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Raw Supershow [August 29th 2011] Part 1

Raw Supershow 
[August 29th 2011] Part 1

The August 29th Raw began from Tulsa, Oklahoma. To kick off the show was the C.O.O once again, Triple H. His opening statement, after the broadcast team inform us we are in for a super week friom the WWE, Triple H informs us all that it is his job to deliver the “absolute best” from the shows for the fans. We will need more convincing – the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Giving the "absolute best" apparently

Giving the very best everytime was his plan, and to begin this notion, H decides to do something monumental.

As from now on, all talent from both Raw AND Smackdown will appear on BOTH shows. The brand extension has been disolved. It is no more.

The C.O.O also wanted to know why Kevin Nash showed up last week, lying to his old friend, when HHH assumed Nash had been involved in a car accident.

Punk interrupts and accuses Triple H of lying himself. Nash then enters, to the nWo music (we’ll get onto that shortly). Admitting he lied to the C.O.O, Nash claimed he wanted his shot a Punk as the reason for blindsiding Tripper. The game then asks Big Sexy to leave the WWE, as their friendship has come between business decisions being made. Nash gloats that John Laurinaitis offered him a contract, and should he leave, he can sit at home and get paid for doing nothing. Triple H was not impressed at this backward manoeuvre towards him.

Nash looked well in the polo shirt

It was at this point that CM Punk, giving another classic performance to the audience, was seen being physically sick at the thought of all this banter of reminiscence. (Punk feigned the sickness, and didn’t actually vomit fluids). Almost every member of the roster would not have been able to pull that off whilst still keeping the audience in tow.

Triple H is then asked by Punk to book Nash V Punk at Night of Champions in three weeks. According to Punk, H doesn’t wear the pants in his relationship, but he “does wear the panties, don’t you?” with more mocking towards Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley being the breadwinner. Mr. Helmsley had a look on his face towards Punk that was somewhat displeased, to say the least.

With match booked, Hunter makes the decision for the match and leaves, but not before telling them all to have two words… allowing crowd interaction once again.

The first match began. It was impressive. It was Randy Orton, World Heavyweight Champion V Dolph Ziggler, former World and now current US Champion. Vickie Guerrero is still alongside Ziggler, despite their differences.

Near falls and possible upsets to them norm of Orton gained a new respect from the masses, however it still wasn’t fully over, due to Ziggler being a lesser star. The overpushing isn’t helping someone who is a) US champion, b) has other storylines going on with Vickie and c) being seen as a filler match to raise a portfolio.

Either ditch the US title and give a full solo push, or replace with a star that has potential. Any names off the top of my head? Alex Riley.

I should be looking straight at Ziggs open legs, but my eye is diverted to the hot referee -
he got some raise on those arms!

After this match was sewn up, with an Orton victory, it was a great opening match to start the show and good efforts from both. Orton once again, worked for a young-un to raise their stock. Many other performers do not bother. But again, Ziggler is not over yet. Push him up the mid card for a few months. In the meantime, this spot could be used to build more stars forward. Michael McGuillicutty is just another name that would have gained a platform here, to becoming a bigger star – which is what WWE needs, and should be adhering to, should it care for the future as well as now.

Suffering more differences

Jack Swagger was also watching in the locker-room with anticipation on a TV.

Vickie and Dolph had another disagreement before cowering off to the back.

A replay of last weeks Raw, showing Del Rio’s damage done to Cena – who seems fine and not selling anything. Josh Mathews aims to get a word with him, but fails as Cena heads to the ring. Calling for Alby, Mark Henry answers instead. Telling us he has taken out Kane, Big Show and Sheamus in recent weeks, Henry claims he’ll be the next World Champion (you will never live that one down if you do it WWE). This brought Christian, still challenger to the title, out. Just as Cena challenges both to a fight – Cena isn’t meant to ‘fight’ people – he’s a babyface, as well as sending the wrong message to kids. At this point in the bore fest, Sheamus enters to aid Cena. The WWE Universe is meant to forget that Sheamus and Cena had heated rivalries before Sheamus was drafted to S/D in April this year.

Johnny Ace is seen with referee Charles Robinson, in Triple H’s office, no less, and tells him to book the match. Triple H tells John L he is too late, as the C.O.O has already made it happen. Not before reminding Laurinaitis that HHH is the boss!

Sitting around Punk's conspiracy table perhaps?

The Miz is the must see superstar. As he battles CM Punk 1 on 1. Near falls from The Miz made it close but no cigar. Punk delivered kicks, but to no avail. From the top rope, a Macho Man style Elbow Drop to which Punk may have gained the pinfall on.
Miz crotch V Punk ass - what wins for you?

Green actually is my fave colour X

Pinfall raises smooth curved legs.

We never found out as R Truth caused his own conspiracy by causing a DQ. The Miz lost. However, this was an interesting match to view, so it wasn’t all bad. Both sold for each other, and made it key to putting on a show that met expectations, regardless of how high or low. R Truth received the GTS, then Nash’s music hit, causing the distraction, Miz nailed a jab to Punk from behind. Nash finished Punk off with a Jacknife Powerbomb.

Punk claimed another one for his troubles.

Sin Cara challenged Jack Swagger. The all American American tried to squash Cara, but his agility got the better of Swaggz. Jack turned things around with a Swagger Bomb (previously the Vader Bomb), which then saw Vickie Guerrero join at ringside. Ziggler, came down, demanding to know why Vickie was out there and yelled at her. Swagger got distracted when unaware if Zigg had push/knocked Vickie. Cara then nailed Swagger for the victory. The distraction seems to have been done the right way, than what usually transpires. More of this booking, and the Universe will respect run ins, DQ’s and ‘crappy finishes’ if it is believable and correct. Just don’t make a habit of every match outcome.The match itself, however, was complicated and abysmal. Live TV ehh?

The Tag title rematch for Michael McGuillicutty and David Otunga happened next. Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston (new tag champs) are being renamed Air Boom – this is not a good move. Tag principals began and small man Evan was cornered early by Mikey Mc Gorgeous, eventually forcing Bourne to tag Kingston. Kofi got his surge of taking him down, before then launching Bourne onto Otunga – if that’s all they can use Evan for, then it needs to re-evaluate what it can do for the tag division. Kofi ended it with the trouble in paradise, to retain the titles. No one cared. Lawler claimed the losing team were “boring”. Most agree. David Otunga ripped his headphones off and gave a stare down. This is a pointless feud coming. Otunga cannot be ‘made’ from it.

Otunga/Lawler just isn't going to work, give Lawler a good feud,
if you're booking him

It’s been rumoured McGuillicutty wants a name change. Listen Up…

Got good curves too!

You are only as good as your name. And in Mc G’s case, the name you have is actually good and worthwhile. It’s how you make your name. It is WWE’s fault why the name is not doing so well, granted. It’s now up to you to build the name, rather than abandon it. The name has now become one that rolls off the tongue, has built a repertoire, and has a following. What will you change to? Joe Henning? Nobbly Bobbly? Henstus Joseph? Gorgon Zola? A change of name will erase everything; while you think that will be good, you will lose everyone with the new change as McG is your name. It has become synonymous and again, is a good name to build on, plus it means something. WWE, push this guy solo, or cut him from Otunga and team with Ryder/Swagger or Riley. Though Riley V McG would also be a good one.

Why Max Waltham believes he should keep his name
 (and hell, i'd manage you!)

Here we go again….

Still holding the title in the air, forgetting that it wasn't her 'moment'.
All talent respect each other enough to ALLOW them their entrance...

Bimbo Bimbo with Eve, took on The Bella Twins. Again. From exactly the same match last week. Does it really value all its female employees that lowly? Beth and Natalya were watching on the screen backstage, complaining that they should be at the top.

People say we wanna be like them,
"But we Don't"...
They should. Along with Gail Kim, no less. The Barbie doll checks on her friend Eve, who is hurt at ringside (awww) and doesn’t see the switch from the Bella’s. Nikki Bella drops BB (not Brie) with the X-Factor, now dubbed Twin Magic (which is also another actual move, No?). The last Women’s/Divas champion, Brie Bella is recognised as the winner.

X Factor for now, but will she be dropped when it REALLY matters?

So, the referee calls wins for the switch and is accepted, yet with the Cena/Miz/Punk debacles, the decisions are reversed in Cena’s favour? Here the ref made the decision on what he saw and it stuck. Yet with Cena it changes everything that should have stuck. This is why you neglect and lose your audience. Double Standards. Have you no soul?

Another brief showing of Triple H’s new film, Inside out, in which he plays another convict esq character.

Finally the main event looms. Mark Henry and Christian V Sheamus and John Cena. 3 Smackdown stars and 1 Raw. Henry does not deserve this spot. The UK’s chancellor George Osbourne blamed weather for the economy rates falling. What will be WWE’s excuse for a poor selling at Night of Champions featuring Henry/Orton?

Are WWE re-pushing him?

Nethertheless, the main continued. If there was any doubt in your mind, Cena and Sheamus nabbed the victory.

Sheamus Brogue Kicks Christian into the Attitude Adjustment, after Cena aims to STF Christian, which was broken by Henry. Full of Henry clubs and break ups here and there, it was a standard Cena main event of lacklustre proportions. Booking people whom where of no interest didn’t support the match.

So, Raw’s Super show – now featuring all of WWE’s stars on both shows in the indefinite future is a good move? See the article on Wrestling Wonders – Brand Extension a mistake (coming in a few days). But if superstars that are on one of the shows, feature on the other show consecutively, then WWE just got a whole lot worse.

So far, this Raw show was standard and rather lame. It didn’t give back to the viewer, by booking matches featuring stars whom were not interesting or wanted. Others wanted half of those booked in matches replaced with someone who would benefit to WWE’s future. Alex Riley, Michael Mc G, Zack Ryder, Evan Bourne, R Truth, The Miz are just some of the talents, whom weren’t used to the potential viewers believe would be beneficial. While it is the fault of some themselves, others would kill to have that spot – as they could carry it. How long will you wait to produce another star? You cannot rely on just Punk, HHH, Cena, & Orton, regardless of how great they are in different areas for the company. And who will be their next challenge? Back to the drawing board. And don’t forget the Women.

At least he got a 'video package'. In future - showcase in ring please!
Alberto Del Rio wasn't at tapings due to visa complications he is rectifying. Del Rio was scheduled to face Sin Cara on the Smackdown supershow [see part 2].


Randy Orton (c) def. Dolph Ziggler (c)
CM Punk def. The Miz (via DQ)
Sin Cara def. Jack Swagger
Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston (c) def. Michael McGuillicutty & David Otunga
Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella def. Kelly Kelly (c) w/ Eve
John Cena & Sheamus def. Mark Henry & Christian

© Max Waltham  01st September 2011

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