Friday, 23 March 2012

Shane Douglas invades WWE Raw supershow

The Franchise Frucous!

Mmmm rug-ged :)

This past Monday on WWE Raw, (19th March 2012), former ECW star, Shane Douglas invaded the supershow.

The Franchise purchased a ticket for the event, and attempted to initiate an ECW chant in Philadelphia.

Security pounced and escorted Douglas, whom paid to be in the arena out of the building.

It is believed Douglas attempted to promote his upcoming event on Sat, April 28th, in  Philadelphia, in which he claims extreme wrestling will return. 

Douglas donned a lucha libre mask and white tee shirt.

During the match between Big Show and Kane, The Franchise removed his tee shirt to reveal his trademark black and yellow colours. The white tee shirt could be seen in the crowd once Big Show speared Kane in their match.

Douglas began trending on Twitter shortly after the incident.

Shouldda emailed Max Waltham :) 

Here's the video of Douglas in the crowd.

© Max Waltham 23rd March 2012 

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