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Troubled Star Matt Hardy’s online suicide ‘hoax’

 Troubled Star Matt Hardy’s 
online suicide ‘hoax’

Matt Hardy, former WWE wrestler, had been sent home from current Employing organisation TNA Wrestling.  Hardy, had claimed a “Goodbye” note on the internet, assuming he was close to ending all ties with life in general.

Videos on his Youtube account and notes online from his blog indicate he was contemplating suicide, but has not done so (thankfully).

Sister in law Beth Hardy was outraged and annoyed claiming Matt was “working the internet” and asked him to stop.

It is clear Hardy is rather troubled and needs some help. Love or loathe him, it would be an utter shame to see him follow through with this.

Considering a therapy/ counselling session or some acknowledgement from TNA or someone else able to, Hardy needs the support, whether some feel he is working them or not.

"Goodbye world... My time here is almost complete... I only have a few hours and minutes... I loved you all... Regardless of how you felt about me... I'll miss you all... September 23, 1974-August 31,2011" – This was the message 36 year old Hardy had projected worldwide by means of the web.

The reason/s for this act from the former TNA & WWE star is unknown.

WWE have banned all its talent from communicating with Hardy through micro blogging site - Twitter, and all other outlets.

After 10.30pm on Tuesday evening, when saying “Goodbye”, Police received roughly 30 calls in fear for the star. The 36 year old was said to be fine and shook an officers hand stating no problems.

TNA fired Hardy following his arrest last week, on a driving collision charge.

Following, the driving incident, which occurred at 12:46 pm on August 20th, was not thought to be alcohol related, though blood tests were taken after an impairing substance is thought to have been used by Hardy. His vehicle collided with a tree, in Moore County, however, is thought to have sustained no injuries, the State Highway Patrol claim. Speed was a contributing factor, travelling over 55 and below 70 mph.

Hardy was removed from the TNA website, with a two sentence written release.  He now faces a court hearing on September 28th.

Brother Jeff Hardy’s trial, whose felony regarding drug paraphernalia in 2009, was delayed from June to September 8th, due to court cases clashing with one another.

If Matt Hardy wants to clear the air or plead his case, WW would be happy to schedule an interview to understand or explain your situation.

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