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Kurt Angle’s displeasure toward WWE’s 50 All Time Greats

Kurt Angle’s displeasure toward 
WWE’s 50 All Time Greats

Failed to gain higher
 than anticipated
Kurt Angle has been verbally displeased with his treatment over the WWE Top 50 stars of all time DVD. Coming in at number 34 Angle felt he should have been in the top five minimum. 

Whether Angle's ego has inflated over time is debatable, however one does recognise that Angle's contribution should have been higher up the ranking system. 

Under the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Undertaker - all men Angle has worked with fluently and had heated rivalries with, Angle stated he would rather be taken off the list instead.

As WWE World Heavyweight
Speaking over the Twitter internet-waves, the former WWE wrestler asked “Who ranks superstars? Seriously?”. Ranking has been a necessary form in a world where great stars all had something equal yet also different among talent. No one star was the same which made it unique. Needles in haystacks are hard to come by.
The reason Kurt was so low was clearly due to several decisions. He isn't affiliated with the company any more. The ranking is ‘in-house’ and has been a verbal nightmare for WWE over the years during his departure. You can see their point. Angle’s opinion of himself hasn't gone down well neither, hence not getting re-signed with WWE over the last 2 years gone. WWE considered, but realised it was not a viable move.

As of right now, Angle is concentrating on an Olympics training regime. He plans to represent Team USA, in the next coming events. Wrestling's only Olympic gold medalist (1996) plans to add more to the sport. Angle is currently still an active member of TNA Wrestling.

At '96 Olympics

Angle with the 1st gold medal
in the Pro Wrestling sport

itor's Note: I will make a comprehensive list at some point, and review WWE's DVD against my own thoughts on the list. I am not thinking in depth right now, therefore not elaborating as yet. Stay tuned.

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