Friday, 4 September 2015

TNA superstar Bram arrested for domestic abuse

TNA star arrested for domestic abuse to
female, TNA suspension given

As if many problems could not be any worse for TNA Wrestling, and it’s lacking direction as a sinking ship, one of its main stars they hoped to become a bigger star for the company, Bram, was arrested on Sunday.

The TNA superstar was arrested for domestic abuse. The authorities released this statement on the details.

Gulfport, FL—On 8/30 at approximately 6:00 AM, officers responded to a call about a disturbance in an apartment at 3205 58th Street South. There they encountered Thomas R. Latimer and a woman who identified herself as his girlfriend.

The officers observed evidence indicative of a physical altercation, and their investigation revealed that, after the couple had been arguing, the woman felt threatened and sought refuge in her bedroom.

Latimer followed her into the bedroom, closed the door, and refused to allow her to leave. He then pushed the woman onto the bed and was holding her down by her neck.

Latimer, who is a wrestler with TNA Impact Wrestling, was charged with domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment. Both are felony charges, and he is currently being held in the Pinellas County Jail.

TNA has since suspended Bram with immediate effect. 

WWE Diva Charlotte (Ashley Fliehr) is still legally married to Bram, despite the pair breaking up after marriage some time over a year ago. She is said to have nothing to do with Lattimer's arrest.

With such levels of violence in wrestling and TNA stoking up the language for attention, it is no wonder its stars would naturally adopt a reality from their larger than life characters. While this puts a huge strain on the stained name of professional wrestling in a murky context, as a company, for TNA, already in low standing with fans and insiders, needs to re-evaluate its company’s path. It is simply one thing after another in TNA, and makes its running team look entirely subdued, acceptable of abuse and constant lack of action when thinking about the company’s publicly damning image. TNA has hired many convicts in its time, knowing of their convictions, including MVP, as it's high profile recent storyline investor of the company.

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