Thursday, 20 August 2015

WWE Diva Layla officially retires

Former Diva's Champion
Layla retires 

Last month on July 29th this year, longstanding WWE diva Layla announced she would retire from the business spanning almost ten years since 2006.

Layla began her career with the now less than to be desired Diva Search, among a host of beauties impressing WWE for their looks and dancing credentials.

Though Layla hoped to impress beyond the 'swimsuit catalogue' interpretation and took bold action to learn the ropes and improve her in-ring abilities.

The former diva became its first joint women's champion, becoming one of the lowest points in her career in 'sharing' a title. WWE even ripped up the title and placed half with her and her gal pal Michelle McCool, known as the then impressive Team Laycool. She was a part of the bungled process that was the divas title unification match in which the Women's title reigned supreme, yet WWE resigned it for the Diva's title, because there were no capable females to be classed as Women's champion (a blessing in disguise) at the time, considering its stocked on-screen stars.

While Layla was the weaker wrestler, she attempted to have some good matches and respected for her stance at improving. She was also part of the detsable bullying angle of "Piggy James" which both members of Laycool felt visable upset by, even as the perpetrators of such nasty behaviour donated by WWE's Head Office. 

After being sparsely used on the roster for a good two years now, and with strong and clearly obvious predications, the writing was on the wall for Layla. Lacking demand from WWE and pretty much having done all she can, the sexy diva turned adequate wrestler for diva standards had done enough to cement her near decade long run in the sports entertainment industry.

As Wrestling Wonders noted long ago nearer the time, WWE's policy in women is one like popular television drama E.R. No female on the show in today's age would make it past 40 on the programme. Layla was much the same in a new age of traditional ladies.  At least she tried, which we can respect her for that. 

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