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The final joke of Dixie Carter. The Matt Hardy saga.

The final joke of Dixie Carter. 
The Matt Hardy saga.

Dixie Carter made an astonishing choice at Bound for Glory, TNA’s self-professed version of Wrestlemania. After a Triple Threat held together well by Ethan Carter III against PVC mess Drew Galloway and ever redundant Matt Hardy, TNA allowed Matt Hardy the victory, pinning Galloway to lift the TNA world title.

Fans, who are in short supply loyalists, could not believe their eyes when the ageing blubber Matt Hardy lifted the TNA world title. Not only lacking entertainment or value for money, fans knew what everyone else did, but TNA seem clueless on. It was the signal that TNA had nailed its final bolt in the coffin. Fans could no longer support such mediocrity in some ex-WWE star who never cut the mustard to be TNA’s number one guy. 

Matt Hardy has since vacated the title two days later, claiming to win it back fairly at a later date. Apparently, in the bizarre world of TNA, Dixie Carter had this planned since June to have Hardy pointlessly win and vacate. 

ECIII who was a growing and last chance hope to save TNA, was booked like a chump, but still kept faithful with fans. His skills and decent attempts were better than most on the roster and fans supported it. Once more TNA, who has no clue who, how or what to book made a serious fool of itself, title lineage and staff. Morale is at its lowest ever in TNA. Actions like this will surely not encourage the people who work for TNA, many who feel trapped and are waiting for a solid opportunity to bail.

Fans have already bolted in their thousands. For Dixie, Ethan Carter was a strong chance to rebuild and potentially save TNA from its eventual collapse. Instead, Dixie Carter, clueless as ever, had no idea what to do and made up some random idea she thinks is amazing. Carter has placed herself into the realm of obscurity, becoming the worst wrestling entity on the planet. Her storylines are the poorest ever seen and has done nothing but sink her beloved company into the ground, by her own actions. Her failure to include fans and get the people who can to save her company are flawed. Carter, obsessed with ex-WWE stars front and back, was duped into getting useless producers and talent relators to help. She does no checks, has no depth and cannot think for two minutes of a way out. Therefore it is in her interests to hire someone who can fix it for her. Though Dix is too stubborn to admit defeat or hire someone greater. For Dixie her ego has overtaken her former self. Now believing her own character, Dixie has forked her own company, with catastrophic results.

For years, Wrestling Wonders’ editor and wrestling restructurer Max Waltham has been available and Dixie failed to take up the offer. She even avoided Paul Heyman years prior. Instead she chose Vince Russo, one of the worst game players who wants personal attention. She even lied about it publically. TNA has sunk. TNA would not however take its own problems on board and decided that it was online fans’ faults for being negative. Negative about supporting the company for years and having Carter throw it back in their faces. 

Dix has taken no steps to save her company and continue to destroy it from within. Lacking rosters, staff morale at its lowest and non-payment do not shine TNA as a grand company let alone Wrestling one to behold. Management acquisitions and backstage workers who have no connection to wrestling have further dipped TNA’s star. Carter believes all her hires are excellent and won’t take an ounce of humility. Title worth, leaving talent and no TV deals have also played a troublesome role for TNA. 

TNA have decent talent still on the books it could use to the best of their abilities. Once again TNA don’t value them and push all the wrong and bad choices as its main programming entertainment. It is more about just getting a job done and moving to the next angle to pass a two hour show than real depth. 

Can some random infatuation of twenty years ago in washed up loser Matt Hardy, a jobber at best, be the future of what is a failing company? Dixie Carter’s choices of ‘I like him so I’ll give him the title’ make further laughing stock of her role in TNA. Failing to accept advice and help, Carter has no-one else to blame and her meltdown’s and earn her no sympathy from lifelong fans who hate to see the once great TNA crumble beneath them. They want no part of this farce. Carter continues to blame them. Classy.

If only Carter listened she could have saved herself. If she just hired one guy to save everything she could have been real competition to WWE and survive the turbulent waters raising her paddleboat. Instead she hired everyone but. Dixie Carter is all at sea, and not a lifeboat to help. Only one person has the rubber ring on the salvage ship, and Dixie Carter is refusing to take it. TNA is sunk.

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