Thursday, 12 March 2015

Samoa Joe to WWE? Would it work?

Could Samoa Joe make it in WWE?

Over the last few couple of weeks, Samoa Joe and TNA parted ways when Samoa Joe’s contract expired. Joe has not yet re-signed and since has been under speculation of an offer from WWE. Talks have already taken place, however fans seem to forget the last two years when Triple H asked Joe to follow him on Twitter so the pair could exchange private messages. These were details indicating WWE were keen to talk with Joe once his TNA contract was up.

Triple H is said to be very keen on making Samoa Joe his new pet project and boost him under the WWE directive. However, can Joe honestly provide something new to fans, be a new star in said company and have credible options for the future?

Let’s address these now then, shall we?

Joe was going nowhere in TNA and knows it, so he is now able to hear external offers to see if they are viable for him. That’s not a negative choice to make. Though TNA have proven their desperation for Joe which has somewhat convoluted the issue.

Samoa Joe has no real worth in TNA but even so he doesn’t have any in WWE, either. What can Joe honestly do? A burly bloke in a tee shirt who has exhausted his career in TNA, has no real aptitude or presence to make it, pardon the pun, big. Joe is a vanilla block that will never materialise in WWE and is only selected for looking popular to fans by Triple H and impressing daddy in law, Vince McMahon with a big man to be crafted the ‘WWE way’.

The problem Triple H fails to realise yet again, after such crucial advice, is that these pet projects are so ill thought out and chosen on a whim that it makes WWE look inferior and tacky. Joe can’t offer any real star quality in WWE and is just a jobber that might and it’s a strong might, make it to mid card title reign now and again if he’s lucky. He is not any level of a star now or forever.

So why are WWE getting it so wrong? Is it stubborn juvenile choice? Triple H has chosen call ups recently from WWE developmental territory NXT. These included WWE diva Paige who has shown to be a complete fluke with no real skill, overwhelmed by others on the main roster, also without any direction switching from favourite to hater in minutes. She was chosen by Triple H as the ‘fan choice’ to seem like WWE know how to appeal to fans as they raved about her on dirt sheets. The majority do not watch NXT and for those who do, they were simply gushing over a chance of change from the main roster having no competition. Sometimes call ups so green are not the answer. Triple H once added he wanted no plans for any call ups who did not have a strong creative place on the main rosters.

Triple H’s other pet projects included the failed tag team division over the last year or so, Kharma failing and Sin Cara being an abysmal flop decision. It is not looking good for someone dubbed the future of the business after Vince McMahon. Seeming like he is listening to fans, Triple H has done anything but listen to crucial advice. His ego upon hearing it goes through the roof and becomes personal. He needs to calm down and control himself. This is not going to boost your reputation by being absurdly wayward and neglectful of those offering guidance, support and ever more than average whatnot.

Triple H wanted to prove he could choose someone, have his reputation boosted and gain fan respect. Trying to turn the screw, Triple H messed up his own seemingly clever plan. It backfired spectacularly.

All the stars that could and should be hired or called up are not the ones WWE select, which puts its fan base in natural neglect of WWE’s failure to connect with its so called Universe.

Vince McMahon wants the big, tall boys. Triple H looks towards the supporting cast. Though Hunter has pressure to impress. He realises he needs to schmooze McMahon for the respect by picking some of his ‘types’ of guys. Trips feels he chooses carefully, but cannot help choosing personally. This is what troubles WWE for its longterm future. Fans, already feeling it is watered down with characters and outdated routines, is driving people back to disinterest, even if they are WWE loyals. Though eventually, they are dropping or missing shows.  McMahon, whether he likes to admit it or not, respects people for their opinion, often disagreeable, where legitimate to the cause, not pooch petting pandering.

There are alternatives and people are starting to find them.

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