Sunday, 19 October 2014

Noam Dar wins TNA British Bootcamp 2!

Winner of British Bootcamp 2 

already crowned before series begins!

Tonight sees the return of TNA’s British Bootcamp, a pathetic attempt at trying to scour British wrestling stars for commercial television sales. Used by Dixie Carter to get some attention and nothing else, the show, which was an utter disaster in its ignorant first series, has opened the doors again.

As Wrestling Wonders previously revealed the TWELVE competitors in the series, we can EXCLUSIVELY reveal the winner off the show.

The winner will be cruiserweight Noam Dar, under current TNA plans. Dar has secretly been under contract with the company for way over six months and working in its developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling. (OVW) TNA plan to introduce him and make him win the show for his TNA contract to take effect on screen as a legitimate upgrade to entering the ring. They plan, once again as last year, to hire a number of cheap stars after the show ends to extra contracts, making a mockery of British Wrestling and the business as a whole.

Clueless Carter and her henchman Jeremy Bore-rash continue plans to steal and mock the British Wrestling scene, an already floundering scene built on sustained ignorance failing to develop. For TNA, the show may soon be over, though. With budget cuts, minimal rostered stars and an all-round idiotic way of managing business the company is clearly headed for turmoil. It even struggles to get television deals renewed from its regular providers.

Even its own staff including wrestlers on the payrole have issued concern with its direction and future under Carter’s leadership. Ring announcer Borash had also told people on the road not with the company that he was an owner of TNA. Carter continues to allow him free reign to further disregard the company to outsiders. Wrestlers who often receive low or no payment when due, waiting weeks and lack of good stories worry about the company as a whole. Many plan to leave if they have a stronger option waiting for them. Others looking to come in are wary to join a pitifully run ‘fun filled’ circus with no understanding of wrestling business deliverance. Jeremy Borash has also used bitter and personal attacks against industry experts and writers on Social Media, mostly Twitter, including against Wrestling Wonders in an unprofessional mood swing. It does not put the company in good standing in a professional setting, let alone a business one either.

Carter is said to turn a blind eye to anyone’s legitimate concerns and ‘do her own thing’ running her business into the ground. She continual copies the ideas of Max Waltham and through third party WWE.

One anonymous contributor also informed us Noam Dar's Wikipedia page was removed leading up to the Bootcamp series. Yes, Wikipedia is not an accurate source, but a little peek a boo insight. TNA often view Wiki however as gospel, so there you go. 

© Max Waltham 19th October 2014

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