Thursday, 15 October 2015

Is James Storm joining NXT?

Is James Storm joining NXT?

Over the past week speculation was building that James Storm may well be joining NXT. 

Those are ringing true as Storm sent his first cryptic tweet and warning on behalf of WWE’s developmental brand. Though his language and ton was somewhat distasteful and WWE must better his mouth if ever to gain true respect and be a TNA flop upgraded to the big leagues.

Storm was seen at a recent event the week prior of NXT, in the audience, near the production crew curtain, trying to maintain a low profile. Fans took pictures. 

Storm has officially surfaced on NXT TV this week with Triple H confirming a speech. 

For Storm he is okay and not yet ignorant. Not mesmeric but can put on good entertainment and be needed. Though don’t over gush and hire people like Bobby Roode and all the other childish losers fans harp on about. Triple H is still suffering egotistical loss at listening to fans and getting it oh so wrong in flop stars called up to the main stage including Paige, Sin Cara, Kharma and others. 

Get smart and listen. Take note and change. Or fail as usual. Now is the most testing time for wrestling’s survival. 

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