it was unfair to give Eve this portrayal. Does he mean what John Cena said when he castigated her on the 13th February Raw. When he claimed she had been on the "skank juice" and implied she had sexual infections? Technically, STD's have been named STI's (sexually transmitted infections) for over a decade now. They are not a "disease."

Though one issue does remain in the Universe. That WWE allowed Cena to go all out and give Eve the Hoeski name when he caused it by kissing her (it takes two) and the fact that Cena backed up the name by adding foundations to skank-ism. That was something Waltham did not introduce. The question arises how its leading campaigner for the Be A Star in male form - John Cena and female form - Eve, can be justified.

Or is Foley upset that Eve was called a Hoeski itself? If this is his claim then Eve was branded this way for a number of reasons. Ryder's Broski chants were rhythmic towards the Hoeski. If you crave someone, you may jokingly say, "Make me your Hoeski of the week" (Waltham, M 2011).

[You can check out the Hoeski's origins at these links -  (just click the link and your there)]-

Eve was given this design because she had no role prior to this. Uncapable of being a Wrestling Diva, when she was booked after 4 months of doing nothing in roles, she was given a chance in Women's matches for the Unified Women's Championship against Beth Phoenix.

In those matches, Eve decided to do her booty shake ass routine, which destroyed any leverage she aimed to gain in becoming credible in the Women's division. Being placed into her strengths in the Diva's division is her area of "expertise." If she wasn't a Hoeski, she would have jobbed and eventually future endeavoured.

It was a sustainable choice to give this monkier to Eve. Not Ms. Torres. Her name is Eve. Not Eve Torres. It's Eve. Do you understand?

Without this name, Eve would have been completely worthless as a character. Eve herself expressed a week after the developments she was "playing a character."

Ironically, the Hoeski has kept her in employment. Would you prefer her to lose her job?

Foley, comes from an era of the Old School and Attitude period, in which Mick understood that in those era's the verbal castigations were far worse and vehemently severe than today's age. Foley, from these areas, should understand more than anyone how this business model works.

It is a shame. Wrestling Wonders had tons of respect and dignity towards the hardcore stuntman. Now, among the WWE Universe, Foley has lost all of his edge and credibility, some say acting like a "spoilt baby" throwing toys out of the pram.

He feels John Cena and Zack Ryder should both apologise to Eve.


If Foley would like to put his case forward to Wrestling Wonders and the Universe reading, we would willingly accept. Please contact via email or Twitter. The page tabs have our details. Same would apply for the other three, should WWE allow it.

© Max Waltham 13th March 2012

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