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WWE Night of Champions 2015

WWE Night of Champions 2015

WWE Night of Champions came live on Sunday 21st September from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Would the event be able to interest beyond random encounters of no meaning or would it be an ignorantly filled game of lackluster promotion?

Intercontinental Championship
Ryback (c) Vs Kevin Owens

As if it couldn’t get any worse than last PPV’s Triple Threat, in strolls the human bowling ball with legs, Kevin Owens, in his t-shirt, bumbling along as a non-entity. He has been launched into a title match after losing all his previous engagements by way of Triple H favouritism. That’s the new age WWE under Triple H. No skill or talent required. That is no way to book a professional promotion. Triple H’s ego is on the line. Dabbling with such ignorance is as damaging as it comes.

On the flip side is the equally useless Ryback, who has done nothing for the cursed IC title and has had no ground-breaking interactions with it, let alone get over with the crowds. He’s there for size proportions only.

When the pair weren’t busy entering weak and tacky exchanges, and slow breathing spot moments or talking to the crowd, the action was loosely filled. Ever ignorant Owens continues to do absolutely nothing in the ring and both are complete liabilities that almost injure their partners. Cesaro (Off the card thanks to Owens injuring his on a previous Raw in a rookie mistake) further proved Owens lacking credibility tonight. Sloppy, useless and ignorant both, especially Owens need to be sacked and removed off television immediately. It can only get worse for WWE, for hosting such drivel entertainment. 

Owens again walked out like an extra on set, to music sounding like a fart. Owens rolled around on the floor instantly when Ryback pushed him, then got a cheap moment to be in charge. Ryback had a decent moment when he dumped the lumbering mess that is Owens over the top rope. Owens changed with a hand drop on the rope to Ryback as he went to go in the ring. Tacky at its finest to gain advantage. Such a wrestler, huh? Owens played around on the floor with Ryback, who loudly yelled "Referee my elbow" causing huge concern, who just returned from injury a month ago. Owens was doing nothing except breather moments and slow walking around the ring to string time out. There was no skill involved. Kevin Owens dropped down from Ryback on his shoulders to use an eye poke and a small package roll up to win the Intercontinental Championship. 

Dolph Ziggler Vs Rusev w/ Summer Rae

Some white bits. Is it natural blonde? 
Lana has been injured for a good spell, leaving Ziggler on his lonesome. Ziggles, who came back way too quickly, rushed a Summerslam, which was non-effective has been embroiled in a scandal with Summer Rae. WWE played the sex card with the two as Rae was seen leaving Ziggler’s dressing room on Raw week’s back. WWE are still continuing this poor storyline. She claims Dolph came onto her. No-one really cares. Dolph gave Summer a gift of some earrings. She's wearing them this evening.

The action however, was non-eventful and boring once again. The pair tried to stand out but were both forgettable and involved in such a pitiful story than makes no sense that the fans cannot endorse such rubbish. It’s the same old booking and same old run through. Rusev tried to impress but again, was forgettable. Fans loudly cheered "We want Lana!" That, is the signal of this match. Not there and still the premise. Flawed. Dolph Ziggler won after Summer Rae threw a shoe at Rusev by accident. 

Tag Team Championship
The New Day, Kofi Kingston and Big E (c) w/ Xavier Woods Vs The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray and D’von

The tag titles were on the line in one of the poorest built up tag matches in recent memory. After a surprise return two weeks ago, The Dudleys, who strolled on to the show like extras, with the homophobic Bubba Ray and only there for racism dilution D’von, were not an answer to reforming the tag team division. WWE only hired them back for a cheap thrill and bragging rights. They shouldn’t have bothered with these old hat, washed up parts of the past, that will not create any future.

Bubba Ray, who had numerous claims of working stiff from many WWE stars past and present, proved that tonight once again with his blockade of uselessness against his opponents was as selfish as it comes. Not one member of New Day was able to get over, which is not the sign of a true in-ring professional. D’von like the rest of the black folk, in Texas, which is highly anti-blacks, were spare parts in for a world of victimisation. Darren Young wasn’t booked tonight, either. Be A Star! “Hulk Hogan, we comin’ for you …..!” Praise be to WWE, right?

WWE offered another screwy finish as The Dudleys got a cheap 3D move on Kofi Kingston as Xavier Woods saved the match for the team and Big E, causing a disqualification. The Dudley Boyz won but New Day retain the gold. Afterwards the New Day set up a table, to which Xavier Woods got slammed into instead. It was a moment, wasn't it? Zzzzz...

WWE Diva’s Championship
Nikki Bella (c) w/ Alicia Fox and Brie Vella Vs Charlotte w/ Paige and Becky Lynch

"Woooooooooooooooooooo!" :(
Nikki Bella has become the longest reigning divas champion in WWE history. She has toppled AJ Lee’s title reign by the hands of WWE booking in a desperation attempt to scribble her name from its record books at the top. AJ was considered the best WWE diva in modern women’s wrestling. Nikki Bella is seen as a talentless piece of skirt who is only famous for sleeping with WWE golden boy John Cena. Good ol’ WWE. The pre-Raw saw Brie Bella enter the match and lose in a secret switch to help Nikki. Charlotte was not granted the victory as Bella maintained the clear win.

Her so called competition tonight is the ever green useless call up Charlotte. Someone using her daddy’s fame to become relevant. All she can ever do is literally “Woo!” for some attention. Some breakthrough. Charlotte who cannot wrestle and has been exposed on her call up from the NXT playpen has nothing to her empty shell.

Nikki can now lose by disqualification. Charlotte enters with a loose arms open and stands there on entry with Team PCB extras. Even a remix of her daddy's music can't help. Nikki Bella actually received cheers among some boos. That should tell you more than enough as WWE tried to trick the audience in Texas to cheer its favourite selections. Laughable. 

Charlotte took a long time standing on the outside after the initial skirmish. She looked completely lost and in the ring on entry stood there again and slowed the action. Bella then flipped a suplex as Charlotte whacked her leg on the bottom rope to claim injury pain. That was Charlotte's grand contribution not two minutes in. Exceptional. She then lied on the apron outside for long enough. Nikki worked over the leg of her opponent who yelled a lot with embarrassingly whiny sex noises. 

There wasn't much action going on with Nikki's loose leglocks and Charlotte's screaming. This was no Diva's revolution WWE desperately splutters on about. It is laughable every time they mention it. They have no humble approach. Fans dislike it. The leg locks continued for near five minutes which truly was a stretch for all of us. 

Nikki was cheered at slamming Charlotte down. WWE hoped they were easily manipulated to Charlotte's side. Again, another telling sign of a failed revolution when you are trying to make the sides as you want it. This is exactly the same match structure from the Divas match last year! Hilarious.

Nikki was in charge and had no need but Brie and Alicia Fox pulled the ropes to stop Charlotte breaking free. Nikki stopped them in case she was disqualified. Charlotte came back with a stray boot. Charlotte got lucky on a standing 'Spear' which was a mid section clothesline as Nikki dropped from the second rope. Charlotte gained a quick pin to defeat Nikki Bella for the diva's title. 

She celebrated with her daddy Ric Flair. Even a defeat of Bella to change the strap won't give her any credibility when she got lucky and never actually did anything to win or earn it. WWE will never learn. Hey, they don't care, its Ric Flair's girl and they like her. Can it be any more lame? 

Six Man Tag Team
Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Mystery Partner Vs The Wyatt Family

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have both been treading water over the last few months. So the pair's solution was to give pre-match interviews of ignorance to nobodies in order to gain some favour. Imbeciles. That didn’t help their cause at all. Think beforehand. The pair are going up against the Wyatt Family but have a mystery partner. I wonder… Once the thrill wore off some random NXT call up charged past the curtain. It was the ignorant, only there for the paycheck, Chris Jericho! Great. We are so thrilled by another washed up has-been who achieved nothing in the last two runs and ruined the new talent to begin. Are the audience supposed to be entertained by another piece of ignorant trash that won’t ever materialise no matter how much Triple H’s ego is desperate to prove wrong? It won’t work. Think about how to make it a success, dear. Think hard. Find solution. Yours just won’t work at this rate, ever.

Upon waiting for their mystery partner, a fan entered the ring and stood next to Reigns and Ambrose. WWE still don't seem to get it, do they? Great security, too. 

They went up against Bray, Luke Harper and new addition Braun Strowman.

The action was standard rubbish starting until a stare down of Strowman and Reigns. Reigns looked entirely weak when quickly tagging in Ambrose for help. Strowman slammed them both down with ease. Jericho entered and was rapidly thrown to the outside on the pair of Reigns and Ambrose. Bray and Ambrose fill up the action again for the umpteenth time. Reigns and Harper then play as Reigns easily batters Harper, who can't get started. 

The Wyatt's kept the match together as Jericho later joined in with Strowman for bragging rights to be involved in the match with a new star for fun. It ruined Strowman more than helped even if he did slam Y2J's face into the mat. Chris Jericho passed out by Bearhug to Braun Strowman, adding the victory to the Wyatt Family's Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

After the match Ambrose and Reigns stare down Jericho who selfishly walks past and nudges Ambrose's shoulders in an act of disgust. 

Sheamus walked past and indicated to The Authority, who bragged of their ego to Rollins, that he may take the title from Rollins.

United States Championship
Seth Rollins (c) Vs John Cena

Seth Rollins is the man of the moment. WWE plan to have him defend both titles. His first is a natural and randomly slotted defence against John Cena who used the ‘automatic rematch clause’ to set this up. How entertaining. 

WWE chose to protect Cena so much that it denounced its champion Seth Rollins but claiming Jon Stewart is what won him the US title. Then they explained that Stewart won an award because of WWE's programming support. Now you know. Yet you return nothing. Naughty old coot. Play nice.

Cena decided to hop around on the spot in comedy fashion as fans told him he sucked. He still isn't serious about his career. It lacks credibility to his title, opponent and fanbase. What a waste of his great change he made a few months ago. Cena missed a stupid comical swing around punch which totally missed Rollins. It is actions like this that the audience cannot take seriously. Cena just doesn't truly care.

Cena is comfortable settling for less. The fans and critics are not. 

Cena got a cheap rollup after Rollins worked the crowd for two. That was cheap and did not sell Cena or Rollins as exceptional. With it the U.S title was useless. The flip through pin from Cena was a cheap and not well performed build but a decent change, thanks to Rollins. 

Cena flipped Rollins into a flip headlock / Hurricanrana to the corner as Rollins tried a powerbomb leading from the other side corner post. The pair traded chops. Rollins was caught but jumped out of a coming Attitude Adjustment. Rollins superkicked Cena's gut for a close two fall. 

Rollins missed a huge top rope splash as Cena generally moved out the way. The crowd respected with Eddie Guerrero chants to the late great Champion. 

Rollins conducted an expert double suplex, one after another from the top rope corner. John Cena locks in the armlock hold as Rollins makes the break. Rollins rolls Cena up into a powerbomb lift and smash in the corner pad. Rollins really put that in motion perfectly again. Rollins tried an AA but Cena reversed a back flip as Michael Cole told us was face first. Rollins hit his chest into the ground and his head didn't touch thanks to Cena's protected shoulder. John Cena returned with a chance opportunity and nailed Seth Rollins to cover him for a three fall and win the United States Championship. Seth Rollins officially became a transitional champion. John Cena stopped Rollins leaving Night of Champions to stay for his next match. Cena landed another AA on Rollins. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins (c) Vs Sting

The hapless sadsack from WCW, filled with such ignorance finally had a match in WWE. Sting was GIVEN a title match with no story, no earning of such right and a useless match previously with Triple H at the previous Wrestlemania which was a complete washout, which Sting couldn’t even win. How was this supposed to help encourage fans to enjoy the show this time round and work wonders with Seth Rollins? Sting again walked on with no momentum and just walked down the ramp as boring as it comes. There was nothing special about this face painted loon. 

Sting of the Dump!
Riding the Trash  Mobile.
WWE had a lifesize statue erected in Seth Rollins honour to celebrate his majestic victory as double champion. On its unveiling night, Sting arrived on a trash compactor, known as the Trash Mobile, a fitting tool for his ignorance, to destroy Rollins' statue. 

Sting’s pathetic routine of fifteen years past in the ring did nothing for the title, fans or Rollins and was a throwaway moment of uselessness. This is why WWE is sinking with audiences. Most didn’t even know how Sting was. The rest were uninterested in Dixie Carter and WCW’s weak castoffs, who are not capable of being WWE material.

Sting arrived and took advantage of an unconscious and incapable Seth Rollins, as he tossed him outside. Fans cheered for Rollins to get up. Sting threw Rollins into the steps around the ring and walked around slowly to fill time. It wasn't exactly World title calibre. 

Rollins turned the tables to gain some control in-ring as the pair battled but Rollins looked a fool as Sting randomly used a clothesline to him to go outside again. Sting threw him lightly into the outside barricade in another weak exchange. Sting threw Rollins into the other barricade too. World class it was not. Sting stood in front of Rollins in the ring and showed his lacking momentum by Irish Whipping Rollins who flew all over, doing all the work. 

Rollins was booked more of the fool by trying to escape through the fan crowd but Sting grabbed him back and smashed him through the announce table. Sting smashed him the wrong way as Rollins' head bashed awkwardly off the table to the ground. This isn't the cheapness of TNA, doofus. 

The statue that was Seth Rollins.
Rollins returned a smash of Sting to gain some time to recuperate. He took the title to leave, once again booked like a lesser than superstar champion by WWE. What's the point of such an extraordinary title reign which encourages a new wave of fans only to ruin it? WWE logic is flawed at these times for some old has been on a mega bucks, six salary deal who has earned nothing. 

Rollins stood himself up the top rope as Sting pushed him back. Seth did all the work once again and smashed his head into the barricade. 

Sting again pushed Rollins outside. That all this match is? Zzzz... So original. Sting did another TNA/WCW moment by getting to the top of the post and jumping on Rollins outside. It wasn't effective and caught by Rollins to the drop down. It was a loose transition. Sting dropped a backbreaker as Rollins put his foot on the rope. Weak as it comes for a pinfall attempt. Whilst Sting's facepaint melted away halfway, Rollins worked back to a trying match. Sting fell over in the ring after a Rollins clothesline attempt. 

The trainer's checked on Sting as Rollins worked the crowd. That's what happens when you mess around with forces beyond control. Karma is a testing sign for you to repent. They continued. Sting locked in the Scorpion Leg Lock. Rollins made the rope break. Sting rolls up Seth Rollins, who reverses with a perfect roll up victory to gain the three fall to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. 

As Rollins celebrates, Sheamus arrives and boots Rollins down. The fans were unhappy at a potential cash in. Sheamus almost cashed in as Kane arrived and the Masked Kane scared off Sheamus with a chokeslam to a grounded Rollins. Kane was cheered but Sheamus was not. Rollins was treated like a complete chump! Yet he was the best performer of the night. WWE are a little off, that's for sure.

PPV Rating – 2/10

Men/Women of their matches – Ryback, Rusev, Kofi Kingston, Nikki Bella, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins

Man/Woman of the PPV – Seth Rollins

WWE Night of Champions was about one ‘thing’. Nothing. WWE’s lack of build-up and theme of two matches by the main champion Seth Rollins worked no wonders for WWE. The PPV was limp, ragged and tasteless. There was no flavour in this tepid throw together. No passion, no story and no reason or depth behind the stars made them all bit parts to a simple show only there for three hours. It was empty and fruitless.

Will undoubtedly rejoin, honourably. 
Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Summer Rae’s story is pointless. It adds nothing to their empty feud and is a waste of everyone’s time. It’s going nowhere. Wrestling Wonders added three weeks ago that Rusev and Lana would be back together before Wrestlemania. WWE are already considering this idea. There is no mileage here in this implausible threesome. As for booking, it is fundamentally weak.

Kevin Owens fails to do anything of merit yet again. As ignorant as it comes, helped by Triple H’s dangerous self-obsession and neglect to wrestling that every instance he is involved in is going to bring down every aspect of WWE’s attempts to achieve more. Ryback, as ever, was a lost cause. Both need to go, none more so than a bumbling bowling ball with legs.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are in serious trouble. The pair are both useless, on their own merits. Plus they need management in opening their mouths. Reigns has not improved or developed in the six months on from the Wrestlemania ‘I am the one’ debacle. Ambrose on the other hand is a forgettable, typecast nobody standing on the sidelines. The Wyatt Family were passable, but also made no real progress and are floating on nothing. Their emphasis is empty and the new acquisition in Braun Strowman may add some air of interest for a bit, but needs more than just standing there and looking sheepish.

The PPV was built around Seth Rollins defending both his titles this evening and the possibilities of losses or wins. Would this protect or harm Rollins and his competitors? Cena had a place, be it an annoyance of loose skill and pre-selected favour. The ignorant, washed up old hag in Sting was a pitiful exchange which did WWE, Rollins and the title no favours. There was no story, no connection and worse of all, no passion. Rollins worked his backside off to help WWE look good, but it was a wasted effort in a match that should never have happened. Sting, a ruined WCW no mark, who had no skill in that former promotion, and a rip-off version of WWE’s The Undertaker, entered the most uninhibited match of all. The obscene and tepid run through of rehearsed routine of the past fifteen years has no relevance in the modern world of wrestling, desperately trying to survive against the lacking ratings they are supposed to be attaining. No-one wants this, but more worrying is that WWE cannot see it and hope to push it forward because it had some brainwave that this might make money. Foolish. Ignorance is not a virtue. Rollins was made to look the weakest WWE superstar, even as its grand champion for some old fart who can't go anymore. Way to go, WWE. So meaningful.

WWE’s so called ‘Diva Revolution’ was a grand concept which fell flat on its backside in two months or less. WWE who fans realise “Don’t know how to book women” have neglected real talents in Team B.A.D and favoured useless gals from the lucky sperm club, endorsed by Triple H, who idolises the ignorant old codger Ric Flair. Let’s be clear. This is nothing about Charlotte and all about her daddy. Her daddy has already sullied her reputation as an unattractive stick insect who cannot wrestle and “Woo’s!” just for the sake of it. The green challenger is no revolution and is only lucky thanks to being born into the business. That won’t save her useless skills. WWE really need to go to the drawing board, and Ric Flair needs to repent and shut up talking such liabilities. We know how much he loves to talk. For Nikki it was just another easy defence (despite loss) with no real competition and a waste of everyone’s time. It has gone back to the bathroom break stages, where Nikki, who has barely defended her title over the course of her record reign, could have been a standout champion. She has achieved nothing.

For all its efforts, Night of Champions was insanely flawed and filled with nothing of interest. None of the matches were classics, memorable or engaging. It is further proof that without greats like Cesaro, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker, WWE’s future is immeasurably bleak. Triple H’s ego is infiltrating the product at a disastrous level of ignorance, which is destroying WWE’s interior walls. All for what? Some random nostalgia act that wont develop WWE’s future nor a bunch or travelling circus acts from the Indy circuit on NXT? All to prove he can change to run WWE? You are proving to be a complete liability. With it, WWE is struggling to achieve credible respect. WWE has gone back to its old ways. If Triple H is ever going to be able to prove he can run WWE effectively, he needs to ditch all ignorance and his insane ego to prove he is bigger than the fans. Triple H, a smark at best, is not best for business. 

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All Rights Reserved

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