Tuesday, 2 February 2016

WWE Hall of Fame 2016 inductees leaked. Likely to go in are...

WWE Hall of Fame 2016 inductees leaked. Likely to go in are...

The WWE 2016 Hall of Fame is often an empty and futile excerise today which fails to respect commitments and achievements of the wrestling world. For WWE it is a money making concept which is highly illegitmate considering some entries and how they got in.

WWE have bragged about "two time inductee" Ric Flair. Inductees can only enter a Hall of Fame once. WWE continue their own lunacy which taints the entire ceremony.

Going in this year is leading ignorant 'star' Sting. The face painted monochrome knock to Max Waltham, also filled with ignorance of the highest order, will lead the ceremony. Sting has had a total of two matches in WWE and both were mainstream losses to Triple H and Seth Rollins, in which Sting almost became paralysed. Sting has never had a contract or career in WWE at all and was a budget version of The Undertaker in WCW's past. WWE revealed he was entered before tickets went on sale in hopes to boost sales only.

Also entering will be long time friend of WWE and occasional cameo star Charles Wright, aka The Godfather. Wright was also infamous in late 1980's to earlier 1990's day's as Papa Shango.

Tag team The Fabuolous Freebirds are going in.

Women's Wrestling champion of her time Jacqueline will be rightfully entering. She's local to Wrestlemania's location.

Also local is JBL, who is heavily rumoured and likely to enter the list. Many question the legitimacy. His former tag partner Ron Simmons was in a few years ago in 2012.

The infathomable celebrity wing has snubbed many deserving and this year is no exception. The often odd choices are enhanced this year with television host Regis Philbin. Why, no-one quite knows, nor cares.

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