Thursday, 3 November 2011

WHO is the Raw GM? Usual Suspects?

Just WHO is the Raw General Manager?

It been very quiet in recent months at Raw. No bleeps or dings from the Apple company with an “announcement” prompting Michael Cole’s voice of the Universe to ring through the arena.

Since the halt on info via a laptop or iPad, it was recently announced a GM is in place. (WWE don’t and never did have on to begin with). However, there is one in place now. He/She has not been revealed as of yet.

So who are the Suspects?

Top of the list is the obvious

Vince McMahon

The CEO of the company has already made a comeback thus rending his position obsolete. There is also no need for a GM role if one is the CEO.

Triple H

The cause of much controversy to begin with, Hx3 gained the C.O.O-ship shortly as messages stopped, a link could be made between the two, though pointless and irrelevant.


Stephanie McMahon

Leading on from that would be the misses. The wife could be out to sabotage Tripper (which can still be done), though I do love how Vince addresses me on TV. (x). “It wont be anyone from the McMahon family. Though one suggested in a previous post on WW, one did not say it was, but the storyline presented would have been one of a good one. Isn’t that what WWE creative look for in their angles? (I’m available for hire, by the way…)

John Laurinaitis

Announced as the interim, therefore removes his potential. Plus he is VP of TR, if you happen to have forgotten.

Moving away from the power positions, it now opens up to serious debate. We know who it isn’t so who is it then?

Kevin Nash
Unlikely now that Johnny Ace rehired him via (we were spared TV time, thankfully), though Big Sexy is an option. Slim as it may be. Though he does not need it now he is set into fighting angles.

Vickie Guererro


WWE’s fall back option everytime, though she is busy, she could secretly be hiding under the radar. Since her tag team tandem was initiated- one for taking over WWE with power and intent, and after HHH’s C.O.O position after a recent PPV, Vick is no stranger to cementing her power position. Though again, less likely. But still an option, if needs be. (WWE could not have thought as in depth as that).

Michael Cole

Michael Cole was the highest suspected member of the roster. With his annoying, by the minute interruptions and catchphrases on the ‘behalf’ of the GM, Cole could be announced/busted as GM. Once done so, WWE can instantly fire him to applause from the Universe. Then they can instantly hire a GM in human form.

Daniel Bryan

A jokey option, but Vince might be eating his own 
words to an unsuspected “internet darling”.

Zack Ryder

The self proclaimed champion of the internet, Ryder has gripped the nation, and the Raw GM decisions made would favour him. Who else would be able to say they booked Cena angles in that fashion apart from a handful without ruining their reputation.

Max Waltham

How many other people do you know “sit behind a computer” and send messages. Is it all a big ruse? I couldn’t tell you even if I wanted too… "I may be awaiting my next email.."

Mick Foley

The most obvious choice. Planning a brief return to Raw on November 14th, Foley is no stranger to an authoritive role. Who else in WWE would be able to carry it with such intent? Apart from the Waltham.

The Rock

You never know….

Chris Jericho

A perfect way to return next year.

CM Punk

Has he hacked into WWE’s computer system and claiming hardship whom then turns out to be a trickster playing all angles? Voice of the righteous and all that…


Just because, this is WWE. And they would script a comedy moment.

© Max Waltham 3rd November 2011

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