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John Morrison Unhappy with Wrestlemania 27 angle featuring Trish Stratus

John Morrison was on the winning team at 'Mania 27
After 'Mania weekend it was revealed Morrison was unhappy with how the booking practice occurred for it's match which pitted him with Trish Stratus and Snooki to challenge Michelle Mc Cool & Layla (Laycool) and their partner Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero in their corner.

You SO would! Can't blame Melina for grabbing it..
JoMo felt that Trish's spot on the card could have been replaced by his current girlfriend Melina. Melina, being a heel, would have worked well in a babyface team according to Morrison's mind. Adding to this the original plan was to insert Bimbo Bimbo aka Kelly Kelly in Trish Stratus original spot. Now that would have been an utter disaster. Their open relationship also came under scrutiny. Melina has also previously had 'under the dirt sheets' with Batista a few years ago. Read his book – Batista Unleashed. (10% referral Dave?) lol.

Fued with Melina in the pipeline?
Trish was the best choice and Morrison as moody as ever was seemingly very distant and awkward to work with for Stratus. The legendary diva, who has a valid contribution to the business, made a credible match for what it was built on to be fair.
A Rock and a hard place..

Many now assume WWE dislike Morrison and has gathered 'heat' for this. The reason his career hasn't taken off was long before this discrepancy, His career nose dived long before Trish came along. His own fault it is seeing as he does nothing to enhance his persona. The so called 'Shaman of sexy' is not appealing on any level as a sex symbol, not even getting the gay vote, that should be clear enough to step it up.

The 'Shaman Of Sexy'
How to change? Many say “turn him heel” , one option yes, though he can achieve it as face, but needs to develop his own persona, charisma and ditch the shaman of shambolic-ness and lose his attitude, - it's the wrong one. Dropping the ego too would help focus. The mic skills need a lot of work since becoming very sloppy as a result of long-standing positioning. Lose the stupid gimmicks like spiderman prancing all over the ring/cage structures and stop devaluing the match, it doesn't look as though you care about what your in or what's at stake so how can you be taken seriously? Royal Rumble was an opportunity to get a title shot and you decided to jump around for a laugh, then in the #1 spot at Elimination Chamber? Yes. A gimmick climb and fool, oops,  - Fall.

Wrestling a match with charisma, lack of ego and character development will benefit. A long standing guy in the company that wishes him to enhance himself, has now become placed lower than the likes of R-Truth and  below. R-Truth actually has MANY more options if he had half the time Morrison got over the years. Recent Heel turn clarifies this slightly. JoMo should have managed to project himself as one of the top head-liners in the making, although WWE gets the blame for it, this one is solely on John.

Every Heterosexual man sees the appeal

 WWE gives ample time to you, you have matches of a caliber to become credible, you don't wish to make it for yourself, and only one person can be blamed for that.

© Max Waltham 23 April 2011

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