Sunday, 4 March 2012

Valentine Poll Results, Your winner is...

Jessie Godderz & Randy Orton

So here are your Valentine's. The winners of our poll were tied! 

Jessie Godderz almost won with the majority with an early lead, though the Orton lovers caught up with him.

Both tallied 4 votes each. So here are your hotties to muse and drool over.

Even a fusion of the two together would be very interesting. Mmmm.

As a treat, were going to give extra time to both over the next week or two, as both haven't had much exposure with a weekly pictorial spread each. Keep your eyes peeled. (El Elegido and Daniel Bryan were the runners up.)

And the Randy Orton feature soon cometh...

We have many treats for March, so stick with us and enjoy the reads, your support and feedback is acknowledged and respected. Comment, follow, subscribe, follow on Twitter, join on Facebook, and even report and write for the site. Check the tabs if interested. The news agenda is overflowing again...


As always, your feedback is appreciated. More polls are coming and one is already up now. Let us know your thoughts, and it might influence us...



©  Max Waltham 4th March 2012

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