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Kevin Nash’s Status with WWE right now

Kevin Nash’s Status 
with WWE right now

Kevin Nash, WWE, 2011

On the September 5th episode of Monday night Raw, Kevin Nash was seen fired by Triple H. Nash returned to the WWE to have a program with CM Punk, when returning to powerbomb him at Summerslam after his title victory over John Cena to become unanimous champion. The interference from Nash caused Punk’s loss directly after to opportunistic Alberto Del Rio. A mysterious text message was scribe to his phone commanding him to commit the act against Punk. The culprit is currently unknown, basked in the air of suspicion.

Are they in cahoots?
The bout between the 2 was subsequently dropped, as many fans didn’t want to see the elder star in action, as well as younger fans having no idea whom Nash actually is/was.

Kevin Nash, formerly Diesel, most notably making his name for the company in the 1993 – 1995 days, was Heavyweight champion, Shawn Michaels bodyguard, and involved with buddy Triple H.

Diesel as Heavyweight champion
in the Old School/90's era
WWE have removed Nash’s profile from its website to keep up the ‘angle’. They are keeping up the pretence that Nash is gone from the company though it is an actual work. (Seen by most people anyway).

Nash, in his TNA career

Asked in interviews regarding his ‘firing’, Kevin Nash responded with “No comment”.

Expect Nash to return at the Night Of Champions Pay Per View.

Nash briefly returned at the beginning of the year, participating in the 40 man Royal Rumble this January as a shock/surprise entrant. Nash was said to be happy to rejoin 'the family' to which he never planned to let it go ever again.

Returned briefly to the Royal Rumble match, January 2011
The company are possibly planning to initiate an nWo stable again for 2011. This may help newer talent break the mould. Whether WWE push them enough to a believable extent, is a slightly different matter.

Alongside Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall,
as a member of the new World order

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