Friday, 9 March 2012

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Scandal

Hogan Knows Bust!

Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), 58, has expressed his shock at the revealtion of a sex tape possibly being released.

Hogan claimed he could not remember who the culprit of the tape was, as "It wasn't just one brunette, I was running wild for a few months." He believes the tape to be roughly five years old, as he is now settled with his current wife, Jennifer McDaniel, married in 2010.

Hulk said it was an "Outrageous invasion of privacy."
His Lawyer David Houston spoke in a statement - "Terry Bollea is appalled by the unauthorized release of a secretly filmed video."

"(Hulk) never approved of the filming nor the release of the same. It is clearly an outrageous invasion of privacy and breach of trust if it is genuine. We will take all neccessary steps to enforce both civil and criminal liability."

Hirch-al Savage?
Hogan, approached by Steve Hirch, founder of Vivid entertainment, was told there could be a "huge demand" for the most popular, longest reigning WWE champion in history, to release the video.
Hirsch has previously made offers to Paris Hilton, Chyna and Kim Kardashian. He has also been dating producer Melissa Rivers.

The one and only Joan Rivers X
For those unaware, mother Joan Rivers often appeared in the WWF in its golden years. :) (We would love to see her back on Raw guest hosting since the concept was spawned.)

Hogan was WWF heavyweight champion for a number of consecutive years, and also hosts the most reigns as a champion in WWE history, totalling at six overall. 

As WWF champion

Hogan currently works for TNA (Total Non-Stop Action.)

The Hulkster claims he was "unaware" the tape was being recorded without his permission and is choosing not to release the tape and has blocked all offers. It is believed he is fighting for the tape to be nullified in all its entirity.

Hogan can be seen in the video fully centred in shot, it is believed.

Speculation when filmed was 2007, after Hulk went through a divorce with his wife Linda.

With Linda

After their divorce in 2008, Linda claimed Hulk abused her and had homosexual encounters (with a fellow wrestler), which the 58 year old wrestling veteran denies. "I was afraid he would kill me in one of his rages", Linda expressed. She wrote most of her issues in her novel, Wrestling the Hulk - My Life Against the Ropes.

Linda received 70% of the couples assets following their divorce.

Current wife Jennifer
For those interested (we don't endorse them, but it is a need people require at times), there is a porn parody circulating the internet of Hogan Knows Best, in which Hulk and his family allowed recorded cameras into their home life in a reality style TV series. 

All we can say, is that it wasn't Max Waltham. I'm holding out for Vince McMahon.

Who's Yer Daddy?!

© Max Waltham 9th March 2012

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