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WWE Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees

The Class of  2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

With all names announced , this is the class of 2012.


The Rated R Superstar and multiple heavyweight champion takes his position among the elite one year after being forced to retire. 

While we respect Edge's commitments to the squared circle, many of the Universe consider this too early, unnecessary to be the star feature of this years ceremony and should have been left for next year, after Macho Man Randy Savage should have headed this year's ceremony.

Alas, Edge is heading the Wrestlemania 28 class, and we congratulate him all the same. Edge has earned his accolade, it was just rushed too soon.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 

Arn Anderson
Tully Blanchard
JJ Dillion 
Ric Flair
Barry Windham

All four are to be inducted as the first stable. With manager JJ Dillion, the four horsemen deserve their place for their amazing contributions to the sport, which re-evaluated Tag Team wrestling, stable mates and unionship in creating a wrestling pinnacle for fans attending shows every night at the arena when topping the bill. 

Doubts over whether the previously inducted Flair  (in 2008), would receive another entry was unclear yet, though many feel this will destroy all it stands for, and would prefer Flair, who will speak, to give the induction instead.

"Iron" Mike Tyson

Tyson takes the Celebrity Wing position, joining the likes of Pete Rose, Drew Carey and William"The Refrigerator" Perry.

Previously among the company with Stone Cold Steve Austin in '98, Tyson, as enforcer of the main event between Austin and Shawn Michaels,  at Wrestlemania XIV , receiving at least $3 million dollars for the role. He also delivered a knock out punch to Michaels at the event.

Ron Simmons

The first black heavyweight champion in history, WWE have finally been able to address the great "First Black Champion" debate.

Regardless, Simmons has earned his position, though many still feel is all too political in the aftermath of the Mark Henry/Undeserved World title run over the late course of 2011.

Mil Mascaras

Announced on Smackdown early last year by Chief Operating Officer Triple H, no mention was given to remind that Mascaras would top the bill. 

After the Horsemen and Edge were announced, WWE Raw took a week gap in announcing, where they could have reminded this entry to the Universe.

Mascaras is a worthy inductee, as many already acknowledge.


Primed for consideration towards the end of 2011, WWE haven't shed any light on whether 'Zuna will make the grade.

Given the nod would be welcomed by all watching. Yokozuna began the epitome of the bigger framed combatant that created a place in wrestling for them, as well as being able to deliver well in the role, where he put talent over also. 

We will update any added names in the final weeks before the ceremony, should any be inducted.

UPDATE- (27/28TH March 2012)

Yokozuna HAS been added to the Hall of Fame line up as orginally planned. WWE, ironically, announced his entry on the Smackdown tapings one day after this article was written.
'Zuna was contemplated early on, so it is baffling as to why WWE chose to consider omitting him and then quickly adding him practically one week before the end of inductees. 
The Universe would have preferred a lengthy and legendary thought process to his name, which is thoroughly deserved.

We are glad Yokozuna gets the respect he earned, for the 2012 Hall of Fame.

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  1. When are they going to induct Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch, former Tag Team Champions? At least they were back when I started attending, and the "E" in their initial name didn't have the "bottom line". Oh yeah, they ruined Adrian when they turned him "Adorable", but tough he was, a great wrestler, he was, and remembered, all these years after his death, he is.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, and yes both are worthy talents, but sadly WWE only induct those they feel are current rather than the 'forgotten'. Hopefully next year? The 'E have a tendancy to steer away from deceased stars, who are more then deserveing. Adonis, of course, made a wonderful angle as both, so it would be pefect for them to be in with Macho and Liz next year.