Saturday, 26 November 2011

R-Truth fails WWE Wellness Policy

R-Truth fails first wellness policy violation 
causing suspension of 30 days

R-Truth has failed his first wellness test. Falling positive to the violation, it could not come at worse a time for him. As one of WWE's rising stars, Truth showed promise and poise from his recent characterisation since the May 2nd broadcast of Raw, this year, which saw him deliver an intense heat building power promo with heelish mystique. Finding flair and form, this was one of the most refreshing developments in a long time from the company. This may just have set Truth back in transgressing further upon return, though we could see why Truth may have felt pressured to do so to enhance himself in a fierce competitive world, in which WWE tends to drop upcoming stars instantly should the company get bored or fed up with one mannerism in portrayal on screen (or backstage). WWE have been known to favour muscled, capacious builds and towering  superstars to move forward as preference.

Awesome Truth: at the height of their rap entrance expertise 

One of the best vocalists in WWE, highlighting star quality
and questions for WWE's lack there of.
No excuse included, Truth will now face those repercussions, though the company may want to question why so many performers turn to enhancers and generate unwelcomed media attention for them.

The Draft 2011 in May,
where it all began for Truth
It is worth noting that WW saw the obvious coming, after muscle mass had changed in Truth's proportions. We didn't feel the need To 'break' this story to say we found the newest 'scoop' as sloppy online dweebs would do. Ethics also define writing.

Truth was the unnamed additional individual whom was stated being involved along with Evan Bourne, whom was revealed to have violated the policy's rules last month.

The reason Truth was waited on before revelation and exposure, was due to the fact that Truth was scheduled for a main event bonanza involved with three of WWE's elite superstars, The Rock, John Cena and The Miz. They could not willingly destroy the momentum that was built months to legitimately support The Rock's return, the impending Wrestlemania 28 main event, and the hype of new stars flying high.

That is why the Awesome Truth combo was ended abruptly, on the November 22nd Raw, seeing The Miz skull crush R-Truth up the ramp, and off of television.

Awesome Truth are over.
His future will now be pondered how he may return and what role he will take succeeding this. We do not condone his practices, but one fact remains, Truth had a severe level of star quality shown in recent months than any other performer has shown in a year or so.

Everyone shall be watching his return in 30 days time, (or more so), that much we can be sure of.

© Max Waltham 26th November 2011

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