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Dixie Carter: Destination Wasteland!

Dixie Carter: Destination Wasteland!

Since TNA was dropped by broadcaster SPIKE TV and replaced by Destination America, late last year, TNA President (who gave her that name?) Dixie Carter sent out a message to her locker-room staff. Dixie’s message was simple. Expect for the “Best Case Scenario” Dixie said.

Clueless Carter, who has snubbed multiple people who could rebrand and support her staff, show and company to new heights, has stumbled due to her own ignorant ego.

Dixie lied to the crew and production members that they would be going ‘onwards and upwards’ on Destination America. Either that was pure bull she knew of or she was insanely deluded.

Carter has also decided to cancel April TV tapings for May, instead leaving TNA having a month's TV programming cast into a black hole. TNA plan to fill that with their ‘TNA Specials’ consisting of archived footage from years ago which is boring and outdated. Embarrassingly, SPIKE recently announced at the beginning of March that they would be producing a new show, with Wrestling Hollywood moviestar The Rock. SPIKE decided they'd had enough of Carter and decided to 'ditch the b*itch!' Rock for Dix? Well you would, wouldn't you?

The morale in the TNA locker-room is once more fastly evaporating under Dixie’s loose management. Stars are said to feel that no growth is being made and when contractors leave, they go somewhere else to be a superstar, while TNA has not benefited at all as a company nor the wrestlers boosted who remain trapped there.

Dix is said to have been advised to sit down and inform talent where TNA may actually be going. When signing to Destination America, an unknown company that no-one had heard of, Dixie made a naively weak statement. She added that Destination America would help her get to where she needed to be, someone that would help her produce wrestling. 

The broadcaster, which has no real affiliation to the wrestling industry, which nabbed up TNA on the cheap, under Dixie Carter’s fluttering desperation to gain any TV deal since all broadcasters realised she is not a probable investment, choose idiotically. She signed them to a two year deal, too.

Dixie Carter had real strong proposals to help save her company ranging from Paul Heyman and Max Waltham to which she stupidly snubbed due to her ego thinking she was on top of the world. Dixie, who regularly pimps out talent to ignorant back room gossip shows of no importance and tries to get some headlines in a tacky magazine of no value which plagiarizes Waltham constantly, has shown her ignorant failure to succeed. It does not look like it will ever grow beyond this point with such juvenile decisions. 

Carter, in early 2015, compared herself to WCW and said she was the number two national promotion. Carter’s absurd self-belief has cost her credibility with fans and insiders. In the Wrestling Wonders 2014 Awards, Dixie failed to make the top five companies of the year and was placed in 12th position of all companies. She really is that clueless. Even after crucial advice, she ignorantly continues using what she classes as ‘media’ with her gossip fandom thrills of no value to try and get some views at TNA. She fails to understand this does nothing to get extra views and neglects real fans who could come forward to TNA. These shows destroy any talent hoping to mean something and have proved their insane ignorance too. They will never get over as a result. For a company who wants all its stars to gain numbers, why would you continue throwing your proverbial money down the drain?

Carter has hired ex-WWE writers, keeps rubbish wrestlers she likes personally and puts friends who have no skill or ideas on its creative decision making team, including Playboy model Christy Hemme, who posed nude for the magazine years ago and still dresses provocatively in TNA.

Stop and think or get out of the business. Fans have come to the realisation under their own label of Carter as a fraud who has no place in wrestling any longer. Most can’t wait for her TNA project to sink into that black hole for good.

If Carter can’t get the real people to save her company, she is as doomed as her own ignorant ego. You are running out of chances. Fast. Move it or lose it. There is only so long Daddy Carter can give you hand-outs in money to produce TNA because its Dixie’s new toy project. For well over fifteen years, TNA has failed to make a profit.

Outside talents are wary to join TNA as it could ruin or affect their careers once booked as cheap fodder and empty booking decisions on the shows. 

TNA continues to be saddled with WWE cast offs and hasn't made any 'TNA original' its main star. TNA's recent attempts of giving titles to originals with no idea has made them and the brand, alongside its championship, worthless.  

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