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WWE trainer Bill DeMott: Homophobic, racist, sexist and abusive

Former WWE stars reveal torrent of 
abuse at hands of Bill DeMott

Over the last week or so, WWE’s lead trainer Bill DeMott, a former wrestler in the attitude era, on the jobbers undercard was accused by a former WWE talent of homophobia, racism, sexual harassment and verbal abuse. Since then more revelations had surfaced backstage between talents and officials claiming truth in the allegations. 

Dolph Ziggler’s brother, Ryan Nemeth, who had a pretty boy look in NXT also claimed he was on the receiving end of DeMott’s homophobic bullying. 

Since the heavy story and intense pressure Bill DeMott decided to resign on March 6th from the role of developmental trainer, which WWE accepted. On Twitter the hashtag #FireBillDeMott had gained rapid steam as well as support from other wrestlers. 

WWE’s anti-bullying campaign, which has been quietly in the shadows by WWE since the last year or two on WWE programming since Triple H and Stephanie took over with The Authority angle, issued a statement. 

Independent superstar Joey Ryan was among the supporters with the Be A Star statement, which can be viewed on our Twitter page.

Ryan said - 

Please let WWE know that you don't tolerate bullying, homophobia or racism and neither should they. #Fire Bill DeMott 
Joey Ryan – 04 March 2015

On the day DeMott resigned, another damning allegation was made by an ex- female wrestler with claims of multiple instances of sexual harassment. She added there would be consequences if she reported such claims, adding DeMott had a fear factor among talents with scaring bully tactics on a fallout if allegations were made public.

Former prospect and ex-TNA talent Trenesha Biggers (Rhaka Khan) continued to suggest those above claims alongside physical abuse. Previously in TNA, Biggers claimed stalking and domestic violence against her from ignorant waster Kurt Angle, who had a history of drink and drug abuse where police were called.

Former trainer and respected ex-official by wrestlers, Dr Tom Prichard commented on the issues with WWE’s lack of intervening sooner among the high number of allegations of serious magnitude against DeMott.  

WWE have now informed talent they should bring any problems to officials imminently so they do not fester and become more problematic. Though some talents feel this is simply a ‘sound good on paper’ clean up that will still have troublesome effects if issues are raised. Many talents worry about their future in WWE as a result. 

More letters of DeMott’s era of abuse are said to be surfacing shortly, after many ex-talents were victims of the bullying by DeMott’s hands.

Ignorant has been superstar, who is only there for money collection, Chris Jericho jumped to DeMott’s defence supporting him adding there was no truth to the problems in a crawling attempt to curry favour with WWE upon an impending return for more cash.

Regardless of the multiple claims coming out, homophobia, racism and sexism has been rife in the wrestling world with high consequences in that order. WWE have attempted to deal with or rid its public image of negativity with the minor two on the list, but have yet to deal with the main issue in professional wrestling. For WWE its time it got serious and really dealt with growing issues, instead of sweeping them under the carpet with many issues, including the one in 1994 that almost brought WWE to its knees. 

DeMott has been highly known backstage for his abuse in high form and unquestioned on it. DeMott realised he needed to jump before being pushed and save his dwindling reputation. WWE were hoping it would quieten down after a week or two. WWE need to get real trainers, strong people and morals in place to make a fairer environment to work. Yes, there will be some negative frustrations or expletives dropped when talents don’t train well or right. Talents understand that. Though no-one signs up for immense levels of unwarranted abuse to achieve their goals. With America towing the line as the country of the free, freedom does not seem to be something it is intent on continuing under a democratic process, even if WWE are Republican voters. Hard Knocks will be naturally to take. Hurled abuse, is not acceptable in such unnecessary quantities. There is a distinction. 

WWE need to rid its problems than sit on them. Forward thinking has evaded WWE for a long while. It’s time to stop taking everything for granted or easy and step it up again. This won’t include Trips and Steph doing a PR round at Be A Star rallies or speeches. Actions speak louder than words. WWE are desperate to maintain their image that it has built WWE on. Affecting Be A Star with their investment and disinterest could be another damning blow for WWE if they eventually lose the charity/institution aiming to change problems for the better. 

No-one expects everything to change, nor overnight, but WWE should and can make a start for its future. Failing that, this is another long-term problem on the surface that could jeopardise WWE’s future in coming years. 

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