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Inaccurate ‘Journalists’ reporting demise of FCW/WWE

Inaccurate ‘Journalists’ reporting 
demise of FCW/WWE

Over the course of the last week or two, many reports ignited the internet stating that WWE’s developmental wrestling territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) would be closed down. Other reports claimed that WWE would pull out of the consortium between the two.

One week later, earlier this past week, WWE quickly re-informed the world that this was not the case and are very happy to be fluently operating with the territory in affiliation with  the Bright House Network, and founder Steve Keirn, in 2007.

WWE went out of its way to acquire "Claudio Castagnoli",
among others to strengthen its position

What have we learned from this? Once again, the internet marks and trolls jumped on the news without doing any research and knowing their points they were writing about, because they simply don’t understand, watch or have insider knowledge to gain these ‘exclusives’ and just wish to shout about it in their disgraceful attempts at journalism, where they only choose to write to seem like they know something, have a voice and think they can do what someone else can.

Seth Rollins

The fact is a random ‘fan’ cannot do what a ‘professional’ can. With numerous plagiarisers also stealing content to adapt their voices to make them sound unique, which then becomes all the same, embarrasses the ‘writer/s’ in question.

Before you write an opinon that is actually only a statement, perhaps you should think before writing. If you do not know something on the subject, and have never watched or understood the concept/s then do not approach or tackle it. You will be out of your depth.

Aiming to prove you can stand among the rest of the world saying the same point with your over indulgent opinion makes you irrelevant and inconsistent.  Therefore, you have no credibility and no one will regard your written ‘work’ as anything important and when seeing your name, will instantly switch off, rather than reading this “douchebag” riddled with inaccuracy.

Ironically, there's a Max in there :)
He's actually good, too!

You also cannot call yourself a wrestling journalist, because, for one Max Waltham coined it with credibility, (as being one) though others, as usual, feel they need to say their own opinion which cannot stand up to any credible thought process. You are not a wrestling journalist just because you have a cheap platform to write a couple of words that are just playground chitter chatter, or showing posts of photoshops, as some form of 'article' and making no cohesive reasoning as to why they are "hilarious" from cheap interns who haven't learned a thing.

It also takes years to learn true journalism. It is highly unlikely you will ever understand what is paramount to this industry. Until you do, you should not attempt to waste you time calling yourself anything near it, as you disgrace yourself, and the industry, and your opinion pieces then detract from the wrestling business, which also de-habilitates the wrestling superstars you crave to excel or be pushed by company bosses.

As always, do not plagiarise any content that is not yours, or to take points and aim to adapt them to your “style” (which you don’t have, hence stealing), and form your own mind in a world of mindless subordinates.

Once again, it is obvious, not to read the “Dirt Sheets” and believe anything you hear from no-one. Certain names have esteemed value, and have noted who is at the top of their game, despite not ‘liking’ them.

FCW Arena

You don’t have to like certain people, but it is those people with noteworthy value, whom make the valid points that are understood cogently. By the masses. One example being WWE reading Wrestling Wonders and adding parts of the written word to reshape their organisation for a brighter prospect to wrestling audiences.

Even the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “got it wrong,” severely undermining its credibility. How embarrassing.

Max Waltham 27th March 2012

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