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Raw is Liverpool! 07th November UK Supershow

Raw is Liverpool! 

07th November UK Supershow

WWE’s flagship show came live from the Echo Centre in the city of culture, Liverpool, in the UK, on 07th November 2011.

Beginning the show was a “cheerio” from Cole. Cheerio is when you say goodbye!
First out to the baying mob was ever fan favourite John Cena. WWE used its sound alteration machine a little bit, but still kept some boo’s to seem impartial to audience needs.
Telling us to “Listen Up” as it was an “important night” Cena chose to do the traditional suck up to hometowns for a cheap pop routine. Does WWE have nothing else for him? Tonight would be “magic” “move mountains” and a “madness meats mania”.
Cena claimed he would be in a tag match against Awesome Truth tonight. His partner is a future Hall of Famer, he claimed.

The Miz interrupted, mocked and shone with his very oily shiny legs. They were quite something. We approve.
R Truth mentioned all the little jimmy’s laughing at him, “keep the humour, chuckle it up” Don’t WHAT ME!’ once the ‘what’ chants of the past decade were shamefully mentioned. Do fans not have anything else creative to say? How about chanting for a performer, than relying on pitiful overused irrelevant statements that amount to nothing whatsoever?

Didn't rap on the night
Truth & Miz said Cena “would not be laughing tonight” He was “gunna get GHOT!” Truth exclaimed.
In a baffling comment, which was borderline racist, from Cena himself, (so he is the exception, then?) said we should “hide ya kid, hide ya wife”. It was utterly embarrassing WWE allowed this portrayal to occur.
Cena claimed that his partner happened to be the “10th wonder of the world”. Such hype. The Rock perhaps? A legend in the making?
“It doesn’t matter who you team up with” The Miz said Cena’s time “was up”. Both advanced towards Cena, waiting in the ring, hence allowing his partner to storm down and support him.

That is one impressive coat, Stud

It was Zack Ryder. Ryder. Your new Hall of Famer, and 10th wonder of the world.
Ooh ‘Wonders’….. Did we miss something? Max Waltham is reserved at Wonder #9 :P
Jerry Lawler said “this should be fun”, in reference to the Cena/Ryder one night tandem.
Tie wars. Vick Wins!

Vickie Guerrero was seen walking through the back corridor with her US beau, Mr.Zigglesworth. After the commercial, Vick, dressed fittingly and in a slim black tie and mini skirt, looking the part brilliantly (is there nothing she can’t do) proved she and R Truth are WWE’s only hottest commodities right now.
Didn't wear a tie.
Ziggler fought John Morrison 1 on 1. An interesting match in part, both worked well, not thrilling but standard. Neither showcased any ‘panache’ or desire for their spot. It failed to captivate. “Why do heel’s go for people’s neck all the time” one fan asked.

The answer is simple – heels are booked to use chin holds and locks etc.
With the WWE Universe at home commenting as “boring” and the Universe in attendance chants for Ziggler (the British audience can never be manipulated to the full extent when wrestling values are crucial to the business), Morrison attempted his signature move – the Starship Pain. He missed. A 2 fall from the US champ, before a counter and kick, then another 2 fall.

It was set in stone that Ziggler would lose. Earlier in the match, the announce team claimed, John Morrison’s streak looks set to continue. Hmmm.
John Morrison finally received a win. He showed nothing deserving for it, and a new talented performer would have welcomed this spot. Michael McGuillicutty could have been used, learned, and developed further.
Up next was Welshman and sexpot to the nation, Mason ’Beefcake ’Ryan. He took on, wait for it, JTG. It was a short match in which the Full Nelson Powerslam, confused by the WWE uni-douchebags claiming it was the “Masterlock”.
Ryan is definitely one to put forward as a new star. Falling into the Batista/Brock Lesnar category, he also has skill to back up his character. And with his impressive physique, WWE should willingly send him forward.

Mason Phwoarr Ryan
Backstage, the Bellas were seen with Zack Ryder. He got ‘merked’ by the Bellas. The girls showed a clear, concise deliverance and all round entertaining angle, be it short. Ryder wanted them to sign his online “Twitter Petition”.
WWE want you to sign the Twit Pit. If you are a mark whom thinks change will occur by signing this, then waste your time and sign.
Look may change. Principals, however, do not.

Will soon be arrested by the TURD police,
for crimes to the toilet, presumably 
An E-mail from WWE turd doctors now. Vince McCole in the ever destructive segments of JR saga, the TSA, (Totally Stupid Angle), mentioned JR wouldn’t participate in the Michael Cole Challenge for the second advertised week. (If it isn’t happening, don’t false advertise). Mention JR over indulged in BBQ sauce, it meant nothing to the audience once again, and was clearly, unsustainable.
Someone was going to get “Col (e) d.

After becoming stranded from the recent suspension of Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston was on his own. And as a babyface alone, he was exposed. Someone like Santino or another random jobber or even John Morrison could have taken this spot.
The WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, battled against Kingston. Kingson wasn’t allowed barely any adequate motion or room to elevate himself up the card. A former man eyed for greater things, and a fantastic match and mini series against Randy Orton a year or so ago, this is why Kingston needed and still needs new flavour. A heel turn will support that. Maybe once Bourne returns, he can ride the tide.
Since when did a Tag champ ever be without his partner when they still hold the titles and not one sighting within a month occurs?

Has gone AW*L for a month, WITH the Tag title...
An armbar by the Mexican Stronghold saw any chance Kofi had dashed. Del Rio could not lose; therefore Kofi should have also been protected away from this placement.
CM PUNK! Punk came down the ramp after the match ended. I bet he had something good to say. Rating may increase? WWE went to a commercial. Yes. It had an ad break when one of its most talked about stars came to talk.
Still, once it was back on, they were deliberating in the ring. Del Rio said Punk didn’t have the cohunes. Reading from the Max Waltham handbook, the champ stated that Punk needed to “ask” and branded him a “coward” as he “forced” Alby to grant a match for the WWE Championship, after last week, on Muppet Raw/Halloween night, Punk lost to Henry.
If he could beat Mark Henry, he would gain a title shot at Survivor Series. Failing, he would be allowed one if he asked Del Rio. Punk ambushed Rio last week forcing him into the Anaconda Vice Grip hold until he had no option but to say yes.
That is correct. CM Punk, a man who a few months ago turned the WWE “on it’s head” (thanks to MW), decided to abandon his morals he claimed were his gimmick and turned into a bully WWE so willingly claims should not be allowed in life.

Punk’s ‘persona’ has now fallen into the category of – just another guy. There is nothing “magical” about Punk anymore.
Can WWE only script the word “Punk” as an insult/heel comeback towards CM Punk? Originality and Creativity, if you please.
RR gets all the best jobs! :@
I am an excellent ear muffer!

Punk also became a contradiction. Saying ‘cos Del Rio did it, I did it back. Ummm, for one thing, that’s childish. For a second, it devalues your moniker you are apparently built on.
The fans also cheered Punk. He showed no appreciation for this. Normally you would, wouldn’t you?
Asked to retract his title match, Punk paused, and said “No”. Del Rio was miffed. Punk also bashed the “one dimensional” aspect of Del Rio. Well, one thing you can say is that people are watching Del Rio for wrestling purposes, if say The Miz V CM Punk occurs, for some reason, people don’t tend to watch. Interesting.
Ricardo Rodriguez ended the segment, taking yet another Go to Sleep (GTS), as Alby fled. Continuity.

Jack Swagger entered the fray. Blimey. He got a match again. A mini vignette aired speaking backstage that “last week I lost”. Swagger, by the announce desk was mentioned having a losing streak. Is everyone adopting a losing streak?
Swagger aimed to be inventive. He ankle locked Santino Marella, his opponent for the evening, whilst in the turnbuckle post area. It was different, we endorse and praise that. But, isn’t a hold occurring in the rope break area dumbfounded, and, in principal, against the rules?

Jack took the victory, and won, nethertheless. It was needed to sustain himself. Vickie looked thrilled. She may just ditch Dolph for Jack, should this continue…

The serial offender to the Women’s division was up next. One can only imagine WWE distorted it’s crowd noise. No man in Britain willingly cheers Bimbo Bimbo after what she did to the Women’s division. No Brit will ever forget, as it means something VERY important to them.
Oooooh, it was a ‘surprise’ announcement. Exciting, right? BB strutted to the ring to announce some tripe about being young. That’s no excuse, luv. Thankfully, it wasn’t too long. Beth and Natalya saved the nation. They wanted to make her “scream” I’m sure many do. But the majority are sick of those Melina “primal” screams.
Only Vickie’s are pure class.
Revealing she did a ‘spread’ for Maxim’s December issue, (should’da chose September :P), Kelly then retorted that Beth Phoenixes glamour spread would be in … “National Geographic”. Falling flatter than a failing pancake, the Sisters of Salvation were unimpressed. So were the WWE Universe.

Class not crass, right? Hmmm
KK manages to undo all of whatever she does
So, a dig…. at history. If she could be bothered, maybe she could have tried to preserve the history of Fabulous Moolah. This was just another slap to the poorly deceased veteran’s lineage. Shame on you all.
Beth wanted to make an “example” and re structure the division (as MW do), to enhance values. After preying towards Kelly, Barbarella and Rihanna fled to Bimbo Bimbo’s rescue. Forcing the sisters out of there, they unveiled the cover spread.

Alicia ‘Rihanna’ Fox needs to sort herself out! You look like a poor stand in or ‘bookend’.
Ooh NaNa, Whassa Ma Name?
 Whassa Ma Name,
Whassa Ma Name?

Kelly Kelly can be seen sitting on the bonnet of a red car in a bikini, spreading her legs wide open and smiling. Very PG. Is Maxim the new Playboy?
“Hey, mummy. I gunna sit down and spread my legs right open. Cos KK does it, so its okay, isn’t it?” Is that a constructive message to all girls in the world? Psychology suggests Women are programmed as ‘weak’. Well, this angle is certainly endorsing that to all girls across the world who take this practise.
Returning from commercial, John Laurinaitis now the, EXECUTIVE VP of talent relations, and Interim GM of Raw, gave a very poor intro to Kevin Nash, whom he rehired. Coming out to his nWo theme caused speculation and also intrigue.

For those questioning, Nash has never looked better here.
And despite the vocab, delivered a wonderful promo
If WWE do it right, then they could finally make a super-group of talented newbie’s launching a future with the new version of the nWo  The nWo of 2012 could be profitable. Michael McGuillicutty, Mason Ryan, Alex Riley and others could be given a second chance to excel after unforeseen circumstances. Mikey on the nWo side of things with opposing forces would be welcomed. Just don’t stick a bandana on his head!
Is due another time to shine

We saw and had explanation of “defenceless” Triple H, when he was savagely attacked by Nash putting H on a stretcher and out of action for some time. He left via an ambulance. This is the same Triple H who attacked defenceless R Truth during the DX motion a couple of weeks ago, as well as The Miz, whom was handcuffed at the Hell In A Cell PPV.
“Without me you are nothing” Nash claimed. He also said Triple H “betrayed me”. HHH sold out according to Nash in the early years, referring to H’s rise in the WWE some years ago. Nash said he’s “still got it” and is the “best in the world”. The CM Punk feud is back on.
After six hours contemplating, Big Kev decided Triple H deserved a sledgehammer beat down at previous PPV’s. “It felt good” to Kev. And he would gladly “do it again”, given the opportunity. We don’t mind that, as long as newbie’s grow in roles it can create.
Then came something borderline pedophilic! What are WWE scripting!!! Sack someone and get a REAL WRITER! (Hint Hint). Nash was scripted to say attacking Triple H was like a “helpless little child” “And I Took advantage of you”. If ever there was a call for a sacking (firing), this would be it! How it was allowed to go out is beyond me. Especially in a PG dominated environment.

Still hasn't shown up yet...
Brodus Clay’s advertising promos hit a new low. It’s the 8th week. And yet NO Clay. This long an intro without Clay appearing is harmful than helpful.

We must forget Punk and Otunga were in the same group
John Laurinaitis and his legal counsel David Otunga had a chat, whilst walking around the arena. CM Punk arrived in front the side shot view out of nowhere. Otunga compared Punk to a gas station worker. Mmmm. Pull a pump baby! Punk responded. “Regular or unleaded” and delivered his service in the form of left and rights to the legal louse. WHOA! Alberto Del Rio flew in from the other side and targeted Punk.

One for the old days.
National Geographic are just one phone call away...
Turning over some popcorn near by, Punk completely killed off his own character here.
We then saw Liverpool looking like Broadway. As if! It was a funny moment to envisage. Isn't it amazing how a London red route-master bus gets all the way up north to Liverpool? 
This led us to the main event of the evening.
John Cena and Zack Ryder took on The Miz and R Truth. Yep. Wade Barrett, and William Regal, neither one a part of the most important, noticeable show of the WWE product, its flagship show. No hometown heroes. Oh dear.

Headlocks and holdups, R Truth, delivering kicks down, before a Ryder/Truth headlock run the ropes, allowing Ryder a flapjack toss down to the mat, face first for Truth.
Then thrown to the floor outside. Cena and Ryder tackled The Miz. After a tag in to Cena and headlocks to R Truth, (rules change about heels headlocking now do they?) Ryder was apparently “mugged” backstage according to the announce desk. What was stolen? We don’t really know.
They “took matters into their own hands” and “became relevant” despite their tactics Cole said, in regards to Truth and Miz, whom had to find a way to suppress evil Triple H’s C.O.O-ship conspiracies.
Jerry Lawler once again, made another gaff! Maybe it is time WWE finally looked into new announcers, because this cannot continue forever. Lawler is meant to enhance careers of fresh talent, regardless of colour commentary. His comments could end up killing Miz and R Truth’s careers. It wasn’t acceptable.

Far from the old days. It used to be good.
Cena tagged Ryder. Ryder attempted the Ruff (Rough) Ryder on Miz. It missed. A tag to Truth ensued. The “Dream Team” nailed a double kneedrop wonderfully.
Lawler committed another verbal sin. Gaffing about The Rock. Why would Zack Ryder try to be The Rock? That was never there, and you just placed it there. Once in the mindset of viewers, they will now value Ryder as a poor excuse to Rock on every level. Hence, Buried.
Trying to save himself, the cameraman got a shot of Ryder’s butt with the slogan – Are you serious, Bro? So many ironies.
Ryder then opened his legs for camera shot. If he didn’t do that, I may have boycotted him! Last week he opened his legs to the side-view and not the hard camera. Grrrr!

"He's Got Legs!"

A rollup gave a 2 fall on The Miz. Ryder was clotheslined in the turnbuckle corner by Miz. A mention of “animosity toward Cena” :P
Miz and Truth performed a kick to the head by truth followed by Miz with a running kick there after for double impact also. As a tag team, both looked impeccable.
Shortly after, the hot tags were made to Cena and Miz, where Cena, in typical fashion, cleared house. 2 shoulder blocks to The Miz and a powerbomb lift- whirl in the air side slam down. Then giving R Truth the backbreaker to nil effect.
Cena then tagged in Ryder after both Miz and Truth were down, to receive a double 5 knuckle sh*t fall! Ooh! What a treat!
Ryder sent R - Truth out only to be pulled by the former in house smoker last time he was in the UK, and sent Ryder down. Miz dropped off of the shoulders of the Attitude Adjustment placing, and then gave a kick to Cena, noted by Cole, when R Truth then held the leg of Cena for extra leverage. On any given day no one would kick out of the AA. Especially not so poorly.
Miz gave a kick to Cena and got a 3 fall. Eh? Yes. The Miz, defeated John Cena with a kick. Catching Cena off guard is no excuse for this. Cena ‘lost’ but didn’t ‘lose’ basically. Cena was never going to win on British soil – Vince is aware the market would be falling should hometown hatred send Britain mad.
Do remember, Britain DID have riots! And it wasn’t pretty.
Awesome Truth gained a fluke victory that made sure Cena didn’t win on UK turf, yet didn’t ‘harm’ his character. When actually, it harmed him more for failing to sell yet another angle as well as failing to sell for rising talent, he needs to respect as they do him in the ring and to create opponents he is rapidly running out of.

After tonight’s show, some are earmarking Ziggler to move up the card. He may have impressed at the last PPV, but he is lacking the key fundamentals that keep him from that top tier glass ceiling being shattered. 

Mason Ryan should not have had a job squad moment if he is to be built as a star. Ryder was given more ample air time, which is a good move for his market. As a “goon” however, it may not be long before his interest truly wavers. 

The UK would have been the place, if any,
to make Kofi a household name again.

Kofi Kingston needs what WW has been banging on about for ages. You all know. And the Women/tarts. Heading into a 3 hour Rock dominated Raw, which should be interesting to watch as a viewer with Mick Foley also returning in brief, and the failure of a hometown hero, did not go down well, namely Wade Barrett. 

Not at 'Home'

Was this Raw just filler for international audience and ‘fun’. We appreciate the experience coming to UK shores, but that doesn’t mean Raw shouldn’t have sterling match types and strengthened characters evolving dismissed.
Great Britain is all about the wrestling.
John Morrison def. Dolph Ziggler (US Champ), Non title
Mason Ryan def. JTG
Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion) def. Kofi Kingston (Tag Team Champion)
Jack Swagger def. Santino Marella
R – Truth & The Miz def. John Cena & Zack Ryder


  • Max Waltham didn’t receive tickets or a backstage pass to the Raw arena to watch live, mingle, have a brief chat/meeting with Vinnie nor a chance to report live for the site.
  • Raw promos/angles were a lot better than usual, if lacking in slight areas. Punk/Del Rio and Nash impressed.

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© Max Waltham 9th November 2011

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