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Wrestling Wonders' Pro 50 2016, Part 2: 25 - 1

Wrestling Wonders' 
Pro 50

 Part 2
25 -1

The most anticipated, ground-breaking and respectful list in pro wrestling celebrating the past years wrestling achievements of the top 50 performers is once again unveiled.

Making the list based on match quality, strength of character, promos, skills and indescribable talents instead of fan favourites and company standing have climbed above the top.

Who are the best 50 male wrestlers in the business over the past year of 2016? Below will reveal all those answers.

The only list which is constantly plagiarised, career defining and thoroughly respected as the only original gauging all eyes for future depth is once again, the only source of interest for all wrestling entertainment, often disrespected by bitterness and hate for being so. Take note on necessary improvements to.

It is the only list any and every performer should strive to be among, if you are ever a true professional in the business today.

Last year's online anniversary of five years saw a bonus 100 indicator, only the top 50 receive write ups, however, explaining those surpassing last year's top 50 rankings, usually.

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3rd January 2017.

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2015 Placed - 5

After returning from injury and contemplating new horizons, signed with Pro Wrestling NOAH since November 20th 2015... Explained in promo he was happy to return to his "home" promotion... On Jan 31st Shiozaki, turning down joining offer in November from Minoru Suzuki to join his stable, was betrayed by partner Yoshinobu Kanemaru opening Suzuki feud... Initially dismissive, ignorant lead booker Naomichi Marufuji, after losing the heavyweight title, took Shiozaki's offer of assistance to defeat the group... Shiozaki wrestled a charismatic bout against Takashi Sugiura, Marufuji's successor to become three time GHC Heavyweight Champion... His first defence was met on June 12th June by Shelton X Benjamin in a technical tussle of pleasing mat work... Shiozaki re-signed what was a freelance, temporary contract to fully stay with NOAH... He was rewarded by dropping the title back to Sugiura days later on July 30th in a baffling choice, full of Lumberjack's, after so promptly committing to the company once again... Both 30 minute skirmishes were further exceptional brand raising moments for the financially troubled NOAH promotion... Became distant stand in figure over following months... Joined with Maybach Taniguchi against ignorant blubbering disgrace to British Wrestling Davey Boy Smith Jr and his capable partner Lance Archer lifting the GHC Tag Team Championship after highly ignorant hiring Shane Haste sold out to WWE with partner Mikey Nicholls.


2015 Placed - 72

Popular rough and ready brawler defeated lacklustre bald bookends ignorant Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows from WWE at Tokyo Dome's January 4th annual New year spectacle to lift New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP tag straps... Rematch defence month later was pleasing effort by hardworking Makabe having to deal with luggish louts as seemingly credible competition due to Makabe's sellable belief... Dropped gold to Guerrillas of Destiny's Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa on April 10th card to a very encouraging response on both sides... Participated in G1 Climax tournament over Summer months with detailed entries but only there to stabilize over lacking entries... Reached finals of 2016 World Tag League, with successive victory on December 10th win over Guerrillas for the titles to be first team to win the tournament twice annually, consecutively... Set for defence against Guerrillas at Tokyo Dome special in New Year, which looks likely to be interesting.

Seen as stable force in New Japan's tag scene, but only ever as jobber stylee with occasional success singularly with tag team's going solo in tournaments momentarily... Keeps tag scene fruitful despite New Japan's ignorant bookings to modernise appeal which has all but ruined it in the last three years... Stand out forces for scene often neglecting by promotion for incoming Indy darlings instead of capable talent... Makabe needs further booking respect if ever to be stronger stand out force that is engaged to certain audiences... Has been all too often same booking style types of company. 


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Met most defining moment of career with stunning, shocking but pleasing victory at Wrestlemania lifting the Intercontinental Championship which was finally a credible moment for star and title rebuilding... Incurred Vince McMahon's ever hateful wrath, viciously removing IC title from him following night on Raw, that only trained eyes including this writer could see a mile off, just as Ryder had credibly re-built disastrous title over one night to WWE annoyance The Miz... Was dumped to Main Event and minor sideshow bookings as well as odd losses to Baron Corbin, which while raising no-one, did have an air of interest from Ryder in such short time... Challenged mammoth brute Rusev at Battleground for the United States title in seven minute brief but fantastic battle of vulnerability, skills and technical dropkicking ground work constantly mocked for by WWE's back room bullies... Became drafted to Smackdown, as did tag partner Mojo Rawley to re-build The Hype Bros with more interesting and tightly connected in-ring work as duo... Has re-launched standing as pair with equal stars crafting perfect place for both as highly likeable and skilled team that can only develop tag scene further... Has been currently sidelined with injury, after trying too hard to impress WWE officials, who have all but dismissed Ryder's scaled year of succession. 

Has to overcome hateful booking committee at WWE, who resent Ryder for getting over on his own years ago with a strong fan following... Has proved to be an impressive force on roster in most defining year in recent memory... Despite stalling and depletion by WWE, once given ball has been able to run with it and shame  WWE tenfold with skill, talent and necessary entertainment so vitally missing from the stained product of hateful egos... Would do well to eventually gain tag titles and build back up from scratch, if WWE can rally commit themselves out of its own sneering vitriol. 


2015 Placed - 21

Continued monumental success as Tag Team Champions with sterling success story Yamato, both often overlooked in company, which ended on March 6th, dropping Twin Gate titles to T-Hawk and Big R Shimizu in a credible handover... Both broke Masaaki Mochizuki and Fujii's title defences record with 9 mighty retainers... Weird but exciting Six Man, Hair v Mask Steel Cage event over 46 minutes avoided a close shave in May... Could not do well in King of Gate tournament filling the numbers for Gamma, Shimizu and Masato Yoshino with workable skill for others to get over... Lost pal Yamato to Tribe Vanguard stable lead by BxB Hulk... Became leader of own stable, allowed to show depth and talent often disrespected by Dragon Gate bookers... Was kicked out instantly by stablemates after disbanding Monster Express by Verserk, flying solo instead...  Maintained sturdy stance to develop ailing Tag Team division made up of almost every performer on the roster with nothing else to do... Directionless company saw standstill for further growth to Doi over coming months with no notable advancement, despite strong technical workability.

Arctic Goat look and appeal shows small star that can become much more for Dragon Gate if it could actually be bothered to step up... Is carrying tag division on shoulders, blindingly oblivious to blubbering ignorant sadsack who wants fame and lovable praise from fans for the sake of being loved, Gabe Sapolsky... Strong force for a little man who has grown to full capability but stalled progression by daft booking choices and apathetic attitudes stunt Doi's future movement. 


2015 Placed - 3

Was billed randomly for return in no logical story with fight against empty options to 'Beast' Brock Lesnar in July for Summerslam event as cross-brand exclusive match after brand split resurface mixed pair to differing brands... Build up to match was tepid, and lacked drive but Orton once more made it meaningful with promos, in-ring technique and self assured style losing by a convincing but pitiful knockout loss to rebuild bumbling Lesnar... Rematch was set in traditionally lacking WWE fashion of repeat matches with no creativity... During Summerslam skirmish had 10 staples in head due to bungled actions of rushed irresponsibility Lesnar unprepared, out of shape and useless at working the card... Bray Wyatt randomly stopped Orton's attempts for rematch, to issue pointless challenge at Backlash... More trouble for WWE, as Orton was not medically cleared to compete, which made WWE look even more of a fool in setting up ill thought through traditional repeat format every year, where Wyatt won by forfeit after Orton convincingly took a backstage attack with heartfelt annoyance to fans... Lost the rematch to Lesnar when eventually booked again at random house show, which does not count as legitimate viewing... New feud with Wyatt continued through to No Mercy but lost another match in laughable fashion when fans believed a human form of Sister Abigail was under the ring, where a returning third wheel Luke Harper popped up for a distraction move... Joined briefly with Kane to battle the pair in boring booking which Orton again kept decent... Had some weird Snapchat like filters applied when looking at self in mirror having his face warped, like the previous decades of Undertaker vision nostalgia, which was poorly animated lunacy... The Wyatt pair helped Orton after his confused state of Wyatt mind games to defeat Kane, resembling another Daniel Bryan copy moment of bitter disappointment... Put in most expert showing at Survivor Series in a melee of unequipped WWE losers who fail to materialise the product in Orton and John Cena's absence, where Orton is once again WWE's most respected asset with audience... Has joined The Wyatt Family to try and make Bray Wyatt and the unit an actual contender after WWE messed it up with ego toting Max Waltham mockery with distorted WWE weirdo version... Good luck with that... Pair won the non-existent, un-seperated tag titles, made up as Smackdown tag titles over Heath Slater and Rhyno in excellent tag battle at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs... Luke Harper just like New Day's Xavier Woods is now 'allowed' in WWE terms to defend and be a champion of a tag title with three people in another idiotic scheme by WWE which has already failed The Wyatt group once more, adding Orton's name to the mix through imbecilic booking destroying principals and being of actual tag titles, and wrestling business itself... Fans have and continue to leave in such pitiful circumstances, despite returning occasionally for Orton's superlative prowess.

Did not look likely to make this year's WW Pro 50 at all, let alone so highly as in previous years... Has once again proven to overcome all doubt as one of the businesses most able performers, entertainers and opponent raisers that can arrive in a matter of months or one-off performances... Is the modern staple of Wrestling today where no other is lined up as replacement, nor can deliver... Creates future despite WWE having no options for future stars... Exceptional talent often resented but deserving of all placement business will be at a tough loss without, as 2016 proved.


2015 Placed - 33

Leading force of debonair double act The Vaudevillians, turned up on Smackdown in April as mainstay to the roster with determination... With partner in crime Simon Gotch, won opportunity to advance to Tag Team title tournament on Raw, passing The Uso's and Goldust and R-Truth, with impassioned action... Made it to Payback PPV in what was to be one of the most exciting steps forward for favourite new contenders, only to be marred by in-ring mismanagement by Enzo Amore with a bottom rope collision stalling the match to a No Contest... After a long amount of stalling were finally named Number One Contenders by floundering WWE bookers... Met with New Day's Kofi Kingston and Big E in a heartfelt loss that saw scores of audience emotion, masterful mat work and powered technique to prove worthy of tag position... The pair, becoming bored with by WWE, were the stabling force in a Fatal 4 Way tag battle at Extreme Rules covering for other lacking teams... Exclusively drafted to the Smackdown brand in draft split, were likely contenders for newly made Smackdown Tag Titles, until WWE bigwigs were distant and stalled progress of powerful in-ring pairing of tag team principals with sheer skill... Since losses with other tags, have managed to maintain place on roster due to skill, strong mic skills, crowd heat and style even if WWE has failed to work creatively for them... Partner Simon Gotch was involved in backstage fight with Sin Cara, which may have stalled English's progress since WWE blamed innocent Gotch, which see them as a pair, currently.

Has shown powerful vigor in mic skills, promos and in-ring talent shaming most of the roster on both shows... Lacking writing, booking and WWE demotions have failed to stunt English in wrestling appraisals... Will need better booking faith from already calamitous WWE, sinking faster than the Titanic in TV ratings with ignorant Triple H fandom favourites immaterialising... Deserves and warranted tag tittles, which WWE have constantly stalled with and treated with contempt... Pair, including English have excelled beyond most having a sense of purpose, intrigue and emotional connection with wrestling entertainment values. 


2015 Placed - 19

Growing in star of skill, style and virtue in TNA often underlooked by Dixie Carter and Co, was put with the other man who they neglected who should be champion by now and years back, Jessie Godderz... The air worked considerably well as a pair despite TNA's lacking foresight on its future, where Dixie has all but nearly killed the company through her own vanity... Finally dethroned the shamed and disgustingly re-hired criminal of abuse Bram, for the Legends title renamed the King of the Mountain title at Slammiversary in a limited eight minute extravaganza by Drake... Treated with contempt, Drake had to develop and wrestle-up it failed concepts in disgraced domestic violence convicted criminal Bram, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, and both high ignorants Drew Galloway and Lashley with sheer technique, dropkicks and mat masterpieces that many will often underlook in the mass of TNA's booking confusions to sell some blocky, mass muscle names... After April victory was easily and senselessly dropped of King of Mountain strap to James Storm in a comfortable and decent opposing match being, despite TNA's constant booking disasters in July... Had to play with ignorant sad sack resembling a retard in failed star who never gained a legitimate contract through the back door, Grado, whom Dixie Carter is infatuated with, in a Battle Royal won by incoming newbie and lacking any layers of personality, laughably, 'The Miracle' Mike Bennett... Lost a Semi Final advancement to tiel values  with excellent in ring work, making former Damien Sandow, Aron Rex a force to be contended with to the TNA audience... Impressed by their skillset and magic together in natural chemistry, paired up together to take on former pal now enemy Jessie Godderz and sparring partner of the past Ethan Carter III... Was a strong contender for the TNA world title against its absurd choice of new champion, Eddie Edwards, a cruiserweight stuntman in October which Drake once more made look exceptional in his barmy defeat that deserved the win.

With so many missed opportunities and his developed skills and in ring technique, is yet another victim of the TNA booking lunacy which Dixie Carter cannot get to grips with... TNA has forever ruined everyone and continues to do so through Carter's failed management and tyrannical ownership of the company, costing it to make a profit with the likes of Drake, Godderz, Rex and Carter III... All runs have been bungled by one woman and her wrecking crew... WWE were foolish to allow him to leave... If WWE had any sense they would offer him and Godderz contracts as soon as possible, as the WW Pro 50 has always advised. 


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Claimed and dropped CMLL World Welterweight Championship to sparring partner Mascara Dorada in January at Fantastica Mania event filled with thrills and spills from high flying luchadors... Failed to beat Kushida for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship on February 14th in Niigata... Maintained strong position as powerful entity in Los Ingobernables stable... Took part in the annual Best of Super Juniors as previous entry, to prove this year was best in terms of style, thrills, motions and powerful fight from would be Cruiserweight able to transition into mid card warrior... Failed to win but made huge statement defeating champion Kushida in shock victory to bump his foe from the tournament... Joined July's Super J-Cup, failing to advance the first round in a credible encounter to steady the contest... Continuing his scorching feud with Kushida, BUSHI took his first ever IWGP Junior Heavyweight gold on September 17th after decades of playing stable force underlooked in New Japan building up everyone else... After strong and capable progress, naturally dropped the gold back to Kushida on November 5th's Power Struggle card with another exceptionally beautiful high spot flying frenzy. 

Always underlooked by New Japan for decades, Super Junior veteran finally climbed mountain with dignified colours... Stablemate and heavyweight looking star with rock hard abs, style and depth has proven to be a reckoning force that should be sought out more for glorious succession often sidelined for novelty acts and international crushes... Has had best year after always being short on the WW Pro 50 finally catapulting into the top 50 line up based on wrestling skill alone. 


2015 Placed - Unlisted

Started a patchy year but remained credible in NXT playground turned from developmental to brand focused cesspit by ignorant fool Triple H... Had to play stupidity with Zack Ryder in loss over February to hopeless teams like Dash and Dawson... Growth was stunted despite hardworking in-ring progress by Rawley to further calamity teams such as Gallows and Anderson and instances from Buddy and Murphy which was purely senseless... Excelled in winning battle with the Vaudevillians, Aiden English and Simon Gotch, as tag teams with perfect charisma... Had decent play through's with American Alpha's Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, which was somewhat forgetful or nonexistent to most WWE fans (those who remain)... Finally received the call to join the Smackdown brand as The Hype Bros with Zack Ryder in the WWE Draft... Lost out in battle for new Smackdown Tag Titles from The Uso's and Heath Slater and Rhyno at Smackdown and Backlash, where Slater and Rhyno won... Was since relegated to tag team obscurity with The Vaudevillians and American Alpha as WWE got bored of them easily... Showed impressive technique, partnered dynamic and powerful interactions over resident matches on Smackdown LIVE. 

Hot-headed meathead with heart and style has risen to acceptable standard for WWE's troubled tag division... After previous praise from Max Waltham, Rawley has received interesting appeal and delivered on advice given to improve beyond doubt by WWE... Should have an interesting year for 2017 should WWE get behind him and rest of tag divisions on Smackdown who really have risen in the disasters that the division all over wrestling faces.


2015 Placed - 57

Continued pairing as Milk Chocolate team with Randy Summers with joyous, fun and talented mat battles over January and February with passion and determined skill... Entered technical tags against VsK and Dorian Graves and Kai Katana and Lance Anoai with grace, dignity and agile mat movement here necessary to compliment both teams as challengers and assist tag values perfectly... Had a superb Grudge match at NYWC's Psycho Circus event taking off the Beaver Boys with stunning Powerbombs, ground specialism's and stable tag match layout... Proved title worthy opponents once more in a CW Tag Title challenge in March, losing to The Logan Brothers with powered blockades of strength, mismanagement and tender surprises... Fought with The Gulak Brothers including ignorant pre-teen chest developed shrimp Drew, over April which would be best avoided in future... Last event at April at The Amory lost a gripping five team, ten man battle over twelve minutes with rushed but pleasing thrills and spills including smooth loss to growing star TJ Marconi on opposing team.

Perfect pairing with Randy Summers as Milk Chocolate, has proven to be a revelation in the ring... Skilled, showcasing moments of depth and talent for other tag teams to uphold the division has been quietly respected by many... Those who fail to see will eventually come to value the mat work produced by Watts... Could play more on the tag star needing a helping hand from Summers as hero an ounce more, to full add some vulnerability audience can relate too for a deeper connection.


2015 Placed - 34

Back with partner Kenny King, The All Night Express continue to deliver thanks to Titus' skill, depth and charismatic mat work against pitiful tag divisions gained favoured attention such as the ignorant reDragon, disgraced rednecks and a Cheeseburger and a Moose... Ring of Honor's deluded direction, from broadcasting republican haters Sinclair Media covering for immoral and dirty antics on TV continue to mar direction of the show and Titus' tag supremacy... Lost to ACH and resident druggie recently busted in Japan, Matt Sydal, formally Evan Bourne in another overlooked bout of smooth deliverance... Finally gained some respect in a Tag Wars Three Way Final losing out to Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser in another barmy choice clearly full of hatred from Sinclair Media game playing... Played second fiddle to stupid media names like Colt Cabana and ignorant joke failure Dalton Castle in another mess decision on ROH's gimmick tag title battles in September-October... Could not beat former prospect resurged by WW Pro 50, now forgetful letdown, Bobby Fish in ROH World TV title loss over eight minutes of credible interaction... Trio's title tandem working well alongside Caprice Coleman in a losing effort to Donovan Dijak, Lio Rush and Jay White in a fair but odd match outing that needed more time and depth, which Titus provides but stalled by booking choices.

Sinclair's unwatchable shows, made bearable by Titus' talents, neglected and capable, should be respected more as written about on the WW Pro 50 over the last two years... WWE should offer contract and boost star appeal in mid card and tag setting... Makes every independent event a part of successful, but often maltreated by silly media wannabee names instead of raw talent... WWE and its Indy's need capable hands, which they are slowly resigning by default... The Indies are currently non-existent. 


2015 Placed - 31

Defended MCW World title from Chris Vice in January with revered skill to retain said title... Would defend again in March in a Gauntlet, two on one battle to ascend at Ascension event... Had odd interactions booking wise from Hartley Jackson in April and May with a disqualification and No Contest win respectively, which devalued some worth to performer and title prestige... Joined AWA Indy card over Summer in the title tournament challenges... Move on to vacant title match on 6th August with Blakestone to lift the AWA World title in another technical mat whizz... Joined MCW's sixth anniversary card as champion to reign supreme once more... Entered Cage Warfare, hosting a Triple Threat team battle in the steel structure, which saw the victory profile continue... As OCW heavyweight champion often forgotten about, was dropped in three way card which was another credible entry of ground technique... Joined BCW promotion falling to Cletus in a brutish test proving too big... Headed into MCW's Final Battle card defending heavyweight championship in his dethroning end by Dowie James with another tender and connective battle with audience feel and passionate interest... Is scheduled for BCW event, heading into dangerous waters with ignorant TNA brick Bobby Lashley with no logical outcome to personal growth... Sense would tell Sexton to refuse.

WWE continue to wait but should pounce on him imminently, IF he avoids upcoming ignorance... Sexton should avoid all ignorance in opponents and reject any other company offers... Even telling MCW no to ignorant opponents is a must if bookings apparent... As near year long champion, (since 23rd May 2015, only 2016 counted) Sexton must be much more savvy about career choices that have so often been ignored by foreseeing advisor Max Waltham... Everyone who defied has not started their career despite what roles they try to play in 'main stream' promotions of no value... Should soul search and re-think attitude.


2015 Placed - 63

Made monumental history once more claiming GHC Heavyweight championship from wayward booker, owner and desperate performer Naomichi Marufuji for the second time... Added intense maturity and depth to the role working other non-entities on the roster up... Was rewarded for such grace with a championship defeat on May 28th to new, incoming favourite Go Shiozaki, as a loyalty package for defecting from All Japan in thirty-one minute virtuoso thriller...  Reclaimed the gold two months later in July with assistance in Lumberjack mash up which was smooth but a slight mockery in championship booking switches to maintain current development of brand... Excellent, lengthy defences over Maybach Tanaguchi and Masa Kitamiya continued to claw back title legitimacy with a measured ounce of maturity... Dropped at Great Voyage, moved from annual slot he won at start of year with, to Katsuhiko Nakajima in a compellingly intense battle over thirty minutes of pleasurably mat joy.

Charismatic behemoth veteran with company attitude and wrestling principals put first continues to add maturity to the business... Develops style, skill and passionate encounters whenever taking to the ring, without even backstories to rely on... Isn't fully appreciated for talent brought to NOAH's table... Cash-strapped promotion making tentative choices that could ultimately close its doors if it isn't careful from its lacking struggle and failed direction with talent. 


2015 Placed - 20

Constant faction member when one ends and recreates saw two year stable Dia Hearts close down after a losing match to Monster Express and VerserK, on February 4th... Remained constant dependability for company but failed to drive any star moments and just routine run through proving costly to style on offer... Joining star worker Yamato, Kzy and Yosuke Santa Maria, Hulk again formed new faction, Tribe Vanguard, which will ultimately require new drive than another obvious and simple format of new stable creation from Dragon Gate's moronic bookers, including Gabe Sapolsky...  Entered the Summer Tag League tournament with exceptional technical skill alongside Yamato, falling short to Dragon Kid and Eita with an exceptional thirty minute draw... Failed as a trio to gain the Triangle Gate tag titles with Kzy and Santa Maria against the Jimmyz... Constantly underlooked and expected to resolve tag division problems, capably sparring with Jimmyz, Naruki Doi, Cyber Kong and others in empty feuds to fill the calendar time.

Constant performer always written of in the WW Pro 50 manages to keep tag division stable but becoming too dependably obvious and boring by booking standards... Needs to be allowed to mix things up deeper and possibly go solo once more... Outshines problems with star skill but cannot be expected to survive backlash of bad booking and misguided vision, if Dragon Gate/EVOLVE actually have one, which they don't.


2015 Placed - 9

Made heavy strides and compatible strength as part of the Global Tag League in April to May with Takashi Sugiura and Shelton X Benjamin by his side in powerful tag stable dominating big portions of NOAH events... Could not best company boss and aging performer Naomichi Marufuji and Toru Yano for the Tag Titles with stablemate Takashi Iizuka in July in a showcase of dynamic tag connectivity... Funny nutjob who provided as much comedy as skill provided many laughs and power over the next few months to October, containing the tag division and company building of important stars to b reckoned with... Looked patchy in Global League tournament over November with minor losses on point style acquisitions to reach the finals... Took on and defeated Masa Kitamiya in a stunning melee of 35 minutes with headlock, nelson holds and cranks to charge home an impressive victory for title positioning... Former champion of last year shining to the top failed to success over near forty minute battle with GHC Heavyweight champion Katsuhiko Nakajima with another awe inspiring event that truly captivated audiences alike... Finished the year in December with a defeat by Sugiura one day later with another mesmeric, hard fought, brawling battle filled with brute force.

Brawling battler with humour, wit, technique and power has proven to be an immeasurable force of value for Pro Wrestling NOAH and other previous companies indulged in... Has stabilised tag team division while able to divert onto a singles path with assisted back up... Works others to better matches and often looks the fool but still maintains wrestling qualities that do not harm comedian come championship virtue... Will certainly acquire gold in future, be it heavyweight or tag, or both... Has brought NOAH back up to worthy placement as well as self development to top once again, with others in tow, reaping rewards. 


2015 Placed - 15

Returned with another sterling amount of gripping style and poise in January with a Two of Three Falls losing, six man joy on 13th... Followed up on 22nd with AAA World title Semi Final loss in tag battle which shone with heart... Kept compact footing in leading battles through until March... Met Psycho Clown in April for a challenging defeat of AAA Latin American strap with revered intent... Went into Lucha Libre Victoria World Cup in a hurried but strong one on one draw with Eli Drake that captivated audiences further... After time draws with Naomichi Marufuji and Triple team six men with TNA stars, reached semi finals to end progress... Won Number One Contendership by disqualification on June for AAA World gold opportunity... Treaded into dangerous waters in Triple Threat title loss propping up ignorant waster Brian Cage at shamed card AAA Triplemania XXIV... Disgruntled, Wagner Jr spolied main event instead to issue a next year Mask v Mask challenge against Psycho Clown, which was accepted for next year at current writing time... Played a stooge against El Texano Jr further in repeat match losses to champion by default... Continued to mix with ignorance in six man tags against shamed ignorant aerial dancer Pentagon Jr... Ended November with a pointless loss from two days earlier winning a pathetic tag match over Pentagon and Psycho Clown.

Once often respected on the WW Pro 50, which boosted profile and interest, has seen 51 year old take confusing turn of events that may not be fully beneficial... Already regarded as have a huge attitude problem on Mexican Wrestling, must be careful about choices and refuse where accordingly measured, to which he had no problem with last year... Divisive character that needs to think hard about opponents and what will or will not advance such career nearing natural end. 


2015 Placed - 13

Earned hug company plaudits for sterling work and compact performances with a New Year delight winning the Triple Crown Championship for the fifth time from foe Jun Akiyama... Was drastically stripped of the title ten days after crippling Achilles tendon injury occurred stalling strong capabilities for All Japan... Returned on July 14th in sturdy resurge... Dropped mammoth opponent Zeus in the finals of the Royal Road Tournament to advance with another smooth and contained piece of wrestling action... Continued to gear back up with tag supporting matches with plain sailing and tender moments... Was thrown back into originally intended title spot as challenger to Triple Crown title with Kento Miyahara, who was not ready to finish run on 27th November card spanning a glorious twenty-six minutes...Has returned to Tag Team stabilisation with Atsushi Aoki in homegrown Evolution grouping. 

Despite All Japan's financial stress causing difficult hiring's of performers and a mostly steady roster, Suwama, ever dependable and talented was unfortunate in injury setback... Will undoubtedly be awaiting his re-ascension to glory, which will continue All Japan's sturdy level of skill and talent boosting in the company... Should not bring in ignorance hires to tot up the roster numbers... All Japan continues to survive for talent, depth and skilled rosters over all thrown at it, which Suwama is one of many reliable acts who can deliver beyond doubt. 


2015 Placed - Unlisted

What started as a jobber gimmick that took of with fans as the most exciting and charismatic star to come through against all odds has been an exciting revelation... Took excellent beatings from squash master channelling Ryback era, Braun Strowman, making decent viewing for chap and empty matches... Smooth talker with gifted tongue on microphone and weedy characterisation perfectly developed further continues underdog story fervently... Requires WWE title win after scores of monumental victories over chump champ AJ Styles in most vital moments than WWE have stalled on and wasted quick launch opportunities on to protect its Action Man TNA fodder, rapidly losing interest in WWE once again for failing to act on booking decisions... Lacking a full year has not hounded wrestling's hottest property embarrassing all of WWE and its directionless program losing ratings with new, fun and interesting underdog... Has bigger plans seemingly for 2017 which should include title acquisitions, if WWE are truly smart... In a time of WWE's vastly bland era of lacking independent luvvies gifted titles by Triple H's favouritism dropping ratings, Ellsworth has broken all barriers to be its top force WWE needs to stop stalling on to fully emphasise entertainment success...

Smoothly spoken silver tongued rascal with raspy tender promo's capable of greater interactions on microphone... Should have been WWE champion three times already... WWE's failings to act on best draw in short space of time, in heavyweight status and engaging audiences couldn't be any worse than bland fodder gymnasts like AJ Styles... Needs to be given strongest booking faith by WWE outside of jokey character to real star who can go as proven in action and mic work... Has been wrestling's greatest and engaging revelation of 2016, outshining all on WWE rosters in last two months... 


2015 Placed - 38

After making sterling progress over the last two years on the WW Pro 50, and now more of a household name, Cavernario has not disappointed follow up year for 2016... Held off feuding foe Titan in another tentatively compact ,match up, short by ten minutes, in annual CMLL-New Japan Pro Wrestling trade exchange, to keep hold of and raise prestige as Mexican National Welterweight Champion... Put on a stunning performance with Dragon Lee, failing to take CMLL Lightweight strap in Two of Three falls thriller for CMLL... Since May 3rd 2015, victorious Mexican National Welterweight Champion Cavernario was dethroned by Rey Cometa on June 10th in an outstanding battle of wit and glory... Cavernario once more battled his new nemesis with pounding efforts over a non singles Lucha de Apuestas fight keeping his hair in-tact, too... Worked with the likes of Volador Jr in another exceptional battle of fun, aerial technique and styled humour in unsuccessful NWA Historic Welterweight championship beatdown... Continued passionate work and character entertainment in CMLL with skill and lunacy that did not distract from star quality of in ring psychology.

Feral caveman with skill, technique and layers of character has only ever been a testament of sheer success from Cavernario's clumsy ye classy repertoire... Standout star is not only face of company entertainment but championship worthy talent master fully respected by audiences... Decent reigns have established more of a ground breaking role where inclusion of any event with him is likely to secure respected entertainment among wrestling faithful... Should eventually be more stable force in midcard, with and without championships... At only 23 years of age, in-ring star adds much maturity to role, seemingly going on 40 instead.


2015 Placed - 12

Resident trade excursion for Volador Jr to Japan was another cheap but pleasurable encounter with sheer talent exuded by 26 year old luchador... Participated in annual Fantastica Mania event to defend NWA Historic Welterweight Championship over Mephisto as the main event with bubbling chemistry... Returned to Japan in May to join New Japan's annual Best of the Super Juniors Cruiserweight challenge WWE/HHH cheaply copied thanks to guidance every year on the WW Pro 50 from Max Waltham... Volador Jr was cast aside by New Japan in a loss to extremely ignorant child and disgraced disrespected of the entire wrestling business in acrobatic non-entity with a vile, juvenile mouth, Will Ospreay... Partnered with Dragon Lee over Autumn  to ever more successful dynamics as a pair that entertained with crippling mat work and high flying ambition... Fought against him in September alongside El Barbario Cavernario in another fun, frenzied and superb buzzfest... Took it to the klutzy Caveman while defending the NWA Welterweight title in another fantastically laced battle of technique, power and wit... Added further maturity with Mephisto again in November collisions over said title in another sterling bout of power, skill and style taking two of three falls to Mephisto's one... 

Gifted flyer with technical whizz to backup wrestling depth and character development is a necessary fit for all luchador values in wrestling... Has shown ground prowess to demystifying one trick pony attitudes... Pure entertainment worthy of wrestling interaction... Gauges audiences perfectly to understand in-ring action required... Works opponents tremendously well while keeping crowds happy and self portrayal strong... Needs lengthier runs as champion as well as contender... 


2015 Placed - 53

Tag Team depth continued as part of Milk Chocolate with Brandon Watts played vital role as stronger force, containing equal standing as pairing to audience... Took on Tony Nese on 18th July at NYWC claiming an outstanding victory with detailed levels of charisma, lock ups and top turnbuckle dives...Supple athleticism from Summers makes in-ring work look easy with smooth and technically stunning textbook flips, suplexes and bodyslams were appropriate... Works crowd wonderfully when looking for or receiving hot tag fully captivating on emotion with the crowd... Proved captivating, stand out force once more in singles matches including triple threat victory, outworking Papadon and excellent in ring work against and with Darius Carter... Partner Watts' time out left Summers to fly solo, highly capable, with more engaging, passionate and charismatic skillsets exposing how simple wrestling could, should and needs to be in order to deliver entertaining respect... Tapped out in another engaging and deeply captivating submission match with Darius Carter at WFW's Hero Search event... Ended NYWC's PPV Draw the Line with a Five Man succession which boosted profile based on in-ring accomplishments and powerful honing of beloved craft. 

Hard to imagine rookie of four years has become stand out force like a duck to water... Attire, pleasing and attractive persona's in ring and out as well as technical prowess continues to keep Summers' at top of game... Respected for wrestling values, in depth psychology and tentative moments of helplessness continue crowd entertainment... Sexy, styled and technical, has been close to stepping into WW Pro 50 last year, finally finding boundaries to push past to full succeed... Knows how to be serious and have fun in matches, also liking to get a little cheeky with fleshy fun exposure moments, which does not appal fans at all... Needs WWE contract pronto. 


2015 Placed - 6

Made monumental progress once more in 2016 with another stunning tag scrap dropping the Twin Gate tag straps to Monster Express' T-Hawk and Big R Shimizu with partner Naruki Doi over twenty-nine minute splendour of technical thrills and spills... Continued to raise tag honours and opponents with equal standing and in-depth character advancements often underlooked by Dragon Gate's tacky bookers including defiant hater Gabe Sapolsky... had internal troubles with half of Team VerserK stablemates, which Yamato came out on top and experienced force for good... Would not be deprived of stunning locks in Hair Vs Mask battle, which has grown to proportionate magic perhaps, like Samson's powerful dreads... After months of stalled interaction, superbly maintaining tag divisions and stable leadership qualities, Yamato became four time Dream Gate champion over mid level staller Shingo Takagi over thirty-three minutes of sheer passion, fire and struggle... Defended over ignorant goat galloper Akira Tozawa in a pitifully booked defence which Yamato ploughed through despite company's rotten booking principals... Would not receive another defence at all and instead held title while continuing to develop tag team scene as champion with maturity and depth.

Once more for last four years has been mistreated by Dragon Gate company, obsessed with minor bit parts who are incapable of heavyweight success and company reputation turning positives... Constantly high on the WW Pro 50, the raw talents of Yamato have been always respected but fail to greet booking success for punitive cat lovers and ignorance instead... Is not truly valued by company which 35 year old veteran has dedicated much of career to enhancing through talented charisma... In ring psychology, technique and power have made enlightening star focal point for audiences with intrigue and entertainment... WWE still haven't offered contract, instead securing other loose fits.


2015 Placed - 17

Failed to win Royal Rumble itself after self imposing stain Triple H chose himself to win over vanity than professionalism, costing Rusev huge opportunities... Plodded along to Wrestlemania, launched into a dire stable as League of Nations with jobbers Wade Barrett, ignorant Alberto Del Rio and lacking star Sheamus which served no one any purpose... As the League were squashed in seconds to returning legends at Wrestlemania instead where Rusev proved to be the only standout successor after dropping New Day in a non title filler spot... Was secretly resented by WWE for announcing and engaging real life fiancée, on screen valet, Lana... Won contendership for wilting United States title in May over scores of men in Battle Royal... Ripped through highly ignorant bug Kalisto at Extreme Rules proving mistake made to give Kalisto title in first place... Continued powered destruction of roster challengers including Titus O'Neil on 4th July Raw which was shockingly good... Moved into random matches with Cesaro, which really took off like no other, showcasing equal standing, skill and technical-power struggles that elevate all involved and captivated fans beyond belief... WWE did not seem impressed and continued to stall on both... Moved into minor programme with John Cena Number II Roman Reigns where the crowd supported the brute by default, but some appreciated the immeasurable talents Rusev has given the business with mule kicks, submission powers and fluidity among bigger sized men... Made Roman Reigns look exceptional in challenges where 
Reigns defeated Rusev after a stunning match where both looked amazing at Clash of Champions card... Failed to regain US title from Reigns at Hell in a Cell, which was another brutally engaging and tantalising bout from both, thanks to Rusev's talents... Took time out for personal bereavement over November, missing Survivor Series... Has returned with more power and style, but is waiting for a strong line of writing from WWE's poor backroom staff to fully evolved back to heavyweight glory.

Someone, like Cesaro, who has the talent, skills, in-ring psychology and brute force that should have been Heavyweight champion at least once by now... WWE get bored instantly, coupled with engagement was, the 'E constantly make someone wait a while, which is often too long and ruins all progress with start/stop treatment... Should have been World champ, instead bumped to midcard instead, which was made perfect and up-scaled title prestige... Was still treated like minor jobber... Once looking a poor option called up from NXT years back as green block of lame proportions has since develop skills on own merit as well as criticisms from this writer to improve beyond... WWE seem to hate anyone who achieves success outside of its own lacking direction and failed writing. 


2015 Placed - 2

Randomly returned from injury last November, launched into and securing title placement with rematch at upcoming Ladder themed card bonanza... Defeated old pal Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank with outstanding vigour, match layout and in-ring psychology to develop profitable and pleasing match otherwise assumed to be poor by Reigns' involvement... Was short lived second title run as Dean Ambrose, earlier winning title opportunity in themed match of said Pay Per View, toppled Rollins in just eight seconds in Triple mix up of former The Shield stable days for cheap pops... Put in forgettable but impassionate battles with Dolph Ziggler, Jey Uso and Sami Zayn over coming weeks which did not rebuild reputation as anticipated... Fought champion Dean Ambrose in a losing effort on Raw in an excellent match of skill, virtue and honour, zapped by the dodgy finish of a double pin joke by WWE bookers after twenty plus minutes of much needed improvement to WWE's failed concepts of title and entertainment... Fought as number one favourite over the newly created ugliness in the WWE Universal Championship, which was blessing in disguise when losing to incoming green, facepainted newbie Finn Balor at Summerslam... Despite making excellent progress making Balor look like a moderately credible star fresh out of water, was blamed for injuring the rookie who injured himself in a rushed defence one night later on Raw, upholding title after its birth... Whilst lucky not to take doomed title, was made to look an immeasurable fool losing four way stunner, by Rollins' excellent work to make match extraordinary, by gifted Triple H friend, sizably questionable Kevin Owens, over Roman Reigns and random entry Cass... Lost another laughable Universal title match in run through where Rollins had a difficult twenty-three minutes in trying to move Big Kev around the ring with lacking wresting skills and rolling around on the mat or yelling... Rollins was once again used as wrestling fodder to New Day's Big E and Xavier Woods in a title match that does not count, but say four way lunacy in non-entity match up alongside partner to build dysfunction, Roman Reigns... Failed to impress at December Roadblock PPV, exclusive to Raw, against pitiful opponent Chris Jericho, in sidelined feuds of random tag alliances sinking Raw's once credible ship.

Scheduled Wrestlemania match as jobber to Triple H's over-inflated ego is not looking promising... Former WW Pro 50 number one two years ago has severely suffered at hands of lacklustre WWE booking and sidelining for novelty acts to work up and dismay Rollins' excellent credentials... Was never truly appreciated by WWE in first place, despite Max Waltham seeing the respect and technical power Rollins brought to table, becoming household name fans adored... Needs booking respect, company direction and move past working immaterialising Triple H fan club acts that will never appeal to anything other than failure on Rollins' name... Is plodding along, but despite no direction has managed to keep strong placing in a time of failed stars and lacking talents proving wrestling is in very troubled waters for 2017 and beyond. 


2015 Placed - 1

Made his grand return from debilitating injury over late Spring before Extreme Rules PPV, pushed into Fatal 4 Way for The Miz's Intercontinental championship proving the star once more, unrewarded from cursed title with tantalising sunset flips, crossfaces and power flinging all three irrelevances... Was drafted exclusively to Raw brand late in the process proving an undervalued asset taunted by WWE booking office for fun jibes... Entered annual Money in the Bank contest as second favourite by fans and critics to winner Dean Ambrose where Cesaro led the action with stable settings of skill among rabbles of rushed lunacy... Was left off next two PPV's Battleground and annual Summerslam event for no apparent reason which really needed him on it... Finally utilised at first Raw exclusive PPV Clash of Champions in an already dire feud with Sheamus, two stars WWE have no creative plans for, in a pitifully bungled Best of 7 Series mess with the final here ending in a baffling No Contest tie... After double loss tie, WWE's novel idea as ever was to pair them in an unconventional tag team like Shawn Michaels and John Cena to Kane and Daniel Bryan proportions that fans were dismayed with... Decided to stay with WWe after contract expiration at seven series time was up... Cheap tag team favouring Sheamus by WWE office was again short-changed as Cesaro took off as leading star excelling beyond belief in pairing as most bankable star on the mic and in the ring... Vince McMahon stated Cesaro had improved his game, but now used a different excuse of lacking mic skills... Won a ten man Traditional Survivor Series match with all the lukewarm tag teams on both brands over The Uso's to push their team forward with no direction... Finally dethroned stale muppets New Day at Roadblock in December where Cesaro ever proved yet again with technical power, powerful swings and sheer tenacity of the stardom WWE are missing, and the audience can see a mile off as pure exceptional quality entertainment.

Despite the unexplained personal hatred of him by Vince McMahon and the failure to act or create by puny sycophant Triple H, Cesaro has proven yet again beyond doubt how to excel with talent above all resenting for getting over on his own... Another year where Cesaro triumph's over bullying antics to be the star in a thinly laced pack of immaterialising favouritist clowns... Number one of Pro Wrestling 50 for second year in a row over such attempts for WWE to erase him by his skills alone is another achievement that cannot be denied... Does not need titles or gimmicks to get over, simply has 'it' with technique, power, style and charisma... WWE need to get with it, pronto, instead of mucking about for power games... Stayed in right place, and may have to wait it out.

Part 1, 50 - 25 link here -  WW Pro 50 2016, Part 1: 50 - 25

Until next year, where everyone is eligible and should attempt an entry, thought process and skills to encourage wrestling stability will be sought over 2017. With a gloomy forecast and a short stacked 2016, wrestling is seeking alternatives outside of the Indy bubble. Good Luck. Impress or flounder. It's up to you. Think, act and behave accordingly. Wrestling is a serious business, not a joke.

© Max Waltham 08th January 2017
All Rights Reserved

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