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WWE Night of Champions 2014

Night of Champions 2014

WWE chose to present it's next Pay Per View, Night of Champions live on Sunday 21st September 2014 from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

With barely any interesting build up just as Summerslam and before it, could WWE produce a card that encouraged interest and a shake up? Would it set a path for new breeds to become champions and make their future for WWE? Or would it be another coasting show with severe turbulence, relying on old favourites with nothing added to the pot for fans and finance? Remember, every title is on the line. 

Let's find out...

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Uso's (c) Vs Cody Rhodes Stardust and Goldust

It was once again the typical jobbing tag match you'd expect from two teams not cleverly thought out of. The Uso's had made excellent progress in the Tag Division but since the team of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, WWE decided it was not important to give The Uso's enough buzz later on. After great battles with both, The Uso's were relegated to fighting the comedy sadacts Goldust and Stardust. 

Disgracing themselves with lame activity and pitiful promos, Cody Rhodes Stardust and Goldust won the tag titles with no real interest. The pair only won because one of the Uso's were injured. WWE were clearly desperate. Though it could have given it to a proper team. Instead WWE, clueless and out of ideas, chose two weak stars instead of many in the locker-room waiting for a chance. It could even have put two teams together of random stars if it had too. Stardust took advantage for the win after a Uso Superfly Splash.

WWE United States Championship
Sheamus (c) Vs Antonio Cesaro

Without any direction and a scared policy by WWE on what to do with him, Sheamus has been granted its mid level title by default. Helped with friends backstage with Triple H simply giving his friends a title just like Paige (which sees them become the worst possible bearer) Sheamus has again peaked. Would WWE however finally choose to boost Cesaro once again since planing his top line ascension only to stop his main event success story and keep him hovering instead? Stuck with no direction Cesaro, a fan favourite in a dishonourable context, has been stalled and plodding along. The company have been clueless with either since.

Sheamus held control early, as Cesaro came back, taking it outside. Cesaro landed huge and powerful uppercuts. Shemaus easily lands Irish Curse backbreakers out of nowhere. Cesaro continues to uphold the entire match as Sheamus is carried. Antonio went for the Neutralizer but failed as Sheamus countered it with a sloppy back drop instead. The lunacy began when Cesaro pounded Sheamus with punches. Sheamus stood there and yelled for "more" to become the new SuperCena of unbeatable might. This made the championship and Cesaro look inferior to the point of compete disinterest. Why WWE think this is a selling point is beyond belief. Sheamus simply shoves off Cesaro and lands an easy Brogue Kick from nowhere to receive the pinfall victory and retain hand-me-down gift formerly known as the US title. Cesaro had to feign being dazed to Sheamus's lacking power, which he did well, but was plain stupid. Well, as long as you are gym pals with Triple H, you will be okay. No wrestling required, huh? Perhaps the silver lining will be WWE moving Cesaro to the main event line as a heavy contender. WWE are still clueless how to book Sheamus, so allow him to plod along instead. He was supposed to be a dishourable man many moons ago, but Daniel Bryan got injured, so WWE stalled. Either way, its a bad time for Sheamus. Though he won't get realised or relieved of title,so its not that bad. Hey, hows the Network sales? Down are they? 

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ R-Ziggler Vs The Miz w/ Damien Mizdow

Is this rubbish still going on? Two non eventful players put at the highest of WWE's midcard? Yet the honour of such donation is not helping either jobber attempt to be intereting. Despite Ziggler's typical spot monkey antics and The Miz being a coward trying to run away at every turn, the pair can't create any interest. We warned WWE of this instantly two months ago, but again, they failed to listen. Thinking golden boy and fan desperation for jobber Ziggler who is only favoured for the fact Punk left and previous year dwellers stuck in the past hope for change WWE thought this would increase Network sales. Laughable.

To make it worse, WWE littered it with added extras. R-Truth in Ziggler's corner and Damien sandow in The Miz's was confusing for anyone just tuning in. The Announce team had two country sinnging celebrities on the show. 

Mid way throughout the match Sandow spoke to the guest commentators. Many boo'ed when Sandow was taken down. R-Truth dressed in Ziggler pants chased Sandow out of the arena. Ziggler then took a pin from behind on Miz, who kicked out. Why was baffling. Miz locked on the figure 4 Ric Flair rip off lock. Why WWE continued this pathetic match to drag out time was ridiculous. It was uninteresting to almost everyone. The Ziggler hopefuls gave a slight cheer as Dolph broke the rope and the dropped a Fame Asser. It was another strung out two count. Hurry it up, WWE. Sandow returned to distract Ziggler as The Miz rolled up Dolph Ziggler to pin and win the Intercontinental Championship. 

WWE have lost the plot. A fourth reign for Miz and yet another jobber reign for Ziggler boost neither. This series should never have happened and failed to boost Network sales. WWE have a bundle of mid level talent. They need to start putting them up there pronto. 

Scott Stanford gave WWE fans an announcement. Roman Reigns is injured and cannot return to Night of Champions. The surgeons were shown discussing Reigns recovery. He'll be out for several months though many in the WWE Universe felt due to WWE's illegitimacy with injury angles that this one wasn't genuine. Well, there goes the Wrestlemania main event. WWE's focus on Reigns as the new star which failed to excel in a short space of time was returned tonight. Get someone new in the frame. 

Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns

Rollins came to give a promo about his match. Emergency surgery "is no excuse" for not showing up this evening, Seth said. In the interest of "fairness" Rollins offered a ten second chance to join the match, otherwise Seth Rollins would be crowned victor in the match. The bell soon rang. Markish fans chanted for something inaudible meaning the audience and WWE disregard their fanaticism of non-materialising stars. Roman Reigns failed to turn up and Seth Rollins was crowned victor. Rollins added he needed to give fans some joy. He then issued an Open Challenge to anyone in WWE's locker room. 

Impromptu Open Challenge
Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose

In the parking lot a yellow taxi turned up. Dean Ambrose quickly popped out to charge towards Rollins as they scuffle in the ring. He failed to pay the taxi driver. Ambrose then took it to Rollins through the crowd, WWE were mocked for making this entirely predictable by home fans, while the crowd were desperate for any interaction. The Authority turned up to separate the pair. They cost the show as Ambrose was then tired out when jumping off a knee high platform around the titantron. They went back around the arena before the ring. It seemed entirely amateurish instead of interesting. Security forces finally stopped Ambrose. Ego hunter Triple H handed ties to cuff Ambrose's hands. It was an utter mess. Hey, we got to see the sexy grey suited James (Jamie Noble) Gibson though,. Pretty Stephanie was also in a flowery dress. How elegant. Steph overdid the elevation of Rollins with "right here!" as Money in the Bank cashier. There was no winner. Pathetic. 

Ambrose's real life girlfriend Renee Young was introducing the kick off panel with Booker T, Alex Riley and Big Show. It was boring. 

Mark Henry Vs Rusev w/ Lana

WWE brought out Lillian Garcia to sing the American National Anthem as Mark Henry became weepy throughout. Then Russia's national hero Rusev arrived. Henry flung Rusev outside. When back in a hair throw to the outside was seriously messed up. Both took the blame for that. Henry's hurl was sloppy with no enthusiasm. Rusev rolled through unconvincingly. Rusev followed with non touching corner body charges. The big boys quickly took it to the ground. They pretended to hold one another in painful submission holds with no intensity. Granted, Rusev's arms looked more connected than John Cena's. Rusev had difficulty lifting the lumbering Henry into the Rusev crush. Henry simply picked Rusev up when walking to drop a body slam. How weak for the nation's hero. WWE need to ditch the national approach or get clever with spots. It did not make America look great. Fans soon chanted the predictable "USA" games in patriotic support. The accolade of Rusev, the crush was then placed on Henry as he feigned pain well, to his credit. Rusev then submitted  Mark Henry instantly. At least Henry tried to boost Rusev as instructed. 

Chris Jericho Vs Randy Orton

Since screwing Bray Wyatt in their series over the last two months with his money grabbing return only, Chris Jericho was set to leave WWE again. With paycheck in hand, Jericho, who made Bray Wyatt lose and look an entire fool to being a star with the public is now facing Randy Orton. Not even Wyatt was allowed to finish the series with egotistical leech Jericho.

Jericho dominated the show with Orton once again making it all about his own ego. Jericho who worked his 1990's by the book approach took Orton outside into the steps. It looked weak. Orton worked with Jericho well, trying to make him a lovable superstar. The pair played in the corner ropes reversing a lot. 

Randy Orton delivered an expert superplex on Jericho for a two fall. The pair went outside. Orton brought it back in. Then back out. Carefully giving JBL his cowboy hat in a kind gesture, Orton tossed Jericho onto the table back first. Orton stablised the show as Jericho then returned a comeback out of nowhere. Jericho sloppily missed a kick stomp on Orton. Orton slammed a crisp sideslam to pin for two. Dated Jericho continually relied on corner spot moves. Jericho cheaply scored a Lionsault on Orton for two. He pitifully charged a kick into Orton on the ground. Orton flipped Jericho from the Walls lock. 

Orton, in charge, was staring to hear voices in his ear. Lining up for the punt Jericho moved in another cheap spot. Jericho then easily turned in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho, who since returns has never bothered to make the move convincing, sat atop Orton in hold. Orton almost reached a rope break, then pulled away from it. The powerful beast in randy Orton would not tap so easily and fought Jericho with fists upon a twisted reversal. Orton felt the feeling again. This time slamming the mat with resurgence. Jericho again lamely kick countered Orton. It did not, look, good. 

Jericho went to the next turnbuckle for another high flying move. Foolish Jericho then dropped down as Randy Orton countered with a thunderous RKO. He took the pinfall and defeated a wasteful Chris Jericho, who took the money and ran.

Jericho plans to write some more as his new 'hobby' including a second book. He also plans to tour as a wannabe rock star once more. Good luck with that. 

WWE Divas Championship
AJ Vs Nikki Bella Vs Paige (c)

It was obvious of this outcome since the Bella Twins broke up over jealous sisterly love to promote the new season of Total Divas. Would it however allow fluke champion Paige, who cheaply regained her title from AJ last month in a flunkie win yet again akin to her first run to have another lukewarm championship dilution?

Paige claimed Night of Champions would be where she would "excel" stationed int he bathroom break match. 

WWE had the cheek to show former champs Fabulous Moolah, Wendi Richter, Lita and Trish Stratus and said it was now the Divas title instead of Women's. When it was first Unified by Michelle McCool Vs Melina, the Women's title beat the Diva's meaning the Women's title was the one which was defuncted. Hey, this is WWE, they can change history when they see fit. Then again, bringing back the Women's title to a bunch of disgraceful women who can't wrestle wouldn't be any better either. The solution? Don't mention it as now Diva's (platinum) gold. 

Paige bumped with Nikki as the pair pushed. AJ jump up rope held drop-kicked the pair and Paige rolled out of the ring as a coward. Nikki and AJ took the strong action in the ring as chants of "CM Punk" rang for his fiancee, AJ, who lost her title last month as a result. Nikki did a move on Paige returning as AJ rolled outside. Nikki followed through with an armbar. Paige rolled it over unconvincingly to get a pin. AJ slammed Paige into the barricade outside then Bella after. Paige pleaded with pal AJ in the ring now. She wanted AJ to kiss her hand, which AJ rejected. She slammed her down for a two fall. Paige stood in the ring alone while AJ climbed the post. Nikki knocked both down to pin AJ for two as Paige ran outside again. Nikki was tossed over the ropes but Paige messed it up. Still on the rope Bella waited for Paige to kick her off properly. Inexperience Paige clubbed blows on AJ and took rest periods after just watching her. She gave weak knee jabs to AJ as Nikki pushed her off the ropes. 

Nikki viciously slams AJ down with a slam for two. AJ locks on the Black Widow submission. Paige charges in a hits a kick on both and pins both for two falls only one after the other. Paige touches AJ with non interesting clubs then asking "Ready" as they waited a while for Nikki Bella to come from behind as all three did the powerbomb suplex triple fall down spot.  Nikki hoisted Paige up with a rack pack and slam to cover for two, stopped by AJ. Chasing AJ outside with blows, AJ flung her outside. AJ inside swiveled round Paige with the Black Widow submission. Flunkie Paige tapped out to the Black Widow submission to become a thee time Divas champion. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar (c) w/ Paul Heyman

Cena arrived to heavy boos. Brock Lesnar tore the house down with arrival. Michael Cole explained that Brock only had "three matches this year."  You have to wonder will it be Cena or Lesnar as champ when the next PPV arrives, Cole also mentioned. 

Before they began the Cena Sucks/Let's Go chants arose again. Lesnar took control with blows. He tried to get German Suplexes again as Cena quickly flurries around in swift mayhem to  stun and Attitude Adjustment Brock to a one fall fail. Lesnar placed uncoordinated Cena into a Kimura Lock, reached by rope break. 

The chants viciously rose again. 

Brock launched the first German Suplex on Cena. Sixteen of those decimated Cena at previous PPV Summerslam for Lesnar's title gain.

Another Kimura on Cena where John places his leg on the rope. Cena tries to comically come back with another suplex. Two fall only. Lesnar drags Cena to the centre. A flip suplex with another, unreleased into a triple suplex. Cena failed to put his shoulders down botching the pin attempt. Lesnar halted any attempt Cena made for a comeback.

Cena quicly reached a rope break as Lesnar placed an arm lock. When faced with forces against him "Brock Lesnar shuts them down at every turn." Michael Cole added, before a comical jibe of "a clinic." It's a slobberknocker!

Cena returned in corner with left and right touches which were comically pathetic attempts at a punch. There's more believably in aerobics movements. 

Cena came back with a forearm smash. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but felt another crushing German suplex instead. Incompetent Cena caused Lesnar to have a nose bleed. Cena got an opportunistic out of blue AA for a close fall at two only. 

Cena then landed an STF hold, Lesnar rolled it over with a Kimura lock. SuperCena lifted Lesnar up to his feet whilst still in lock, to break the hold. Cena lifted and landed an AA, followed with the no pressure STF. This made the match of decency again laughable, as every Cena match does. Cena then goofily did his open mouth comedy moments. He locked in the hold three times, puling Lesnar back everytime. He then slammed the fourth AA on Cena. Seth Rollins then smashed Cena with a briefcase hit. The disqualification was set. Money in the Bank holder Rollins received cheers for a cash in. He thought about it and stopped as Lesnar resurfaced. Rollins then kept Lesnar down as Seth Rollins cashed in his contract immediately. John Cena then attacked Rollins outside sending him to the back. The bell didn't ring so the cash in 'failed'. Lesnar F5'ed Cena instead. As result of a DQ, John Cena beat Brock Lesnar to set up a third battle. Lesnar, however, remains WWE World Heavyweight Champion as a result. 

PPV Rating - 3/10

Men/Women of their matches - Jimmy Uso, Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, Seth Rollins, Rusev, Randy Orton, AJ, Brock Lesnar

Man/Woman of the PPV - Brock Lesnar

Upon his leaving tonight, Jericho made sure he would get Randy Orton, WWE's best worker, to try and boost his weak profile in hopes of a credible leaving match. Parasite Jericho used WWE yet again, and WWE ever foolishly allowed it. How weak is that? 

Forever is the laughing stock of WWE's tag division. Another failure of Triple H's drives to gain popularity with fans with his ego to try and takeover WWE someday are hilarious. This time he chose two empty vessels to hold the titles. It is officially done for. There is no worthy tag division in WWE. Well done, Triple H. It is renowned to nothingness.  

With a capable roster on its books why WWE neglects its talented staff in Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro and others is a mystery. Then again, he who is in charge overall thinks these people are 'too small' instead of a bulky physique like the useless Mark Henry's and Big Shows. WWE needs to re-evaluate its worthy mid-tier stock and give them their boost. 

Yet another one of Triple H's fan fave concepts fell flat on its egotistical ass. Kharma, Sin Cara and now Paige. The flunkie champ with no skill, style or connection continues to ruin every part of the divas and women's division (if there is one) and refines the matches to tackyness. Hire some real wrestling women. They are needed. Models and fan sexiness are not. Believe it or not, the audience find a capable wrestling female far more attractive than a glamour babe. To her credit, Nikki Bella also held a decent showing tonight. 

WWE continue to make the cash in that never happened angle look ridiculous. Granted, it was better than previous years, but still rather pathetic. WWE really need to think about these things and push forward with them or not. Making a lunacy of it all does not elevate the title, the competitor nor the briefcase holder. It also makes the company look foolish. 

Brock Lesnar is WWE's man of the hour. He ticks the boxes. Though he is not the only saving grace it has, or should need. To make it a full success, WWE need to place many competitors in his way that aren't going to lose easily and be mainstream competition as a potential loss for Lesnar. While they love it now, fans cannot fully endorse a mid time champ when no competition is around. It can't and shan't always be Cena, either. This will drive people away than encourage interaction with cash. 

At least Mark Henry tried to help in the end, but it was not enough overall. Sloppy and empty, just like Rusev tonight, keep these matches if they occur to a bare minimum, less than five minutes. Big Show is next in line. Make it brief, please. 

Another impromptu match was obvious. It cannot be helped when injury surfaces. Perhaps this with Roman Reigns will prompt WWE to start thinking forwardly. Antonio Cesaro should be given his first name back and pushed to the main event growing spotlight. Cesaro, snubbed for Reigns, is now hovering mildly along. Still making his name worthy, which others would have become jobbers by now thanks to WWE's lack of initiative highlights Cesaro's skill.

However, while returning, Dean Ambrose looked a bit of a stooge. His return was one-way, empty and sad. As a growing and likeable character, this should be considered very carefully than the same old way. 

The cash-in lunacy continues. WWE need to have a firm approach or risk everything. As a credible option for stardom, Seth Rollins could lose all credibility thanks to The Authority and the yes/no cash-in attempts. The comedy behind it saps Rollins of all growth and skill he achieved over the year. He is one of WWE's, if not, best future prospect. Ruining him is beyond stupidity. 

© Max Waltham 22nd September 2014

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