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Can Triple H ever run WWE well, with such ignorance on NXT?

Is HHH ruining WWE’s future 
with NXT ignorance?

Triple H has been making a name for himself in his efforts to prove his value as a wrestling booker, manager and future successor to the McMahon family. As the black sheep of that family, with a free pass to WWE by way of marriage than skill, Mr. Hx3 has been desperate to prove he can go toe to toe with the booking honours. 

However it has not all been plain sailing for Trips, as he has found out. Trying to convince the public that he is indeed capable of running WWE when Vince McMahon eventually leaves us, the former WWE champion has made many costly mistakes, for which he will have to bear consequence.

In order to prove he is smarter, more in control and highly demanding of talent, whilst smoothing over relations to seem genuinely caring about the staff, WWE has internal problems. Those staff that thought he may well be a profitable change in values has dipped and discovered he was ‘playing the game’ as he always politically does to gain favour. He has been classed backstage by his peers as trying to be a mild McMahon in look but have the same, self-assured bias of his own nature, something which is costly for the future of said company.

Sexy... WWE diva Paige
Rewind to the glory days of the start-up that was NXT. Once Triple H was given the pet project to fill his time since there was no real place for him to run WWE, Triple H is oblivious to recognising that his running of NXT is the developmental stages of Triple H’s management himself. For Triple H he is trying to prove to the head honcho that he can carry WWE, with disastrous results from smart fans. For fans, they are clinging on to NXT as its last hope that it could bring up its ‘internet darlings’ and ‘indie luvvies’, something McMahon knew full well could not mix well with the structure that is WWE.

In NXT, you pay your dues and use it as a developmental stomping ground to reach the main roster, everyone knows this. Though Triple H has started using the NXT floor show as a spectacle for self-egotistical show off than smart booking and fan adoration. Carefully manipulating a score of fans to cheer for an overpushed green star Triple H thinks is worthy of a main roster call up to put his name to, will be misused. The real talent are often shunted to the back and this is NXT’s main problem in being a respected ‘thing’ for WWE. No-one outside of an NXT following, slim at best, knows what the ‘thing’ actually is. 

Under Triple H the NXT so called ‘brand’ (a laughable term) has become known simply as Triple H’s playhouse. Triple H is using his real life action figures in his toy ring to make himself glorious as an exceptional booking puppet master. However Triple H’s strings only go so far and the former brainchild as the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ seems to be severing his own strings, one by one. 

Festering with disgraced ignorance too, the murky swamp waters of NXT make wading in raw sewage a tentative experience. Without any Wellington Boots on and knee high in the muck Triple H’s personal stance on a professional booking is becoming fastly eroded from the seas of credibility. Ocean breeze it is not.

Triple H called up his first prospect, a pint sized luchador named Sin Cara. Since his arrival Triple H put the green superstar, unfamiliar with WWE’s in-ring working system in firm place. On top programming brand Raw, Sin Cara not only floundered with botch after botch, his language barrier and miscommunication with fans did not earn him any gold stars. Triple H’s name was attached and Hunter was knocked. He thought his call up on his own personal attitude was a winner. Cara was replaced with a new star instead, the original released.

Sin Cara Mark II emerged, with the call up of the insanely ignorant Paige. After trying to get fans on dirt sheets to rave of her in childish fashion than professional critique, this was all Triple H needed to childishly push his concept of a diva from the realm of obscurity. How wrong he was. Though Triple H never gets it wrong, in his world and he has no concept of listening. After being informed his concept would, did and still has failed, Trips remains adamant that he is in charge and uses such tools of the product to make this apparent. His new dolly in Paige, an ever green inadequacy that constantly works in the ring in such a way that has and still is likely to injure her sparring partners, inconsequential. After a failed championship run and ignorant stance convoluting the product Paige’s new diva wave of fresh air had dropped in two seconds flat. The fans soon agreed and finally realised their prospect in NXT was a complete disaster and not ready for the mainstream call up. Paige, famous for having a mother that wrestles, was given such favouritism. Fans did not appreciate someone who did not earn her place. She has yet to do so. For Triple H, desperately clinging on to the goth like ‘anti-diva’ he would see her demotion (as necessary) a personal defeat for his ego after calling up another failed concept without fan knowledge. 

Triple H, for being so close to the business for years, has not learned that the fans want something that Triple H hoped to provide but decided not to listen and do his version of what fans should like. Triple H’s directive on this has failed. 

Tripper went one better. After failing a small acrobat and green flunkie, he moved over to reforming the tag team division. This lasted roughly six months and then collapsed beneath him. All Trips hard work of personalised content fell in two seconds. Taking on the minor divisions and failing did not prove Triple H had such business acumen to command such a wrestling future. All hope was officially lost. Third time was indeed not a charm.

Since then Triple H, once again, could not heed fan advice that they did not wish to see an ageing blubber on the show trying to be relevant once more. Triple H could not distance himself from backstage booker and in-ring ego. The man who wanted to be the King of WWE’s ring, at one point even embarrassing Edge, because he was growing to be a better superstar than Trips himself, jumped back into action. Fighting popular folk in Daniel Bryan and Sting, an absolute ignorance of no value, saw Triple H enter one of the most pitiful, cheap and loosely filled run-in spectacles of idiocy failing to heighten WWE’s outside product. Triple H again failed fans with his own ego to prove for a few on-screen cheers.

He came back as an authority figure, named The Authority, alongside his wife Stephanie McMahon, in attempts to launch a Max Waltham style running of WWE yet with themselves distorting the true values for their own personal favour. Distorting the reality for their own ego proved a loss for fans, who cannot bear to see the pair clogging up the on-screen shows, especially Triple H, who is claimed as ruining the show into a borefest. No-one can do what Waltham can do, albeit how desperate they try to mimic. Triple H often schedules a twenty minute talk for himself on programming. Fans do not like this and do not see it as ‘Best for Business’ in developing WWE’s probable future.

All of these loose attitude and directions of Triple H, highly dabbling in ignorance, were quietly dismissed in his ‘growing stages’ of WWE management. He used this as a way to completely misbehave instead of realising the fair trade he was given. When Triple H is given something considerable, he fails to appreciate it. His first attempt is to use programming to make a bitter, nasty and vicious attack of anyone he dislikes, which can range from leniency to one single mistook word. Poor Hunty.

Triple H was so bitter and twisted that he even fired crowd favourite CM Punk purposely on his wedding day, to then employed popular diva AJ, Punk’s fiancé. Fans felt the disgust as much as Punk and Lee. Triple H relished in the distaste backstage. Things became so problematic that Vince McMahon had to intervene and publicly apologise for Triple H’s misdeamours, which put WWE into further fan negativities.

After filling up NXT with some Indy luvvies, Triple H saw a market in the independent scene. Actually Max Waltham did, but Triple H took note as has the rest of WWE. Though Triple H planned to systematically turn the screw and hope to become the leading commander at taking independent stars into WWE. Though Triple H made his next categorical mistake. A schoolboy error in which Triple H either knew what he was doing and chose to fight in a juvenile way, or simply was plainly infatuated with personalised ideas that would not materialise for WWE. 

His next greatest call up would be some narcissistic, overweight, unequipped, old guy in a tee-shirt from one of the ragged and washed up independent promotions that had finally gotten rid of him. In came Kevin Owens, one of the most ignorant pieces of wrestling trash the world has ever seen. At 33, old, boring, stale and inactive in the ring, how WWE could make a rushed, green call up was beyond everyone. It was another Sin Cara/Paige decision. Even being given the leading superstar in John Cena was enough for HHH to systemically play a game that he hoped would launch his name and Owens for the future. Ignorance is not a virtue and can never truly succeed no matter who WWE donates to it. WWE’s cost is that the star donated is often at a huge loss as a result of such interactions. Triple H is once again adamant to succeed his personal call up. Owens is also one of Triple H’s good friends. Going beyond professional working relationship to biased, impersonal favouritism does not bode well for a WWE future based on ignorant behaviour. WWE look weak, foolish and pitiful. Three traits the McMahon’s never wish to be associated to their name. Triple H has achieved much, in little time.

For a man said to be in the know, clever and in tune with fans, Triple H’s words are simply that. While he constantly sneers at marks and smarks, Triple H has proved himself to be exactly that. A smark. A man who thinks he knows what is ‘Best for Business’ but fails to implement, achieve and convince. All for his egotistical attitude to be proven he can run WWE, on his terms. Triple H has chosen to attack and not listen. He is biting the hand that feeds and is dabbling with toxic levels of ignorance that dispels the myth of WWE as a bastion of honour. WWE is a decaying infrastructure that has been exposed, all due to Triple H’s personal micro managing for his own ego. His failure to support those who benefit him and penalise them for great innovations has proven the selfish, bitter and vile behaviour of the so called saviour of WWE. One ex writer often likened Triple H to a King Cobra, who would sit and wait before systemically biting with a fatal, venomous attack in backstage political gameplay in efforts to rise to the top of the pecking order. The cost is his future. 

Blank Canvas
If Triple H is ever going to make favourable, then he is going to have to learn to adapt and support those who have helped support and shape WWE’s way. WWE is not a one man company, so why would Triple H think it be his own personal playground? Such decisions do not show a mature stance on WWE’s future. With a world of already murky, racism, homophobic, sexist, performance enhancing drugs, domestic and general abuse and many other disagreeable issues that crush the legitimacy of a respectable product, WWE are pushing the envelope, licking the wrong stamp for good measure. What is transmitted and leading to such decisions will ruin WWE if it is not careful. WWE intend to always be hostile and defiant to advice, yet if they accepted it well, it could just be the stable and respected future it is looking for. But Triple H will NEVER achieve this with such ignorance. WWE should immediately remove all traits of it and that begins with a revamped cleanse of NXT. Hiring new ones that have ignorance is no way forward either. There is multiple advice Triple H has had, to which he has childishly ignored. 

Now filled with independent nobodies and influxes of string bean, cat loving, midgets with William Regal has crippled Triple H’s chances. All for what? To prove you have a couple of indies popping up here and there? Vince McMahon may not have the full respect he once did by fans on today’s product but has the respect overall for not filling his promotion by pandering with random imbeciles that destroy WWE’s interior walls. Never trust a man with a cat. 

WWE prides itself on good reputation and good media. Why they continue to create negative headlines when there is such a positive way forward is beyond. WWE, who hate to give credit, acceptance and abuse the very things that stabilised its future, have been rather ungraceful. It is up to WWE to right the wrongs. Doing so will benefit. Failure can only ever lead to a brick wall. You will never pass the final hurdle in ‘making it’ despite the efforts of cost, pay and creative input. How much time you have to waste is your choice, but with a generation that sees this future of WWE developed to a stance beyond Triple H’s somewhat twenty years at best at the top, does not scream any level of good. He will always be outdone by himself and his dabbling’s with ignorance. Can WWE’s future be gambled away on a whim for a bit of egotistical love-in? Or can Triple H finally listen and put his issues of self-obsession aside, for the good of the future of professional wrestling as a respected sport, with those assisting, based on values and respect of such? Can Triple H actually be a kind and caring man or is he simply the worst aggressor at the heart of a damned sport capable of enhancing the respect one man has led WWE’s stable path to? It’s all on Triple H now. He wanted it. He’s got it.

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