Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mr Pic-Tacular: Jessie Godderz

The Bod God, Jessie Godderz

Coming joint first with Mr. Randall Orton, here's our second victor to share the spoils. Enjoy!

Let me be your towel man...

Don't Touch what you can't afford :p

Check out the sexy lil curl up top

"Max Waltham, This is for you! Come and get it!"

Mr. Pants Tac-ular :D
Look at the rips on that pack...

Recently, as champion, in OVW, with stablemate Rob Terry


No! You can't do that to him! Bod god gets flattened!
Beautiful at lying down, though...

Mr. Flex- Tacular whilst giving a stretch... Mmm
Pleasure and Pain!

It's all over, Pin me!

© Max Waltham 21st March 2012

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