Sunday, 18 October 2015

Why WWE looking back towards Alberto Del Rio is bad for business

Former WWE star of high ignorance 
likely to ruin WWE fanbase again

Quiet news has been circulating that WWE are keen to get a Hispanic superstar back onto the forefront of its programming in an attempt to woo the Latino demographic to restock its ratings slump. 

After considering former star Carlito, who declined an offer which was “too low” WWE have looked back upon ignorance. Carlito was offered to be unmasked as one of Los Matadores with his family relation. The other of Primo or Epico would likely be going separate ways. That angle just would not work. Fans are not that stupid and won’t take to their intelligence being insulted; therefore the team and Carlito would never get back over. Anyway, Carlito is okay, but nothing special anymore. He’s not exactly a mega drawing power at this point.

This has led WWE to consider rehiring ignorance of the highest order in Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio, who was engulfed in a race row before he was sent packing from the company has been in quiet talks. WWE have also discussed the issue on their side. For WWE this would be a reckless choice. Knowing he is ignorant of the highest order, why WWE would risk it all for nothing is not only foolish but redundant. In WWE Del Rio, now working as El Patron Alberto is still bland, boring and one dimensional. In WWE his only claim to fame was it was his “destiny” in every promo. Rio was also engaging in racist behaviour on air with commentary swearing and calling others “dogs” in Mexican, directed at staff and fans, which is derogatory. 

WWE have already removed such race problems in black and homo hater Hulk Hogan. Why it wants another is quite absurd. Rio has lost his star and cannot be repackaged. He is useless and simply a non-option.  Rio, who never showed up to a booked charity event for sick and autistic kids, truly would be bad for business. A man who uses his nationality to claim victimisation is also a bad move to any business and its communities it attempts to engage. It would also be disrespectful to all the Hispanic fans WWE would hope to gauge. 

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