Thursday, 28 August 2014

TNA secure new TV deal, in Africa!

New deal from Dixie Carter
expands TNA lunacy 

In the next episode of the Lunatic Tales of Dixie Carter the TNA President has managed to secure herself a new global deal.

Carter, who has a) final troubles with hiring and keeping staff, b) no television deal and c) never makes a profit from TNA's entire business operations, staged a coup. 

Carter has secured a TV deal for TNA's Impact Wrestling, in, wait for it, Africa! Yes, Carter decided it was a solid investment to launch TNA wrestling to one, if not the most poverty stricken countries in the world who cannot and will not prioirtise spending cash on watching an already floundering TNA. 

The laughable business decision from Dix see's TNA, without any TV deal as yet expand to the continent of Africa, a place which has no full burning desire for wrestling and again, through no fault of its own, cannot afford to purchase anything TNA related.

The barmy delusion on offer as a mocking point to seem creative and take hold of a 'never done before' motion to secure the one continent no wrestling organisation is currently a full part of is Carter's most clueless to date. There is probably a business reason why, but then, Carter is not a wrestling, nor general business woman.

Carter needs to get with the program. Either hire people who can really develop the product into a profitable company or hand over the share ownership to someone who knows how to run the show (preferably not into the ground) as fans would prefer.

Clueless and idiotic, Carter is pushing the self-destruct button on TNA to the maximum.

© Max Waltham 28th August 2014

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