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TLC 2012

WWE TLC 2012

Live on Pay Per View, Sunday 16th December 2012, from the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York, TLC: Tables Ladders and Chairs provided its final instalment of the year card, notorious lately for pulling a rare pleasing end to the year played out before us. Would TLC delivers its reputation, or dismally conclude a tiresome format? 


Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes Vs Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Little limp and slow going. Same repeat matches have this effect. Mysterio blown up before launch onto Rhodes outside. Sandow Irish whip, Cara down with high spot though both competent  Threw into Sandow and wall. Cody/Rey then inside against one another.

Table Cody Rey top play then sees a smash of the wooden apparatus, namely the table,  table into Rey’s head. Enziguri by Cara. Flip over punch, Rhodes launch to Damien Sandow and nailed kick.

You're Welcome!

Cheaply nailing Cara into table in split second. Made RhodesScholars look ridiculous, not even given a good end win. They needed one. Launch by Cody Rhodes to shove Cara through table in perfect fall to outside, which both sold well, especially Cara.

Forget Rhodes Scholars they are Packing Moustache!

United States Championship

Antonio Cesaro (c) Vs R-Truth 

Cesaro dominated early on in a good rematch battle from last month, after some may have felt they could not get a second match to equal their first. They both pulled it off expertly for a standard US title match, filled with mid-level card support. Cesaro will go on to bigger things later on. Right now, his time is perfectly donated to raising prestige, status and mid card challengers rebuilding them as solid performers, while the heavyweight scene is convoluted. Soon enough. Within  a year. Doesn’t need to be rushed when booked strongly.  R-Truth gave a comeback in the match which highlighted potential at a good level of opposition, but still not enough to topple beefy Cesaro. Though when Cesaro isn’t champion, as well as multi matches, R –Truth and the mid-level supporting cast will be improved on and competent status.

Antonio soon tentatively lifted the powerful, slow motion, heavy hitting Neutraliser. Antonio Cesaro gained the three fall and maintained US title rights. They had less than ten minutes; however was a fair and consistent effort that did not drag the PPV.

Matt Striker conducted another ground breaking interview. It was with the Big Show, just as last year’s HIAC/Survivor Series/ TLC build up with Mark Henry played out. Thrilling.

Superpower. Greatest US Champ in history. "By booing me your booing you own country." Cesi explains. BOOYA! "Don't Boo Me, You shouldda been booyin' yaselves!"

Qi-lingual Cesaro silenced his critics in the ring. He went on to speak in a foreign language in an expert promo. “und gebt mir paar Eisw├╝rfel.” The audience were perplexed to understand. Priceless. In defiance. We’d love ice with that!

Dolph Ziggler soon took a skit. Dolph provided a fantastic promo of humour for the WWE Universe. He said – “Everything changes. The biggest star of 2013” in reference to himself, of course. He does give a good laugh.

The Miz burst out onto our screens for another episode of Miz TV. On a PPV. Miz TV. On a PPV. Well, I guess we need to fill the time.

Randy Orton and The Miz were both removed from action. You could’ve made a super hot team with the pair of them, and still can.

Oh dear! Its’ jobber nation. Whats worse? On a PPV or a beat down of The Miz by the three man band (3MB.)

JBL made a crack about the Village People as the band.

Miz did the ol’ “Really?” thingy.”

“Yes, really Miz” frontman Heath Slater responded.

The Rolling Stones must wish they could rock out with 3MB, surely?

The group soon attacked the Spanish Announce Table. Those poor SAPs.  Ricardo Rodriguez baffling appeared to reason with the band of bullies. Alberto Del Rio sprang to the defence of his loyal servant after the band battered him instead.

They then beat down on Alberto. Yes, folks, Alberto Del Rio is now an honourable man. Miz spared 3MB. Miz gave no save whilst looking on. Miz eventually attacked to support Rio. Slater then called for a ref. They told Rio and Miz to seek a partner for some three way tag action. They agreed.

Miz told them “You three? Not a problem. We’ll find a partner.”

Backstage now, Daniel Bryan mentions he can’t stand people repeating over and over.

Wade Barrett says something in an unrelated, different location away from them. Yes, WWE have multiple stars backstage in different areas. Who’d have thought it?

He mentioned the Wildcat Kofi Kingston, who had never been apparent as the Wildcat before and WWE just slipped it in one time on Raw two weeks ago. Now he’s the Wildcat, folks. Barrett, to his credit, could not be more boring in his delivery.

Intercontinental Championship

Wade Barrett Vs Kofi Kingston (c)

Crowds don’t want Barrett or Ziggler. They want change and realise they the only ones to make that point in WWE approval. #TLC striking out

The wildcat soon launched, with a dive into the ring, and out again, which was great.

Barrett stretching Kofi. Kofi back out with kicks and turn around into whirl backbreaker from Wade with two kick out. Wade turnbuckle elbow. Two fall.

Kofi is in desperate need of heel turn. I said it a year ago. One year on, would’ve had more stead now as a force than now as face. Kofi remains as a likeable, shortcoming trapped in mid-level status.

The crowd were divided equally, which was somewhat encouraging.

Cross body, rolled through by Wade to a two fall followed. Barrett disputes with referee of three count confusion. Kofi rolled over as possum. Barrett returns  with a slamming two fall. Kofi caught Barrett’s follow up attack. Kofi Kingston soon nailed Barrett and silenced him for IC title capture, to retain the gold.

Darling CM Punk strode out as WWE Champion to the “Slums of Staten Island” to explain his non-defence of championship tonight. He told the duldrums of the slums they were just as common as Ryback. Truthfully reiterating the crowd had “Never won anything in your entire life.” Labelling them “Dumb. Apologies for being crass but stating facts. Dumb and lucky. Injured me to point where I can’t compete” in reference to Ryback hurting Punk prior to TLC defence of WWE champsionship that very evening. Punk added he was the “Most dangerous man, you want to put a weapon in my hand?” Does he ever need a weapon to conduct a beating?

Aiming to “separate the two, fact and fiction.” Ooh someone is planning on giving one an intellectual literary orgasm!  He finished anticlimactically as “Longest reigning champ of the modern era.”

6 man TLC Tag match

Kane and Daniel Bryan and Ryback Vs Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

The first ever six man TLC match was about to begin. No count outs, DQ’s and pinfalls, Justin Roberts explains. Yadda Yadda.

The Shield morphed the Right to Censors siren entrance with a gritty cops style beat. Hardcore! Ryback, who was inserted to main event status due to Punk’s injury and Cena affiliation the last two months, bolted out. The Cena shadow mimicked his purple attire with armbands and exact look and style of Cena. It was hilarious.

Through the crowd came The Shield. Exciting! We understand their vest attire and all that, but, we need all three of these stripped to tight speedo pants soon. Not short pants or long ones. Speedo style. On all three. Ambrose in green. Rollins in gold/black half and half with trim to match hair and Reigns in light form of dark blue. You’re Welcome!

Instant attacks by faces started. Ambrose unloads on Ryback. No effect.*sigh* Single drop downs lame. Flip over Ambrose and work down over expressive chants of “Goldberg.” The Ryback formula isn’t working… When will you realise?

Ladder smashing down on two Shielders by Ryback. Reigns save with chair assault. Kane intercepts. Team Hell No clothesline into ladder corner of Reigns, clothesline to dropkick by Bryan. Change, Bryan smashed by Ambrose. Kane fists Rollins. Turnbuckle jump down attempt. Trapped in between ladder from Kane on Rollins. Boring chants.

Ryback ladder obtained. Picks up Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose gives a double suplex onto ladder proving a constant liability. His deliverance was poor, and catastrophic. In recent months Ryback has come close to possible injuring stars like Sheamus, Brad Maddox, Big Show and these two.  WWE need damage control. He still doesn’t know how to work. Ironically, CM Punk does. :D

Needs to be pulled and sorted out with position and deliverance before you get in too deep. The earlier it’s dealt with, the better the long run. Longer left and, well, two words for ya. John Cena. No, that’s not a positive.

Roman Reigns slams ladder down on Ryback. Reigns dismantles SAP table. Tough break tonight. The beefy Tyler Reks replacement roars! Grrrr! Triple powerbomb coming up. The Shield hoist Ryback atop the shoulders and smash him down into the table. Ryback has been granted a leave of absence in this match for ten minutes to avoid his ruining of the structure and development of stars. Wise.

Bryan and Kane restore themselves. Ambrose charges back in with a devastating scoop slam with chair on the back of Bryan as slammed down on his back. It was a tough and beautiful implementation to a new style.

Set table on top ropes of corner. Bryan chin first into wedge. Ouch! D Bry then hoisted atop the table. Rollins and Ambrose both on top of table set on turnbuckle high. The anticipation mounts. Both superplex Bryan of the top to a raucous crowd of intrigue. Reigns takes a two fall after Kane saves his partner. Kane now goes onto the table. Another one?  JBL states “a mauling” as they attempt to put Kane through one as well. Kane manages to stir to and combat The shield, sending Rollins out to the floor around the ring. H then clocks Ambrose with the flying clothesline. Finishing with a splash dive and sideslam on Reigns for a two fall only.

Ambrose saved. Chair set up. Kane reverses and slams a Chokeslam through chair. Kane cover. Reigns broke fall count. Chair obliterated to pieces. Outside, a devastating charge into barricade by RR to Kane. Then sectioning off Kane under the rubble of apparatus of chairs and table covers. YES! Lock out of nowhere on Ambrose as Bryan back in ring action. Now on Rollins. RR save, counter, NO! Lock, as Michael Cole now reverts to after stating YES! (Take your fancy when it’s apparent, I guess) Ambrose made the save. DBry counters double suplex to chair with kicks. Rollins leg drops Bryan on head to chair.

Ryback return. Break cover of Ambrose. Rollins in to fall. Slam Reigns. RR lifted and thrown to the outside. Rollins slam. Chair centre. Ambrose punches, tackled down. Ryback charged with a clothesline from hell. How does JBL feel about that? Shell Shock on its way. Dropped Ambrose. How tedious.

Reigns and Rollins save after. Rollins out. RR and Ryback outside. Ryback charge into Reigns. Cole could not help laugh. Neither could we. Ryback was bloody awful. Ambrose halted a powerbomb attack on Rollins. The action would move towards the top of the walkway entrance up the titantron. Exhausted, but smashing Ryback, dropping ladders and jabbing chairs. Table set. Ryback placed onto it. Ladder nearby. It’s the big one, kids. Rolllins going high. Get out of way he warns his cohorts. They move. Bryan in ring seen crawling. Bit far away.

Ryback gets off table at top of titantron. Ryback climbs the ladder, as you do. Seth tries to go to next ladder, whilst on one. Launched off by clumsy Ryback through table to mass fall, and Rollins sold expertly. Ambrose and Reigns had moved back to a stirring Bryan. Ambrose sits Bryan up on Reigns, as Bryan takes the devastating and perfect powerbomb through table as Ryback crawls towards decimated Bryan in ring, expertly still as a pro, as Kane remains hidden under rubble. Finally a pro who sells. Big Show never did, twice. Now The Shield discover Rollins fate, after their pin for a three fall on a crushed Bryan. They gained the win in Rollins’ sacrifice. They upheld their comrade adorned with a victory in an outstanding match on the card and one of WWE’s best for a long time.

For those unsure, Rollins landed through a table first, but on the outside. WWE obviously insist their values to win are going through a table in the ring. Bryan went through the table in the ring. Though he was pinned. Some felt this shouldn’t have had a pin if a tables essence. Some wonder if WWE make up the rules as it goes along. “No count outs, DQ’s and pinfalls.” Roberts, J. (2012)

That’s right folks, WWE started the match saying no KO, Countouts or pinfalls. Roman Reigns put Bryan through a table in the ring and then won after a pinfall. Ryback planted Rollins through a table first, out of the ring up by the entrance ramp. *Throws hands in the air!* WWE so caught up in the moment it once again forgot its outcome handling and match principals. This was just pitiful.

Earlier in the evening a battle royal for the Diva’s title contendership was up for grabs. We predicted someone of Alicia Fox’s magnitude, though not her, would snare the win. Brodus Clay’s dancer Naomi received the nod.

Laughable in contrast, but here we go...

WWE Unified Women’s Championship

Naomi Vs Eve (c)

There she is, glitterball and all.

Despite the outlook bleak, Naomi, who we should reveal was our pick for the best option to win NXT. We don’t jump on bandwagon’s, you know this. She showed flair than the rest of the types at that time. Among her challengers on the show were Kaitlyn, who won, and AJ.

Back to the match, and damn she got some skills. We’ll enough for this ‘Divas’ division of today, but still way off a title outing. With more procuring, she may be able to claim it after a lengthy series and technique if WWE carry it forward and take careful time with it, though Eve should not be taking a long title reign, especially not near Beth Phoenix or Maryse.

Met with a very vocal crowd. Not very happy at all. Naomi gave a high leg drop. Fair side attack. Doing some Bella rope flips. Doing some skanky booty shake. Tsk. Can those. Telling Eve to bring it with gestures was good. However, Eve changed control just like that. Ground submission to mask inaccuracy. Bad follow through on running over attack flip thingy, but given WWE’s divas standards, challenger was fair and Eve was just a little thought. It was better like that for them. WWE still needs Natalya and Tamina in this mix. Its ignorance to do so will be costly.

Glad to see Cole knows a pronoun. Don’t use one he advises JBL.

Eve did some random move and cheaply won a three fall. What a waste of time everywhere.

World Heavyweight Championship


Sheamus Vs Big Show  (c)

Big Show arguing with front row disagrees. They didn’t like him in the match, nor as champ. They let him know. He didn’t handle it well.

You didn’t miss much in this match. Both are slowing down to catch breather spots as predicted to mask each other’s shortcomings at match quality. One’s mouth dropped to its jaw when the announce desk spoke of “battle of the gingers!” :o

Spear mid-air turnbuckle from Sheamus. Sheamus can’t even slowly fall out of ring properly. Boring!

Chair slam by Show. Fans then amused themselves with a chant. Ole Ole Ole Ole…. It’s a tune we were signing after the Brad Maddox scandal from the Ryback ‘crushing.’ Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!

Glad to see the fans amusing themselves in the face of a boring match

Charge to Big Show as clambering over ropes. That’s how low babyface Sheamus, previous unmovable World champ, stoops to. Sheamus can only halt Big Show by cheap attack taking out his groin when manoeuvring over the rope climb. Sheamus was champ for half of the year. Highly amusing.

Sheamus huge lift up and White Noise/John Cena backbreaker onto chair. Some kid not even knowing what they saying chanting “We want tables.” This is what you do to these kids. They don’t even know what it means. You encourage mass bullying hypocrisy with this, because you reform the whole product to kids. This is the result. Kids who don’t understand what it’s about and random chants for the sake of shouting to seem like they are smarter or on level with the grown up kids chanting different aspects. Having a child baying for destruction is a shocking endictment and that parent needs to do a better job. Yes, I said it. How can you allow such behaviour? WWE haven’t helped either, and are increasing the bullying they sought to remove by the end of the year by aiming only to increase capital gain.

Big Show soon warbles with a double sized chair. Stupidities again. He nailed Sheamus with the extraordinary expanded chair as the announce crew state like smashing “with a billboard.”

Cena seen with AJ backstage, who has now re-adopted her CM Punk/Daniel Bryan tee shirt hopping. She worn John’s latest design.

3MB Vs Alberto w/ Ricardo Rodriguez, The Miz and Brooklyn Brawler

Mystery partner joining The Miz and Alberto was revealed. It will be Randy Orton. He isn’t booked. It’s obvious, being in New York, right?

Laughably lame for Del Rio and Miz as the Brooklyn Brawler strolled out. The hometown crowd were pleased. Seriously though, someone is going into the Hall of Fame this year.

Clearing house. Downed Heath. Drew on Brooklyn Brawler. That lasted long. Slater missed turnbuckle drop. Miz looking good and hot. Rio and Drew took to table outside. Miz and Mahal had a scuffle. Skull Crushing Finale planted by Miz. Brawler tagged in and placed Mahal into the Boston Crab. The tap out came granting The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Brooklyn Brawler the victory in a nostalgic match.

The 3MB consist of lead rocker Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal.

Money In The Bank Ladder match

John Cena Vs Dolph Ziggler

Cena began the match by shoving Ziggs down to mat. That was the statement to affirm their stance. Both then square up and run the ropes, usually a basic move for developmental stars learning the, um, ropes. Ziggler crotch thrust show off motion was pitifully carried out.  It wasn’t sexy, nor clever.

Suplex, into corner Irish whip by Cena, Monkey flip to Ziggler. Cena smirk as hurling Ziggler out to the ring with ease.

Chair to Cena gut. Cena then brought a ladder in,  dropkicked by Ziggles. Cena back in thuds ladder into Ziggler, who is out of it. Nailed into head of Ziggler. All very haphazard and repetitive isn’t it.

Crowds deafening. If was someone other than Cena who would be cheered for change. Because it’s Cena they cheer Ziggler only for sake of gaining a ‘change’ in WWE/Wrestling, and  WWE have ‘endorsed’ Ziggler and no one else to possibly create that change in WWE. Although it won’t happen, so cut losses and move on WWE Universe and WWE. Ziiggler’s strength is mid card at best. Even though he is creating nothing and a categorical bore as Sheamus, Cena and Show before him. We all know how well they do, currently. It’s all very repetitive isn’t it?

Cena set a ladder. Knocked off of it soon enough as Zigg tries. Cena halts his options.

Trading blows back and forth. Zigg now implements a sleeper hold in another boring match that features a ladder as an ornament. Cena’s amazing strength climb with hunchback Ziggler locked on submission powers through. Cena is that powerful.

Weary Cena falling to sleep, teetered off the ladder into a table nearby as both fell through the wood. Dolph soon scrambled like a rat to the nearby ladder. Cena closes ladder with Ziggs on top, lifts ladder over with Dolph lying atop to hurl out of the ring in a powerful and reckless feat but Zigg quickly slides off. The ladder wasn’t fortunate to remain in the ring. Cena routine dropping Ziggler few times into 5 knuckle shuffle once again, though shock as Ziggler counters his attempt with a Fame Asser from Billy Gunn. (Gunn appeared on the following Raw the next evening at the prestigious Slammy Awards.) Ziggler gets a ladder in. All very repetitive, isn’t it?
 Cena charges from nowhere down on the mat to a sneaky rollup. Ooh get you Kelly Kelly! Swiftly into a submission. Puny Ziggler screaming like a girl soon taps out to mighty Cena. “Ziggler is fading.” Michael Cole accurately chips in.

Cena charges the ladder to Zigg, soon after as Dolphy Ziggers counters. Running back arm elbow on Cena as JBL states Cena’s strength is “amazing.” As they mention you need to climb a ladder, Ziggler scours a table from underneath the ring to slide in. Sets up in the corner. Caught into a slam down into 5 knuckle shuffle. Attitude Adjustment attempted then countered by Ziggler taking both down. Cena’s arm becomes clasped over Ziggs. No pin falls in this game. Dolph soon returns to his feet with a jump up, grab DDT planting Cena to the ground face first.

Spaghetti head chose to climb in the moment of disinterest losing your eyes off the screen into alternate reality. It’s all a little bit repetitive, isn’t it?

Read literally from the Waltham script in the lockerrom
on Raw just weeks prior to TLC

Cena got up to stop the charge of Ziggler unhooking the tabernackle????? Traditional blows sharing at top of ladder. Cena knocks Zigg off. Cole informs of that “Cena will become Mr Money in the Bank!” Ziggler miraculously arrives back up somehow to the behind of Cena to take him down to level on the canvas. Not enough to take him out completely. Hurls Cena into ladder, where Cena botches and misses knocking side of ladder out of line with a light tap of shoulder only. It was a terrible exchange. Ziggler went into the table as Cole says Cena went through the table. Cena shocked with a hurricanrana into the table of Ziggler. It was rather tacky how it was done. No real flair and just showing Pokecena learnt a new move. Both clash with the ladder removing it from the ring completely. Zigg dropkicked Cena who held the ladder. Dolph charged into chair in turnbuckle now,quickly set in place, then a counter with barrage of punches from charged Cena. Zig knocked off Cena from two atop the turnbuckle wearily. Launches cross body as Cena rolls through passively. Ziggler grabs chair atop Cena’s back and lashes it onto him after JBL mentioned Cena bore likeness to a god in rising style.

Running superkick missed, countered into the Attitude Adjustment. Ziggler out of ring again. Cougar Vickie Guerrero charges in and picks up a chair. Cena laid out, Vick is about to smash helpless Cena until AJ arrives and downs Vickie, with a back sweep slam. AJ then throws her own five knuckle shuffle, as the crowd cheering  the beatdown on Vickie. Bouncy AJ skips around the ring. Cena climbs the ladder in an almost glorious moment to snare the dangling delight. Beaming AJ then shoves the ladder over as Cena plummets to the ground. Shock!  Extreme cheers by the crowd. Tempestuous minx AJ smiles at Dolph and skips away. AJ has reverted back to her same role as crazy chick with no direction. Dolph Ziggler ascends the steel mountain to handle his briefcase once more.  

WWE felt obligated to legitimately protect Cena by causing a screwy finish once more, as predicted, to maintain his reputation. How could he lose without losing cleanly? Will Cena ever put anyone over?

PPV Rating – 5/10

Men/Women of their matches – Sin Cara, Antonio Cesaro, Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins, Naomi, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler

Man/Woman of the PPV - AJ

Dolph Ziggler won a nothing match. John Cena gained nothing from it. It was pointless. WWE could have inserted a new star with faith to give them the case and screw Dolph over. Let’s face it, WWE do not envisage Ziggler as a star, otherwise he would have made it by now. Ziggler can tag and mid card, but heavyweight status is out of his grasp, no matter whether he wins. He will become a flunky that will tarnish the credibility of the title. Granted, the credibility isn’t there to begin with, therefore it is important to raise it. Ziggler won’t do that.

AJ as random diva with no placing and looks good now and again as girl next door favourite is comfortably back into her role as crazy chick, kooky babe. It’s old news now. She was upgraded to GM as a manifestation of Max Waltham. WWE like to spread it around a bit in almost everyone to play games. Ole Ole Ole Ole, Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot….

The Shield proved to be outstanding in their debut collision. It could not have been better for them after a long time of product losing its edge. It still has mountains to go, though the show was good. Five men contributed to its success. Ryback, naturally, was a dismal failure that is still shoved down our throats. McMahon does not like his selected stars to fail in any right, akin to the John Cena star making. It won’t happen. Pull out before it’s too late. Ryback can be around other places, as for this hard main star push, it is over. No one accepts Bill Goldberg version 2 because, he isn’t even half as good as Bill. He will not lay those golden eggs and your defiance at relinquishing your push forward of ego is costing you WWE Universer’s that may choose to get on board with another option. By the time you finally push a new one out instead, the Universe will have left due to your ignorant defiance. Hanging around is costly. You’ve waited a long time to find new stars, even when they are literally under your nose. In a two to three year period none have come through. Contrast to the four years before that, none ascended, neither. That’s roughly seven years. Did anyone break a mirror? Put pride aside and hire people who can make your company successful with the talent front and back of house or WWE may not survive ten more years. Even if you want to be defiant in that statement because you simply don’t want to believe it could happen, and it can.Kane and Daniel Bryan both sold tremendously. As a pair they also became even stronger. WWE forgot how to end the match right. They forgot how a TLC match works.

Me Caveman, you woman. "Unga Bunga!"
Big Show is a joke. We are all aware. Sheamus is an even bigger one. The Irish superstar proved he was a flunkie title winner. Show is equal in this right. The World title now joins the Unified Women’s title, in the guise of the butterfly diva belt as one of the most devalued, inconsistent titles in the business. Triple H understood it needed a secondary world title on the other brand. They should not be merged but re-established. WWE feel it has no one ready. We gave you a whole batch of stars over a two year period. Nothing has changed. Smackdown suffers greatly. Plus brand identity has been forgotten and opposing brand stars now hold opposing brand titles.

Hoeski Eve is treading water as champ. It’s just a trinket. She shouldn’t be having as long a time as Beth Phoenix nor Maryse and WWE must remove it from her soon. The problem is that WWE’s outlook of what the division should be formed of has cost them their wrestling females. They have none they feel they can call on. They need to get Natalya and Tamina back in the fold, along with others loitering. Sadly, Aksana needs work, and she can make minimal appearances, though should be training at the same time. WWE proved that it can rely on surprise red herring Naomi, and in this match, she has earned our approval in terms of WWE Divas. Let’s face it, they aren’t going to be exceptional, so now must take with a pinch of salt, yet this does not mean we should abandon everything and continually deploy skanks in every scenario. We still need wrestling women. Sara Del Rey also needs to get on our screens. Get Natalya, Tamina, Rey and Naomi involved for the meantime as the ones to topple Eve. The title needs freshening up, and Kaitlyn is not capable to take it yet, however, like Aksana, can still train in the interim. WWE always have a tendency to rush, because it neglects. This is the end result.

Rhodes Scholars and Cara/Mysterio were booked strong here. This was the first match that all four together and singularly as teams showed some exceptional qualities. Match length, right setting, feel of placement, and correct opponents are the key to success. This was a pleasing, not too long, and interesting outcome for all. That’s the way it should be.

Wade Barrett couldn’t win the Intercontinental title from Kofi Kingston. Just like Ziggler, is not ready. Some say, the IC title would be a step down anyway after he failed to win it. It’s the best thing Barrett can obtain, but he still isn’t ready for mid-level glory. WWE realise this. Invest in new upcoming stars that aren’t Ziggler and Barrett, their tie was two to four years ago. They have passed their time. Get over it.

Once again Antonio Cesaro proved valuable for WWE. Rebuilding the title scene and mid-level players, WWE have found another stable support system, though shouldn’t be neglected and used for this reason only. Strong booking over the next year will be good for him, and leave the US title scene in healthy position when others change the pace. For now, though, Cesaro is perfect for it.

WWE’s TLC upheld it edgy concept, though needs a stronger card structure overall. This was pleasing, hwoever WWE wanted to test the water without Randy Orton to see if it would “be lost without him” as John Cena was off the show last year and the PPV ttrhived without him. CM Punk’s unfortunate mishap removed him from competition. Two big names cost a minor fraction, however, WWE, when putting new talent forward, came up trumps when I chooses to place others strongly in all areas than just one focus on a random being. Though, WWE would have been, and still needs to strengthen with the likes of Orton and Punk magnitudes, rather than let them sit around unused, unless  they need rest to remain fresh for the future.

© Max Waltham 19th December 2012
All Rights Reserved

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