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Super Smackdown LIVE! [30th August 2011] Part 2

Super Smackdown LIVE! 
[30th August 2011] Part 2

So Smackdown’s first ever live airing, on a Tuesday (30th August 201), billed as the ‘supershow’ hosted more of Raw’s stars cross branded with Smackdown’s.

The first reason it was unnecessary was when John Cena, whom was in the main event the previous night, as is always the case be it the last match or not, it’s always built around Cena, kicked off the show.

Cena wanted to see and lay down a challenge to Alberto Del Rio. Personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez informed Cena Del Rio wasn’t coming, to which Cena abandoned the very morals he supposedly stands for, attacked Rodriguez for delivering Del Rio’s message. This beat down was Cena’s message to send back. A man whom is a so called role model (ugh) to kids, decided once again to be a ‘bully’ as Michael Cole noted. Then why acknowledge that in the first place? With bullying campaign in place, and teaching kids to change what they stand for and become a thug, was an error to say the least. Is Cena a babyface, doing heelish things? Hmmm…. Cena also bullied ‘fat’ announcer Tony Chimel, for being, ‘fat’.

Irony came when limited skills were mentioned. Cena ruined the show instantly with his ‘promo’ and the Suuuu-per nonsense. Cena told RR to “Shut Up!”. That is rich. Wade Barrett, whom Cena was scheduled to a match with tried to save us.

The 5 Knuckle Sh*t Fall!

Barrett claimed Cena was here to hijack the show and was not met with a pleased welcome, as a result. Going on about being pathetic, and playground antics, Cena sucked up again saying it was ‘their show’ to the audience.  John Cena claimed his life was made miserable (by Barrett). Don’t worry about how many people YOU have made miserable, then.

Cena after roughly five minutes or less, defeated Barrett in quick succession. What a waste.

Barrett's crotch was the highlight at least :D

The “Winds of change” did not blow in Barrett’s favour.

Matt Striker moved us on from that disaster with an interview. With Mark Henry. It just gets better, doesn’t it? Does WWE even give a s**t?

Matt Striker looks much hotter in the blue shirt n tie.
On commentary he was 'lost'. This is a better position.

Our second match of the evening featured Sin Cara. (See Sin Cara article on WW). His opponent un guessed by the audience though obvious to me, was Daniel Bryan. This was a good and worthwhile match. It was never going to end clean was it?

A PERFECT Mexican Surfboard

To almost everyone’s surprise, Bryan did not turn heel as expected. A classic VKM swerve. Sin Cara turned heel on Bryan after offering a handshake after defeating him 1 on 1. Daniel Bryan executed a perfect Mexican Surfboard to the Hispanic power ranger. Bryan has a future, WWE should elaborate on him further.

Cara offers a handshake...

Matt Striker got more time to interview new Tag Team champs, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. Bourne had a chance to impress. He didn’t. It was a bad time for him to talk, and still looked feeble and like a goon. C’mon Evan – you finally have a title, this is your ONLY chance to elevate yourself. WWE have given you the chance. You now need to work on how to deliver.

Evan 'Goon' Bourne *sigh* & Kingston - It's not going well so far...

Sheamus was heavily presented on the Be a star campaign. 37 minutes into the super S/D show, we had 2 matches, and not much electrifying. Cara’s turn, apparently emulated the “biggest heel turn since R Truth”. Hardly. Truth’s turn was much better and swifter in transition. He made everyone stand up and notice him instantly and did more for 2 months in promos, persona, and reputation. He was also respected for it. We shall see about Cara, however this turn wasn’t the same.

Striker is getting around! Christian was next to receive the talk time.

Afterwards, Aksana was ring announcer for the impending Diva’s match. She looked decent for Diva standards.

The purple Divas light... Both actually look like real women/divas here...
Why arn't they at the top of te division again?

The Divas of Doom, Beth Phoenix and Natalya entered the arena to take on Bimbo Bimbo and Alicia Fox. We were told Natty and Beth are a “new era of Divas”. How about making a new era?... Drop the title to one of them, utilise wrestling/performing Women and then Divas as surplus. Women’s wrestling is about the Women who can uphold the division – that is how you will gain acceptance and viewers. They aren’t interested in the piss poor ‘attempts’ to do nothing. We need Beth, Natty, Gail Kim, Tamina, The Bellas and possibly Fox as front runners for now.
All KK can do is tend to fallen 'friends'.
How naive is a so called 'person at the top'  supposed to be?

In this match once again, Bimbo Bimbo did nothing and sat out most of the match, as she always does. A ‘champion’ can never be respected when booked like that.. The fact is, no matter how you book her, she cannot be booked correctly as ‘champion’ and is disgracing everything about it. The title is worthless and will make no money as a division. WWE realises that it cannot work with her as head figure of the division, yet decides not to act on it.

Still holds title above head, again!
Fox should not be trying to mould herself into the KK role neither

Alicia Fox (who is now a heel after Natalya’s face turn) lost clean via pinfall.

Cole then phoned in his opinion on KK’s title coming to an “abrupt end”. Hmmm, there better not be some BS going down at NoC’s.

At the top of the hour, Triple H and Teddy Long – GM of Smackdown, discuss the contract as they walk in the aisles.

"Where Am I Calling From" - RC

CM Punk entered, and it ALL began. Confused as to why they were on S/D after all was supposedly ironed out on Raw the previous evening, Punk and Triple H for Night Of Champions was signed for. HHH went on, delivering his anger at how he was annoyed Punk held WWE “hostage” with the title. Incensed that Punk didn’t appreciate Tripper “bending over backwards” for him, t-shirts, being back in WWE, and all-round respect gaining him a position atop the WWE, Living colour and dollar bills later, Punk claimed he was right all along.

HHH can’t separate business from personal choice. When things are bad, Punk recognises and speaks his mind. (Know anyone similar or ‘feeding you’ slightly? :D

Punk is “dying for change” and wants a WWE that is “better for everybody”. Punk claimed he was going to be the “catalyst” – see Feature on CM Punk here on Wrestling Wonders (which was hours live before Smackdown – so thank you hunny xx).

There is “Weight to what I see” and what “everybody likes to see” CM Punk claimed he was and still is a fan of the business and will do right by all those watching. HHH felt he was only happy to accept the change if Punk was sitting at the top. Punk believes HHH to be an “egotistical, vindictive” individual. Not untrue – H responds with the information we all knew – he will willingly step over someone to get to the top. Ruthless, however, unable to get there credibly, perhaps?

Comparisons to Vince McMahon mentioned, which H signs the contract after Punk claiming, Vince would do it for business. H is doing it as this is purely “personal”. Calling HHH a Vince cast off was a call of respect he claimed.

Respect comes with the decision’s made that deliver the product based on consumer needs, not personal ego and failure to see forward on the product (See Kelly Kelly or John Cena or Mark Henry).

Punk “weeps for the future” – well so do I. WWE won’t have one unless they seriously start delivering output for consumer needs and relevant productivity.

Triple H is going to “kick Punk’s skinny fat ass". No one really understood this comment, and was therefore irrelevant. Triple H has put on a lot of mass over the last few years. Punk’s is all natural and only has a tiny gut hanging. That’s the marks of a real man in body formation. Punk works out hard for his body the right way. Triple H’s comment was pointless.

Nash & HHH join forces against Punk

Ending this rather long segment, Kevin Nash came and Punk, being held back by C.O.O HHH, was eventually smashed by Nash when breaking free from Hunter. Triple H joined Nash in attacking Punk down. Then H backtracked, to keep the peace corporately. Nash shoved him away to his shock, and left. The Nash/Punk feud is officially dropped in favour of Punk/HHH.  Nash/Punk wasn’t going to be welcomed as a match, though I would prefer to see it than Henry/Big Show bookings.

HHH is holding Punk back, oh the irony!

Shock as Big Sexy shoves longtime pal HHH back

Sheamus then fought The Great Khali, with Jinder Mahal at ringside. After an unimportant match for fresh babyface Sheamus, Khali’s buddy Mahal caused a DQ by attacking the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus then took both of them out.
Jinder Mahal paid for his interference 

Sheamus, entered with taping around his ribs, to showcase pain. He easily fought and moved with absolutely no painful effects on his body. Either he should not have had the taping, or shouldn’t have been booked to sell the angle, seeing as he was on Raw, the previous night.

Khali & Sheamus. The rib tape was unnecessary here..

Triple H has a third film coming out. Looking like a WWE version of Goodfellas, no one is interested in WWE stars who can’t sell DVD’s and see no interest. Are they counting Blade: Trinity? Will HHH outdo Cena’s film record?

The stage is set

The steel cage match loomed. Randy Orton V Christian would finally end. Most expected Orton to finish this feud. Question is, apart from Henry, whom is capable to step up to Orton when Henry is over with? Answer, no one on Smackdown. Oh dear.

After a brutal and entertaining series ending match, with Christian butting head first into the Cage perfectly, Randy Orton remained World Heavyweight champion. Another epic show from these two, but alas it must end at some point. Tonight was that night.
Both try to escape first, neither did.

Orton was then ambushed by Henry to build Night Of Champions.

After the match, Henry came.
Who wouldn't want laid out Orton? 

This cannot happen.

So, did Smackdown’s live Tuesday show deliver anything interesting or entertaining?

Cara turned, Orton/Christian was another bout able to witness fulfillingly, Punk delivering a great and believable promo with Triple H – whom takes credit also, caused highlights of the night. Beth and Natalya defeating Fox was a beautiful start to enhancing the Divas. And then the Cena fest and stars featured back to back in two nights being an oversight wasn’t welcomed.

WWE is trying to enhance itself, yet doesn’t realise how much direction is actually lacking. The fundamentals of the placement are imperative to creating an excellent/great product. Re-evaluation is necessary. One step back… Taking the step back to look at the product will allow you to take 5 steps forward, should you implement change. Alex Riley is the future – not Dolph Ziggler. Other situations you are aware of on WW. Change will, surprisingly, change everything for your better, if you concede to it. The question is, do you care as much as you claim you do? Actions will speak volumes. We are watching and waiting. How long someone waits is down to you.


John Cena def. Wade Barrett
Sin Cara def. Daniel Bryan
Beth Phoenix & Natalya def. Kelly Kelly ( c ) and Alicia Fox
Sheamus def. The Great Khali via DQ
Randy Orton ( c ) def. Christian (Cage Match)

© Max Waltham  02nd September 2011

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