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Cara Mistico's Suspension Situation unfolds...

For those of you who are unaware, or not been following, the latest development to the Sin Cara character, whom was originally Mexican wrestler Mistico [Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde], has been demoted from the role.

Hunico has made the Cara transition rather smooth and efficiently 

Cara, since Mistico’s suspension for failing WWE’s wellness policy, testing positive for substances (drugs), has been replaced by wrestler Hunico [Jorge Arias]. Mistico didn’t help matters by irking WWE’s tempers when giving an exclusive interview to a Mexican newspaper, The Record, shortly after his imposed suspension (Which WWE pulled). In the interview he claimed it was a mistake and could not explain as to why it occurred as a positive result and was most likely down to medically prescribed paraphernalia to help aid his pains in his body.

Mistico broke WWE's speaking badly to the media rules...
This can only have caused WWE mass embarrassment, to which they have dealt with immediately. Cara was instantly 'injured' in a storyline capacity in the live PPV match at Money In The Bank 2011, which he featured in the titled match, of the PPV name, for the Smackdown brand. It's possible Cara was then a front runner for the case.

Cara first made his debut on Raw earlier this year. He was drafted to Smackdown in the annual draft, just 2-3 weeks into his WWE tenure. Botching moves on the live flagship show, was one of the many decisions forcing WWE’s hand. On Smackdown, the editing process helped mask certain flaws, as well as entrances becoming more fluid, on screen.

Hunico is said to be portraying the Sin Cara character, due to merchandise sales and slight, growing popularity as an entity. On the Smackdown supershow, S/D’s live airing (Tuesday 30th August) Cara turned heel on Daniel Bryan [see Supershow reviews on WW].

Being one of Triple H’s personal projects alongside Kharma, Mistico could possibly have another role in WWE. Though he has much heat from all angles right now.

Mystico worked for Mexican promotion CMLL since 2006, until he was recognised by WWE. Sin Cara translates as ‘faceless’.

Mistico may just be faceless now...

There was talk of a possible fake V real challenge of the Cara’s, though it seems that has been pulled, as Hunico has portrayed Cara since Mistico’s time away. In other words, Hunico is the ‘only’ Sin Cara that has been in the WWE. Get used to it. Mistico didn’t ‘exist’ as Sin Cara.

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