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WWE Summerslam 2015

WWE Summerslam 2015

WWE decided to start its Summer spectacular one hour early and failed to advertise this well. For many, including fans in the UK, they missed one hour of the show, and also felt conned of their cash.

A four hour show, what is this, Wrestlemania?

hosting guest Jon Stewert opened the show.

Randy Orton Vs Sheamus 

This match was boring, uneventful and a waste of everyone's time. As an opener it failed to ignite and therefore should not have even been scheduled. Orton deserved better, despite his immense efforts to get Sheamus over, which still hasn't worked.

Toward the end, the liability that is Sheamus busted open Randy Orton over the eyebrow in a clumsy run through after nailing him into the turnbuckle pad. Orton missed a punt as Sheamus soon gets a close two fall after a lucky White Noise. 

The crowd were fed up early and yelled "You look stupid!" at Sheamus' boring and un-entertaining look. He missed a Brogue Kick, but Orton failed a following RKO. Sheamus uses two Brogue Kicks in a row to silence Randy Orton for a three fall finish in a non-eventful starter. 

Sheamus beat Randy Orton. After all the hype, Orton is dropped first to a loser on one of the Big 4 PPV's. Charming.

Tag Team
Fatal 4 Way, Elimination
The Prime Time Players, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil (c) Vs The New Day, Kofi Kingston and Big E Vs Los Matadores Vs The Lucha Dragons

It was a jumbled and mismanaged match with some aerial theatrics. In the end, the tag title accessories Darren Young and Titus O'Neil lost their gold to the New Day won it back with Kofi Kingston and Big E. It was a warm up match only.

Rusev w/ Summer Rae Vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Lana

For those just tuning in, many thought that Rusev and Ziggler were over running on the pre-show. For those who knew it was Summerslam one hour early, it was still lacking a fuller interest. 

Therefore, again, really no point at all going on the card at short notice when neither can be a main part of the show. Wasteful booking and poor time management.Many are upset with WWE's bad management on this. Not good.

Summer Rae tried to stop Lana who slaps her down instead on the outside to rally support for Ziggler. Normally someone like Rae might have been successful. Ziggler broke free of Rusev’s hold as a result.

Lana yells at Rusev as Rae nabs her from behind as everyone flurry’s outside. Rusev gets superkicked over the announce table in a follow up from Ziggs. 

Dolph Ziggler rolls into the ring as the bell rings. A double count out was the result of Rusev and Dolph Ziggler as fans were noticeably upset with vicious boos. No-one likes to be duped. WWE stitched the fans up again. The match, short-sighted in every way ended abruptly.

The action wasn't fully over though. Summer Rae hit Ziggler as Lana predictably pounced on her and they rolled around with a minor scuffle. Rusev pulled her free and left with Rae. 

What a pitiful ending, with a screwy finish on a short notice match that started on UK time upsetting fans for the lack of an hour early beginning.

Already and Summerslam is a total washout. Not boding well with also a screwy finish from WWE dissing its fans. It isn’t starting too well, is it? 

Tag Team
Neville and Stephen Amell Vs Stardust and Wade Barrett

Stephen Amell wanted to be taken seriously and went up first in a lengthy match up to prove his capabilities. At least that is commendable for no-wrestlers. Though some of his action was simply off or useless. Amell was used as the whopping boy the whole match and had a tiny moment of overcoming with ‘skill’ on his adversaries. Towards the end, Amell ruined it further as he walked into the ring and touched Neville from his corner tag rope in a Schoolboy error afar from the rope corner to ‘tag’ and launch onto the outside at the opponents. Neville came back in to get the win with a predictable flying move for show and nothing more. All players were an afterthought to a wannabee celebrity who can ‘have a go’ at wrestling. The cost is wrestling truly suffers and the show was pathetic as a result. It shouldn't have happened but WWE are infatuated with some random celeb spotting moment. A rookie mistake from the green douche who ruined the match just as much as he fails the ratings as a superhero television show. He isn’t Batman or Superman.

It was pretty weak and proves that WWE and its celebrities on its programming need serious work than a cheap nod and one night walkabout for media attention to be interesting or skilled. It made WWE seem entirely juvenile at producing and running a show let alone company on such lunacy.

WWE were desperate to get media coverage and brag that Summerslam was taking over. It really wasn't and decisions like this will ruin WWE’s future branding if it continues on the overdoing beyond advertising path.  WWE love their own in-house promo videos. Don’t let the odd use of something worthwhile as a cheap tactic to gain favour fool you. WWE don’t seem to have any class in communication at this point.

Intercontinental Championship
Triple Threat
Big Show Vs The Miz Vs Ryback (c)

The match no-one wanted to see and worn out like a ragged, floppy washrag soaked in torrential rain. Every part of this momentum was limp. WWE was so weak it did not have the courage to strip Ryback of the title, protect the gold, its contenders and the scene to keep it fresh. When a problem arises  in the scene you have to act accordingly. WWE decided to be defiant to strip Ryback, because the loser needs to be carried to get over and is constantly failing. WWE can’t get away from the fact he needs sacking as well as to stop cluttering its title up. The IC title, meant to be a prestigious title was resigned to a useless block  doing nothing of value, with opponents no one can fully get behind as a result of Ryback’s protection from eventual failure on-screen.

WWE ruin it for themselves, every time, yet it is the division, the tile and the fans, let alone performers, who suffer. Wrestling principals are greater than some random meathead. Who will be waiting to ruin it all in one fell swoop, through such unable liability.

Ryback won a very short and thankful ending after a pin on The Miz to retain a pointless title with pointless challengers. Waste of time. Thanks be to it over with.

Jon Stewart had a backstage chat with wrestling guru Paul Heyman. Is this HHH’s Wrestlemania? Celebrities on the show and silly in-house ads/promos? It looked really silly from a so called professional wrestling future that is the ‘big player’ of the industry. Maybe there was invisible ink of the subtitles –‘NXDixieCarter’ perhaps?

Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper Vs Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

The match was the typical start of everyone brawling all over, looking slightly messy than exciting. 

Bray and Ambrose loosely fought, yet again. This has become completely stale. Harper gratefully stripped Ambrose of his tanktop to a few fans delight. It was allright. Not been done too much if at all and was refreshing for Ambrose. If only WWE did more thinking for Ambrose. It might get him where he needs to be. A top pulled off to rely on body image alone shouldn’t be Ambrose’s’ only trait at this stage of his career, albeit fulfilling. 

Fans were fed up with Roman Reigns’ absence. They chanted “Romans sleeping!”Reigns arrives instantly ironically to charge opponents down a second later.

Clumsy corner trades with Harper, visibly missing exposed this rushed and tedious match meant to be more than thrilling with four stars fans want to grow.

Amazing Wyatt kick to Reigns came next with a swift and well conducted powerbomb sit down pin by Harper. This was Harper’s best for a long while. Ultra impressive.

Reigns followed it up with some excruciatingly daft jumping Superman punches to Wyatt which looked ludicrously unbelievable as a corner smash.

Ambrose was double teamed but Harper breaks Dean’s follow up pinfall in a quick and inexplicably confusing match when one minute down, next minute up run through.

Reigns returned with another Superman punch that had no style, place or grace. Double powerbomb slam by Roman leading followed with Ambrose. 

Wyatt awakes on a quick counter from Dean seemingly down for Sister Abigail, only to laughably miss and be hammered with the Dirty Deeds instead. Reigns tagged in to vicious boos. WWE have still failed to boost him up from his six month washout at Wrestlemania. WWE have plodded along in the hope that Reigns would be able to be guided by others. Lazy booking does not make him ready for the big push on next years ‘Mania. That one lies solely with WWE. Spear on Wyatt for a three fall. The pair celebrate in a lacklustre, rushed run through.Boring, disjointed and sloppy.

Title Vs Title, Winner Takes All
WWE World Heavyweight Championship and United States Championship
Seth Rollins (c) Vs John Cena (c)

Up next was WWE doing another title grab bag. This one will see the winner take hold of the competing gold and retain their original stake, therefore crowned champion of both said titles.

Many believe this however made the WWE title become reduced to minor insignificance as a key championship, dumped to the midcard.

These fans in attendance are smart ones. "Jo-hnnn Ce-naaa, suuu-ccckkksss they chime in rhyme with John Cena's theme music.

Cena's greatest test tonight would be to prove if he can maintain his recently new found attitude of workability positively since working wonders with the previous bumbling oaf in a tee shirt who was rightfully dropped from his program. Could Cena put in great work with Rollins or would he revert to standard routine what has earned him such dislike from fans the world over?

Rollins dropped a powerful and connective Curb Stomp on Cena from the turnbuckle downward after a wave mock of Cena. Rollins received a rapturous fan adoration.

It's always brave to wear white, especially with that beautifully brimming clandescence. Rollins was dressed in a smooth and gleaming white version of his attire, looking ever more the perfect superstar. Though company megastar Cena never losses to maintain a strong look. Would Rollins efforts be in vain?

Cena flips over the Attitude Adjustment with a silly bounce of himself on comedic drop down of Rollins to the mat. These silly moments are what ruin everything Cena hopes to achieve in being a respectable name based on wrestling principals.

Terrible punches traded as Cena has reverted back to same old usual routine of uselessness. Why and where does he think it's coming from to go back on former progress achieved? Maybe it's his ‘in the main title’ match position that he thinks requires such a way. It looks foolish for him and all else involved and fails to scream skillset. 

The Eddie Guerrero Frog Splash was mentioned and utilised by Rollins who made it perfectly fitting to the match use. Cena completely missed his notorious leg drop by tapping down on Rollins arm. Sloppy. Numerous counters and roll throughs follow. Rollins nails the AA on Cena, in a move switch up, who naturally kicks out at two.

Corkscrew flip by Rollins misses, as Cena rolled him into a less than tightly applied STF lock with comical routine. Cena constantly phoning in his routine like a pre-made template in every title match. Geez man, mix it up foo.

Figure 4 Leg Lock by Cena trying to adopt ignorant washed up state Ric Flair's move. You can't and why would you want to carry that dirt bag or any of his repertoire? It will not make a new star with an old move attached to a veteran jerk. Don’t be a fool. Be original. You can't be a star by taking some old, ex, crusty's moves to be a star in today's age. No matter how defiant to make it work. Time will be wasted on your part and destination reached will be nowhere. What suffers in between is product, brand and audience respect. 

A tiresome missed punch by John Cena from over the rope. Rollins jumps up to the turnbuckle , roll throughs and smacks a sit down suplex. Two fall by Seth Rollins. John Cena uses his AA on Rollins but knocked out the referee first. “Cena won!"  Michael Cole bleats. Cena looks for the ref then lifts up Rollins. Seth Rollins jabbed John Cena to create distance in his nose, which was broken weeks prior in a leading match on Raw by Rollins. Jon Stewart suddenly arrives as both stars are knocked down, brandishing a steel chair. The decision was obvious from his demeanour that gave the game away as soon as he made it to the ring. Fans were still wondering in the moment though. He eyed Seth Rollins getting up as John Cena took too long to get up. Stewart looked over at Cena and moved toward, but stalled. That was a categorical botch right there. Cena was too late getting up and Stewart quickly eyed Rollins to buy time. Once Cena stood up, Stewart screwed Cena with a now lost moment of knock with steel chair. after the smash to the gut John Cena fell down as Seth Rollins covered his opponent to gain the three fall victory and gain the United States and remain WWE World Heavyweight Champion from a crushing Pedigree. 

Tag Team
Triple Threat, Elimination
Team Bella, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox Vs Team PCB Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch Vs Team B.A.D Naomi, Tamina and Sasha Banks

Vince McMahon is said to be desperate to break former WWE divas champion AJ's reign with current holder Nikki Bella. AJ shockingly retired after Wrestlemania after WWE's negativity to her, her husband, CM Punk and the overall state of the division. AJ was classed by fans as the best diva for its current diva standards, of the modern generation, working the company to a favourable position. That's how WWE repay her.

Yet Nikki not done much except hold the title. After her injury she hasn't defended it much and only about three times? Her reign will not be respected. It could have been. WWE did not make it a priority.

If anyone needed the win the most, as well as on deserving merit alone, it was Team B.A.D. WWE however didn’t seem to like its own skilled divas. Paige’s team looked empty, dishevelled and vanilla. 

Charlotte entered into the ring by opening her legs to show off her cooch in a disgusting manner looking like a cheap hoe bag. Some revolution for respecting females in wrestling beyond sexual connotations. It was not flattering or female empowerment whatsoever.

Brie and Becky. Brie screams her silly "Team Bella" in Brie Mode! moment. Tamina burst in to smash Becky. Sasha Banks comes in to loud cheers. Naomi enters with a great leg, leaping frog drop on Becky Lynch. Tamina and her team making quick tags well as Naomi deals with Lynch among good leg drops. Becky getting better of Banks. Banks stops her quickly. Tamina clubbing Lynch down for two. Sheer dominance by Tamina making this match meaningful. Tossing Lynch with blows like a rag doll, she then sends Lynch flying outside with revered skill.

Paige comes in to scream "This is my house!" as per usual and then jump onto all divas from the top. Cheap heat.

Brie randomly and cheaply pins Tamina in a cheap and tacky move. Team B.A.D are eliminated. What a clueless booking choice from WWE. Crowd is ultra pissed. Nikki back-breaks Becky. Others save. WWE just can't allow its best team to win anything. Lame. Its like they actually hate it to ever succeed beyond its skill to some tarts in tights on the other side.

Nikki slams Paige outside. Count of 9 calls as Paige charges in, supposed to be hurt. Bella slammed down.  Alicia Fox perfectly flipped over an outstandingly beautiful German Suplex on Paige.

In comes Charlotte, looking for cheap heat in a "Woo!" on every move. Can she do nothing else? It was a clunky mess .Ungraceful Figure 8 Leg Lock came next, making this ever more tedious. Stopped by Nikki instead. Alicia got a double kick with Charlotte as both knocked each other down with their long legs. Both tagged their respective partners afterward as Brie joins with Becky. Brie missed a jump up dropkick on Beck and missed the "Brie Mode" motion. Becky Lynch was all over Brie Bella to get a cheap but valuable win for herself and carry her useless team of Charlotte and Paige too. Could WWE be any more boring and predictable in trying to favour the lucky sperm club and ignorant flunkie of no pure skill? 

That will never get respected, dear. You have to earn your place, not be given it. None of them have earned anything and are not revolutionising anything for females in sport, let alone wrestling. 

Mountain Dew received an overload of praise on the show. WWE only focused on selling products but not THE WWE product. Therein is its problem, then.

Antonio Cesaro Vs Kevin Owens

The pair begin trading punches. Cesaro ran into Owens lots so he can push him away. Owens cheap heat sought with a launch over top rope of his body weight as usual, which is less than original. 

Cesaro turns with sheer skill to turn the tables on an in-ring running corkscrew, over the top rope, flip dive, to the outside. Stunning, dextrous flexibility and poetry in motion from Cesaro. So majestically performer, too. A testament to the unbounded skill Cesaro has in abundance. 

Owens jumped on him a couple of times and said that’s why he's the man. It was sheer laughability. A loose arm hold on Cesaro. Owens simply sitting there doing nothing. Cesaro runs into the turnbuckle to hurt himself. Owens can only conduct a move when they cheaply miss and injure themselves to the move. Owens has yet to do anything ever of interest. Useless waste of space. Back into ground submission hold. Crowd quiet and board with blank faces staring as Owens holds Cesaro in hold to no effect. That picture painted a thousand words. WWE, whether they like it or not, just recognise this useless no-mark destroy its product from within. Owens stood on the spot yet again and yelled at Cesaro then to the crowd. Insanely weak. Then he pushed Cesaro after a minute of simply standing there. Pitiful. It was embarrassing to watch. he did literally nothing. 

Cesaro returned with power moves and a strong backbreaker drop. Cesaro landed a great flip off the turnbuckle. Two fall only. Owens lies there for extra time to recover. Amazing stamina. Kneels on ground in hold to waste time and block Ceasro move then flip him over bleakly. Cesaro ran into Owens who tiredly tapped up a shoulder on the spot in a useless trade of blow that missed completely. 

Owens jumped on the corner post and flew himself onto the ground to miss for extra time again. Cesaro walked into a spear so Owens could have everything done for him again. Superkick. Owens always goal hangs at the corner waiting for someone to walk into him and then just do a cheap move. Pathetic.

Running uppercut from Cesaro to the barricade outside, signals for Cesaro Swing in-ring and lands it on Owens. Then a smooth and controlled sharpshooter by Cesaro locked in to boost momentum. Owens quickly and cheaply makes it to the ropes with a no sell. Shameful after Cesaro sold the entire match for Owens. Selfish worker.

Owens sat on the top of the turnbuckle after a few jabs for more time. It was plain embarrassing for WWE. Owens then got off the top and dropped Cesaro on the ropes. What a cheap move. Then Kevin Owens dropped Cesaro who walked himself into the powerbomb drop to make Owens look good. A wasteful loss if ever there was one. Uneventful win and simply some burly bloke in a tee shirt who can't wrestle or even entertain one iota ruins the only prospect WWE may well have.

WWE were the ones who looked the fool. If this is their future of WWE booking, their future is as bleak as it comes. Fans feel the failure of WWE and Triple H’s pet project failings for an eternity to come. Everyone since has failed to materialise. Triple H dropped Cesaro for his personal chance to look good with Owens. How sad. Ego is truly costing WWE of its future. 

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman Vs The Undertaker

By the time this match begins, many were simply too tired out or bored or had enough of the dire matches before it.  Greed is not good. WWE naturally used the Wrestlemania Lesnar streak victory as build up. This was technically their rematch.

Undertaker starts early on Lesnar with the upper hand as the pair trade delightful blows, back and forth. He sends Lesnar outside with a clothesline over the rope in a momentous boost. Lesnar returns with a chance Spear on 'Taker and regains control. 

Eventually Lesnar gets his first German Suplex on Undertaker as the fans are divided with chants of "Undertaker" and "Suplex City" calls. 

Lesnar hopes for another but the Phemon breaks free. He nabs a shoulder barge at Lesnar and nails the Snake Eyes, dazing Brock instead. He follows up with a Big boot to Brock for good measure, sending The Beast to the outside. Lesnar is now busted open as Undertaker drives him into the barricade. Taker places Brock into position on the apron to drop a mighty leg drop with fine finesse.

Lesnar counters a clutching Chokeslam grasp, to grab his opponent for another first class ticket to Suplex City. Lesnar lands a Triple series of German Suplexes on Undie. On from this Undertaker makes it outside, grasping the back of his head, looking woozy. 

Lesnar dismantles the announce table and plants a stunning F5, sending undertaker through it. Undertaker makes a count of nine, not to be counted out. 'Taker drop a Tombstone Piledriver soon after to get a tense two count on Lesnar. Both then sit up and laugh at one another, as Lesnar mocks Undertaker's sit up, by his side, on the mat. This was a rare, funny and intriguing side of The Undertaker in his ferocious challenge with The Beast, Brock Lesnar. 

Lesnar locks in a Kimura arm hold though the ref is not counting as 'Taker is at the ropes. Taker breaks free and smashes a crushing Last Ride on Lesnar to powerful effect. It takes a smooth two fall. Once the pair regain their feet, Lesnar instantly drops a swift F5 on The Undertaker for an intense two count. The heat of the match is palpable at this point. 

The Undertaker slams on his Hell's Gate submission when Lesnar's arm was near. Paul Heyman was visible concerned, at ringside for his client, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar breaks out and puts his own Kimura lock back on. Undertaker counters into a pinfall as the bell rings suddenly. The referee was perplexed and explained he did not call for the bell. During this distraction The Undertaker jabs poor Brock in the goolies from behind with a Low Blow. Poor Brockie Lesnar. The referee failed to see this in the bell confusion, as The Undertaker firmly places Brock Lesnar into the Hell's Gate once more. Lesnar, battling through the pain, flips the bird at The Undertaker in tap out defiance. He clutches his own Kimura on The Undertaker at the same time of submission as the pair bend one another with pain stricken maneouverus. The undertaker noticeably tapped out to Brock Lesnar, though the referee could not see as he was checking Brock Lesnar, who was fading. In all fairness, who wouldn’t tap to Brock Lesnar’s meaty thigh? Brock Lesnar passes out as the referee calls the match and awards the victory to The Undertaker. Prepare for the fallout.

With some twenty minutes left, Paul Heyman called for instant replay and spoke to the crowd as Undertaker left. Lesnar and Heyamn, after working the crowd, eventually leave. However in reality The Undertaker collapsed backstage after making it back from the match. 

Many are wondering whether the tap out angle was a signal for Undertaker informing the back of a problem, though many believe it is as planned. Thankfully The Undertaker is safe and well, and was able to get up afterwards. He had just fought a hellish battle which naturally took the wind out of him. His efforted testament knows no bounds. A seasoned pro. 

Though fans were not so keen on a second, and closing PPV screwy finish. 

PPV Rating - 3/10

Men/Women of their matches - Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Neville, Luke Harper, Seth Rollins, Tamina, Antonio Cesaro, The Undertaker

Man/Woman of the PPV - The Undertaker

Orton's talents were wasted on Sheamus. To bow out first, in a minor match, with no direction then, past or future was as senseless as it comes. Fans expect Orton, one of its most workable stars, highly respected for such to play a bigger role on the card, even if it is building a star up. Sheamus was and is a lost cause.

When is Kevin Owens actually going to do anything? Let alone something original and exciting? WWE will keep you waiting. So will Owens, because he has nothing more to give. Haggard, ignorant and dated, Owens offers nothing fresh to WWE and it is in danger of exhausting its future stars to help some ageing bloke who just wants to feel happy by being included at the party, instead of lingering in the corner.  Outside of Cesaro, ignorant floater Kevin Owens, given the number one company worker and tonight the best technical wrestler on the roster right now, Owens exposed himself. He proved there and then to WWE and all its fans, it has no chance of making it. He has no skill, charisma or impact. Trim your losses before it gets out of hand. WWE is a company. One man who is useless to prove Triple H could call up a pal and make it work goes beyond the company's walls of self-destruction? You would risk everything for your ego on some aging burly bloke in a tee shirt who does nothing? Think of the future and put your ego aside. That's what is truly "Best for Business" isn't it?

After a dirty win, Cena can lose the odd one. Seth Rollins needed it. The double champion holding legitimises the hard work Rollins has put in, which Wrestling Wonders could see and put forward a mile off over the last year and a half. Rollins is on course to be WWE's newest and most bankable new, heavyweight superstar, while giving his opponents a place of worth too. 

WWE's so called diva revolution can't survive on the lame booking of PCB being given everything and discarding its other two teams who have everything to redevelop the scene. Team Green, as PCB should be renamed, risks shelving off three months extra of the timescale that this 'revolution' can attain. Paige, Charlotte and now Becky Lynch are given wins on favouritism, not skill or program direction. Fans are not stupid and have realised "WWE don't know how to book women" which puts them back at square one. They are desperately trying to get Charlotte and co over, based on a loose attempt at being born by her daddy, an ignorant washed up jerk only there for cash and bragging rights popularity. This is no revolution. a revolution changes things. WWE is as stale as it began, because it is ruining its best team and its support team for bland favourites based on look once again placing females in WWE back into the 'tarts' directive than skilled women.

With all four of them at a loose end, The Wyatt Family should have inducted Dean Ambrose on a turn, into the Family. Ambrose, with no cause, direction or opportunities (therefore needing it more than Reigns) should have switched. He could easily fit the family brief and 'learn from Bray' who always gets the better of the lacking Ambrose. While WWE plan for Roman Reigns to be its new star for its future, it is stalling and making no new options either. Being their priority, Ambrose is being pushed aside. You can't make both of them, nor together , at the same time. 

Dolph Ziggler and Rusev was nothing. Nothing more to add.

Neville and Amell were non-entities that clogged up space. It was useless and while WWE are gushing over Amell, set to return at another later date, it added nothing more than a toilet break for a minor wannabe whopping boy. It was also boring. The other two guys on the card were forgotten. 

The tag titles foursome was as ignorant as it comes with wasteless Lucha Dragons who offer absolutely nothing to the show or scene and weakling Kalisto should not have place in WWE. This ruins all progress the show can hope to make. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil were as much accessories as the titles over the last month for media attention. It was inevitable they would lose tonight, and although New Day are growing and better as a unit, this would have been the perfect time for Los Matadores to gain the titles. This was totally their time. WWE can easily make them credible players with a gaggle of teams in PTP's and New Day.

Brock and Undertaker's outstanding rematch tore the roof down once again. it was no surprise and was an excellent follow up that did not fail to excite. All involved knew exactly what was required to make it work. The only problem was using a double, screwy finish type screwjob to make both have a level of equal footing with one another as opponents. This ruined their hard work more, but they still carried it well. For the second back to back PPV, since his shock return last month, The Undertaker once again proved to be the man and the stand out pro of WWE. Well deserved, too.

Overall Summerslam was about Triple H proving he could make a Wrestlemania of his own, seeing as Vince controls 'Mania itself. The four hour start and the overdone card did not make this a grand spectacle of the ages and a forgettable show overfilled with drab options and lacking opportunities. It was all about show and how many media outlets and brands WWE could attract. While advertising is important, WWE sold itself to trying to be media included for personal attention. This won't grow WWE as a brand for the future. It even made a laughable invitation to the team of Reddit, who have done nothing in wrestling worlds. Only there to show off to yours truly, who has made an online world of journalism within wrestling relevant and consistent once again. Though WWE don't seem to like what does them favours. For all its ungraciousness, WWE should offer Max Waltham an invite to Wrestlemania with tickets and a reservation in the Sky Box. That will do. Seeing The Undertaker live will be sufficient. Are WWE truly as ungracious as they seem, yet intent on giving away freebies to all and sundry who do nothing for them? Honestly... and you wonder why it has a negative stance in the world of sport, which I have made relevant once more and given you much more as you know. We shall see if WWE can have the kindness it likes to promote itself as having.  

For a PPV, it was not as interesting as it could and should have been. It needed more thought, more outreach and not desperation media to carry its Summer spectacular. The cost was the actual show and its hard working talent, who must feel completely dejected in the lockeroom. That isn't what is truly Best for Business.

© Max Waltham 26th August 2015
All Rights Reserved

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