Wednesday, 14 May 2014

TNA PPV Results: Victory Road

TNA One Night Only: 
Victory Road

TNA filmed its July PPV over the weekend, alongside the recent Knockout’s Knockdown for September PPV.

Show: One Night Only: Victory Road
Date: 10th May 2014 (Taped) [Usually airs in July]
Location: Universal Studios, Florida
Sales: Withheld by TNA

New spooky guy Max Waltham, Bray Wyatt, Bram defeated compulsive liar and tired out star Davey Richards in decent effort.

Austin Aries dropped Kenny King in a 'fill the time' match.

James Storm and Kazarian defeated Knux and The Freak (who is actually Rob 'embarrassment' Terry. The Wyatt Family, this isn't.

Star of yesteryear Bobby Lashley beat Samoa Joe after interference from Kenny King. Expect a new tag team of muscle men. Harlem Heat it isn't.

Abyss beat Mr. Anderson in an empty battle.

Gunner beat Magnus in a match where both were equally useless towering blocks of vanilla. TNA needs to retract the new contract and send them on their ways. Either that or repackage.

The BroMans dropped Bully Ray and Spud in a good opportunity marred by Spud turning on Ray making the taggers useless again.

Ethan Carter III beat Sanada in fair battle. Expect the X-title on Cater when Sanada leaves before the end of the year.

Samuel Shaw has been released from the asylum to return to TNA's instead. He beat Crazy Steve, whoever he is.

Eddie Edwards won a good battle against Zema Ion and Tigre Uno.

Gunner won a useless battle royal last eliminating James Storm. All the previous winners got to advance to the title opportunity. It was a loose thought out procedure adding to drive to a heavyweight opportunity now seen as a PR drive only. TNA are choosing all the wrong people to put in the frame and losing all connectivity with fans for being entirely clueless. Placing the title on the former Phil Shatter with no direction, style or drive, with such desperation to copy WWE’s ‘big guys’ to get in first, makes TNA redundant. It never learns who is world title material. It then picks a loser to win a heavyweight honour. Hey, it’s Dixieland and her travelling circus has landed.

© Max Waltham 14th May 2014

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