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WWE Royal Rumble 2017

WWE Royal Rumble 2017

Live on pay per view, on January 29th 2017, from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, WWE hosted its 30th, but not 30th anniversary of the annual Royal Rumble card. Would it offer interesting build up, set future feuds and generate a strong reception to Wrestlemania's long but tepidly short road ahead?

Let's find out...

WWE started with an absolutely tiring mega weekend of extra hours like Wrestlemania weekend. Err, this is Royal Rumble. Too much, too long and too idiotic.

Cesaro and Sheamus lost their straps on the kickoff to force a title change. Boring. The occupants, the baldie bro's where the only options WWE could offer? Hilarious.

Also on the kickoff was Nia Jax beating injury nobody Sasha Banks. Neither got over.

Then Smackdown has a six man diva waste which sees ignorant nymphomaniac Mickie James, who sleeps with all the locker-room and actually has no skills in the business any more, bounce back to Smackdown thanks to a Triple H quickie re-hire. Brilliant. WWE's women are whores. WWE does not dispel this myth from its toughest critics, does it? Divas revolution! Sleep with as many guys as you can. Such is the professional body of WWE, huh?

Who cares?

Anything to try and beat the Superbowl. Laughable. WWE can't compete. For UK fans, Royal Rumble had started one hour early. It was s still quite tepid with its starting matches. 

The divas started the main show. All two of three of them.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair (c) Vs Bayley

Just like her daddy. Woooooooo!
WWE introduced a new member of its three divas for Charlotte to play with after  Sasha Banks and Charlotte have completely stunk the divas division out to complete uselessness.

WWE starting its card one hour early once more. Both partook in odd top rope turnbuckle spots with Charlotte steadying a dodgy Moonsault, caught by Bayley's knees up in an obvious turn of events for a close two fall run through. 

Bayley followed up with some tepid punch corner moments to allow Charlotte some fierce hand comebacks to a distilled and distant crowd, with the odd "ooh" and cheer for Bayley.

Charlotte Flair nailed Bayley with a quick and random move to pin her for the three fall as WWE try to continue wiring nonsense history for Charlotte Flair like her father with a "sixteen and oh PPV title defence". Oh wow. Isn't that exciting. Yet there has been exactly no definition in her title run legitimacy. At this point Charlotte is simply a title holding caretaker.

WWE Universal Championship
No Disqualification
Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens (c)
  • Chris Jericho will be locked in a shark cage above the ring

Kevin Owens' friend who continues to help him cheat to win among the useless chump champ he continues to be, rewarded a gift by Triple H months back in the blood red ugly title of no value, Chris Jericho is locked inside a Shark Cage above the top of the ring.

This is a unique and quick barmy idea to stop Jericho interfering. What a new and invigorative idea. Not laughable at all. This is supposedly the best entertainment WWE can boast of. Groundbreaking.

It didn't take long for Roman Reigns to chase breather spot flunkie Kevin Owens around the ring, having him crawl around on the floor as is always his one trick pony routine. 

Big Kev, brimming with athletic charisma flying all around the outside in spots and yelling, dismantling tables grunted and stood still for time. He brought out some chairs from underneath to continue his routine waste of time and lacking efforts. His weak and non touching jabs of chairs and other jabs to Reigns was absolutely pathetic. No one cared for Owens once more and simply hates on Reigns once more. 

Owens predictably flung himself as the bowling ball with legs at Reigns, who sat at ringside to cover for the poorly tepid touches from Owens' laziness. 

Reigns beat Owens down as usual routine as Owens in ring layed on the floor once again taking breather spots in the corners being beat down until his moment to rise up from nowhere as the fluke champ WWE gives favouritism beyond credibility to. That's all Owens can do. That why the ratings have dropped over years. WWE's future. Thrilling.

The pits!
Lacking charge and lame feet lifts prove Owens is completely out of all leagues in WWE that cannot go on the main stage with the big names or even jobbers. He rolled around on the floor again as Reigns gets ready to take his next fall, not before dropkicking idle Kev at the outside for more time to think what to do next.

The only moderate excitement, which wasn't much at all, was the introduction of a table which Big Kev naturally chucked his body weight onto, too fast and abruptly on Reigns, who took a very bad bump due to the Indy ignorant inconsistency. The replay showed just how pathetic the flying move was. Owens looked completely distorted, daft and all over the place even in the air. What a disaster. WWE continues to funnel itself as a pure laughing stock.

Spot monkey Owens, as usual, set up a chair in the corner post and took a  while to work over Reigns before taking jabs only to get a cheap shot turnaround in another rushed wasted of time and lacking efforts. Owens the lightly tapped Reigns through the chair, who took the bump well to cover Owens' terrible interactions.

As it is No disqualification, Owens receive Brass Knuckles from Chris Jericho above, in the idiotic dangling Shark Cage. Owens missed as Reigns got the better. Owens then cheated with the item and failed to win the match. 

Owens set up yet another spot with a chair in the ring to lift Roman into it for the stand and wait for someone to move into powerbomb. Reigns dropped the bulging lump Owens into the chair for a cheesy two fall, with quiet but respected support for Reigns by fans more than Owens' failing on visible television, hopeful for change.

Reigns brought in a new table while Big Kev again rolled around on the ground before quickly getting up with a cheap roll up. Owens fails to sell the Superman punch with a disastrous twirl fall down joke instead of an accurate professional. 

Reigns steadies a spear as is routine in every match as Owens gets the typical counter always guided for. Owens failed to win after trying to steal the stunner move which was made famous by WWE's most inconsistent Texan quitter three time and domestic violence wife beater who helped manslaughter Roddy Piper over a radio show argument. Classy WWE at its finest. It needs to flog a new mobile game. Are the ratings ups?

Owens grabbed Reigns for a suplex on the top rope as he took a superman punch and tumbled off the tip through the chairs. Kevin Owens, always the Ring of (dis)Honor spot monkey lunatic stuntman with not much else available for a cheap pop. At least Triple H is bouncing around backstage like  mark with a smirk. Thrilling. This is WWE dipsh*t!

Reigns lifted the huge lump Owens atop him as he proved it was diffuclt to lift Owens who could not place himself high enough and was too heavy to take the spot before being dropped into the outside tables. Braun Strowman magically arrived to drop Roman Reigns into the outside and an inside table in the ring as Kevin Owens continued to roll around the floor.

We never saw that one coming. Kevin Owens, as the disgrace to the nonentity Universal Championship, covered Roman Reigns to get another tainted, cheap and wastefully boring match up with no thrilling excitement. Another protection racquet for Kevin Owens who has yet to wrestle one match and is covered by Triple H's freebie fandom club. Another letdown by WWE with a constant failure in performer and title being. The Universal title continues to be officially worthless and oes not have main title heavyweight status, no matter what WWE attempts to call it.

Sami Zayn took too long to select a ball from the Royal Rumble tumbler picker. All General Manager's and Commissioners were annoyed as was WWE backstage. Daniel Bryan flipped out and told him to hurry it up. WWE had established Zayn as a complete geek a week earlier on Raw, beating Seth Rollins, who won't be on the Rumble card at all. Zayn was perplexed to draw number 8. Dean Ambrose helped inform Zayn his number was upside down, which Zayn could not fathom.

This ignorant vanilla midget commentating in Austin Aries is still going on? He was wheeled out to exclusively comment on the Cruiserweight match. What a laughing stock all this is. WWE don't seem to see it do they? This really isn't over at all. Plus one nobody ruins it further. No one cares.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Rich Swann (c) Vs Neville

Are the Cruiser's still on? Dump time equivalent & still surpassing it. WWE, must be busy for the next angle setting backstage. after a long waste of time jumping about and boring the audience further, Neville beat Rich Swann in a predictable nothing match that established Neville as a useless piece of fodder who was the best of a very bad bunch of ignorant Triple H plagued WWE with over an obsession of one tape of New Japan's midget tournaments, guided by Max Waltham's respected eye. 

Neville claimed he is the "King of the Cruiserweights" Great, then he has no competition and Vince can take that title and division and dump it entirely. It will never get over just like the Universal title. The ideas behind them are so rotten it won't excel. Pull out and save face before it continues the calamity of the company further. I though McMahon was the creative genius of all these things? Nullify it. Better yet, send it to NASA and have them send it up into space to truly fly with the Universal Championship. Now that's creative. 

What's Triple H going to do next? Another tournament classic? Yes, he will. How original and exciting. Mark.

WWE Championship
AJ Styles (c) Vs John Cena

On repeat.
The WWE title match. Triple H's failed ignorance to make a future Vs Vince McMahon's failed concept of the future. Max Waltham is firmly in the middle. WWE cannot see. Reverting to the past is McMahon's only comfort when placing trust in Triple H fails and too stubborn to pick up the emailing phone. That's how its done nowadays. It isn't working.

Is this match a repeat from almost all over early last year, like? Cena/Styles repeats continue to bore the place out. Zzzz. Neither a wrestler and constant jumps, spots and failed rest holds with any believable grasp further laugh WWE up. Entertainment at its finest. 

Mauro Ranallo's commentary of "ooh" at Styles' spin powerbomb failure to dump Cena with any credibility was enlightening. Both Cena and Styles seem tired and phoning it in. If that classifies as a classic match beyond fans who can't see that they did the routine action and could not be bothered to go the full hog is very troubling for what fans are aiming to achieve with a cheap banner to wave to feel included. AJ goes for his traditional ring jump rope miss roll moment for counter option with Cena. Hasn't this already been done?

The no hold Cena submission as AJ applies his own counter no hold submission and flimsy flipping over in doing so. once more a mockery to the match and another unbelievable concept on both.

More counter lunacy as John Cena uses Ric Flair's Figure 4 Leg Lock to chase his title holding and have him mentioned by announcers of his Royal Rumble moment from years ago which has no relevance today. 

The pair then did a double down on the canvas lie down from Cena's arm lock lift up slam thing. Style counters with his arm drop styles Clash thing so quick and flimsily for a two fall only. 

Cena's face never hit the ground.

Flying monkeys again!
Styles did his routine rope jump spiral which missed as usual so the pair could move on the ground again. Cena runs into a Attitude Adjustment by AJ Styles in a poorly rushed moment that needed more care. It was just sloppy.

Cena AA's AJ off the tip turnbuckle but failed to win a three fall where Cena's disbelief was not sold and simply no reaction on his face at all. AJ Styles no lands a second styles Clash as the pair are down. Again. Styles jumps onto Cena with the rope jump and gets hit by two Attitude Adjustments as John Cena nails AJ Styles to lift the WWE championship for the uselessly historic sixteenth time. 

Vince McMahon is desperate. Yet he messed it all up with HHH over last year. He needs the old names to try and rebuild. HaHaHa. 

You can comeback from nowhere after a year off and slot right back in, proving a near year title reign of simply holding was entirely useless. 

Royal Rumble
Cass, Chris Jericho, Kalisto, Mojo Rawley, Jack Gallagher, Mark Henry, Braun Strowman, Sami Zayn, Big Show, Tye Dillinger, James Ellsworth, Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Sheamus, Big E, Rusev, Cesaro, Xavier Woods, Bray Wyatt, Apollo Crews, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Brock Lesnar, Enzo Amore, Goldberg, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns

Jerry Lawler returned to commentary after being sacked by WWE previously months back.

No. 1 - Big Cass.  

He and his Spongebob pineapple head ferret Enzo Amore were sent out to entertain the crowd. Geez. This put them all to sleep and zapped the momentum for WWE to try and build. Bore them instead and drain all intended to achieve. Jericho will begin as number two. The starting two usually epic now just another Raw match up feel. They warmed up the match as Cass took control before number three entered. Non-entity Kalisto tasking ages to run the aisle. 

lol at ignorant mosquito Kalisto trying to run the aisle fast and still being miles behind. Hilarious. The road is long.

Cass gave him a boot after he jumped around for a bit.

Number four comes in now. Mojo Rawley arrives. Cass tried to eliminate as Jericho tried to tip Cass instead to save Mojo and time for number five, Jack Gallagher. The Royal Rumble is officially a squash match jobber squad with pithy cruiser's to tip out. That defames it more by adding them to it. Lame. He brought in an umbrella as a foreign object and was a complete afterthought in waiting. He contributed nothing with his pale, uneventful involvement.

Let's fill up the numbers as Number six, Mark Henry joins us.
Henry took too long to arrive as the in-ring stars all waited too long for him to dominate them. Jack Gallagher failed to go over the top rope and through it instead. 

So great is Gallagher he flies through the rope instead of going over it. Way to fail the Royal Rumble. That was clever wasn't it Vince?

Jack Gallagher was thrown out properly after botching the first major angle, just in time for Braun Strowman to enter next. Cowardly Jericho slides out the ropes underneath to do what The Miz did years back when hiding under the ring. Strowman sends out Mojo Rawley and Cass. Midget mosquito Kalisto was then hurled onto them outside. Henry and Strowman have a stare down. Henry survived a Strowman send off until a boot dropped him out.

Number eight, Sami Zayn arrives as Chris Jericho debates re-entry. Cheap and tacky thus far. Braun brutalised Zayn with ease. 

lol. It's a cabbage patch doll.

This is how the Royal Rumble is booked every year. Clear ring, hide outside, drop some weeds. Not like it used to be. No excitement.

Predictably soon enough, Big Show returns at number nine.

Staredown before beatdown between the two. Big Show weight. Strowman takes the chokeslam as Jericho then re-joins to get pummelled by one punch of Show. Strowman avoided elimination as did Big Show of one another. Big Show was again eliminated by Strowman after last year, making two in a row, just in time for number ten.

It's some unknown called Tye Dillinger. Did Jericho get eliminated? No one seems to care.

OMG It's random unknown treading water in NXT, Tye Dillinger, who is also copyright infringement, Vin. What a gimp. Any thrown bone? 

Jams Ellsworth enters now. With Carmella. Guarded by Braun. Zayn and Dillinger fail to send him out. Next in? Dean Ambrose. Ambrose tricks Ellsworth in entering so Strowman can quickly dump him over the top in another wasted opportunity by WWE.

Number thirteen is milk carton highlander Baron Corbin. Unknown goof Tye Dillinger was randomly tossed by Braun Strowman. Strowman eliminated by Corbin on the fly, just like that, with not my sense.

Next. Time for Kofi Kingston to do all the 'no feet touching ground' lunacy. Corbin slides to the outside and back in on Ambrose exchanges which constantly undermine the Rumble match itself.

The Miz makes it the halfway point. Sami Zayn botched a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz has his moment with everyone as is general routine with every entry. How boring. Corbin dropped his momentum. Kofi goes to the top so Corbin punches him, who missed and hung on to the ring post outside to come back in and drop Corbin down for number sixteen. It's Sheamus, who lost the tag straps on the kickoff show earlier to the baldies boys Anderson and Gallows.

Up next is another New Day dude in Big E. 

He goes straight for The Miz and booty slaps his butt to the New Day Rocks chant theme. If only it was Randy Orton and Cesaro.

Next in at eighteen is Rusev sporting stupid plasters on his face to ruin his credibility further from WWE's recent raw face busting. Zayn failed to allow Rusev to hoist him over the rope in an obvious pre-planned spot. 

It's Cesaro time! Miz runs into a Swing instantly as does Zayn. Ambrose next. Kofi tries to break it up and gets it as does Big E. Giddy Cesaro gets Corbin too. He almost swings partner Sheamus. Willed on by the crowd, Rusev kicks him down. Sheamus saves his buddy from elimination by Rusev instead.

Ten left as Xavier Woods joins the New Day. Next in is Bray Wyatt. who like Ellsworth, gets the second biggest pop to intrigue the boring show. 

Crowd cheers for Wyatt after boring show might offer some intrigue. Built on me but not me. Won't materialise this way but demand.

Number 22 arrives. It's Apollo Crews so still is too green. 

WWE's bigger men, driven off screen to ring on caddy go carts.
Courtesy of the Brock Lesnar Guy in attendance. :)

WWE seem to be obsessed to try and make the already failed ignorant Apollo Crews a year later. Wasted spot. Thanks for coming. 

Sheamus and Cesaro eliminate all of New Day as Sheamus tries to take off Cesaro. Jericho scurries from behind and tips both of them over as the argue outside. Please don't give us a best of 8 series.

The Royal Rumble favourite to win enters next. It's Randy Orton!

Randy clears house with RKO's and beatdowns with talented finesse to finally prove why he is the favourite. Business picked up when Orton joined it. No one else has managed to elevate it this far in, which is a strong booking mistake by WWE.

Number 24 is in. It's Dolph Ziggler. lol.

Kurt Angle will sully the Royal Rumble soon many thought. Ignorant drunkard abuser. Cash in needed. Cheap pop coming.

Goldberg chants ready.

It's Luke Harper! Oooh what a distilled let down for crowds. The ring for once has finally filled up big. He throws off no hoper Apollo Crews with an elbow. Orton and the Wyatt's stared down now. Harper smacks a Lariat on Bray Wyatt and turns on Bray! Well, it's the only way Harper could try to get over. He tries for Sister Abigail on Bray as Orton smashed the RKO in prime position.

Whose number 26? Brock Lesnar! He showed up for once! 
After dropping everyone off, Enzo Amore is out next. 

Next in is... Goldberg! 

Time to clear house. Lesnar waits for him. Everyone is down. Lesnar gets the spear! Goldberg flips Brock Lesnar outta there! Man what a wuss.

Goldberg beats down all challengers with a Jackhammer to Zayn as Bray and Randy take it to Goldberg. Both get takendown. Orton is seriously holding his knee in pain.

Number twenty-nine is The Undertaker as the crowd goes wild on the original favourite to win . He magically appears behind Goldberg within the ring. Undertakers has him as Corbin and Rusev stop themselves. Goldie drops Rusev and 'Taker drops Corbin. Goldberg spears Undertaker as Goldie drops Luke Harper. undertaker sends Goldberg out. 

The last man. Roman Reigns.

HaHaHa! Vince McMahon trolled you with number 30. Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! 

Reigns stares down Undie before stepping up to the plate. 'Taker with fierce jabs taking it to Reigns well. Reigns avoids Chokeslam with a Superman punch only to land back into a Chokeslam with authority. Undertaker drops The Miz and Sami Zayn. 

Reigns holds on as Chris Jericho gets a slam too. Roman Reigns eliminates The Undertaker to the biggest upset of the night as Reigns seems to have turned. Dishonourable turn for WM confirmed. UT/Reigns is on. Vince is desperate to make Reigns household name. UT last hope. 

The final four stay as Chris Jericho is dropped out by Roman Reigns, facing a double threat by Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Roman Reigns gets the DDT by Randy Orton well but the feeling of the show is simply another random television or PPV match of no real value. 

Reigns fights back with punches as he nails Bray Wyatt out of the match. He readies a spear for randy Orton who smacks the RKO and tosses Roman Reigns out of the Royal Rumble to secure the Wrestlemania ticket as 2017's Rumble victor! He's now the seventh lucky man to win a Rumble twice.

The final moments of the Royal Rumble outside of Undertaker greatness were very weakly produced, like another PPV or TV match of no value.

Apart from the spots, it was all very boring and constantly pedestrian.

WWE is fresh out of ideas. Triple H has failed. Vince has failed to listen & act. No new stars are available again. Ego = loss.

What a mess. Sloppy, same old and tiresome. Tut tut.

PPV Rating - 2/10

Man/Woman of the PPV - Roman Reigns

Men/women of their matches - Bayley, Roman Reigns, Neville, Neither good enough, Randy Orton

WWE hosted its up in the air event with a few possibilities. Leaks involving potential winners in an inconceivable Braun Strowman, reliable Randy Orton, or interesting options in The Undertaker, Goldberg or even, apathetically, Brock Lesnar, the card did have an air of intrigue. As for the show itself in its run up, was ever more a predictable outcome. 

Fans knew titles would change. They had to in order to keep the flow and make the event move. Would WWE have the balls to drop its flagging stars of the straps? No. It continues to protect its weakest 'stars' holding onto titles as a caretaker janitor role than an actual champion. Fans have been waiting for the likes of Kevin Owens and Charlotte to actually wrestle a match once. WWE may be high on these uneventful luvvies, as everyone calls them these days, but the fans, not so much. Even critics cannot find common ground to express talent upon. WWE choose to attack and put up the middle finger when it is all out of options and fails to move its own product forward. That's right, it blames everyone else for its own failings because it doesn't like to hear it. Though it isn't going to improve that way at all is it? Don't want to? Ratings down are they? Stock not growing so well, despite WWE investors bumping up the price to look profitable? Wrestling at an all time low for direction, champions, title worth and stars? Hmm... Nothing ever changed by standing still.

Randy running... :)
Even more so of disinterest was the classic Vince McMahon trolling of fans. A glorious middle finger served to all with the arrival of man number thirty, a grand surprise. Roman Reigns, the most viciously despised star in WWE, which the company cannot deny, has not got many fans left. Being pushed incessantly as John Cena Mark II, Vince, who shoved Cena to everyone until they loved him, in WWE's mind, wouldn't stop until he was at the top. Fans won't be fooled twice. Roman Reigns will not get over. A potential feud with Vince's last hope to give him some credibility in a battle with the Undertaker does not have as much appeal as WWE are delusional looking toward. Fans would like to see what Vince sees, because it does not seem to be what the rest of the world is seeing.

Fans were not upset with Reigns. They were LIVID. There may well be nothing that can be done for Reigns, who is drastically treading water and the WWE Universe are sending McMahon the sign not to send him a lifeboat. WWE never threw him the buoy when it put him there two years ago without any creative plans. McMahon knows that if Reigns had one the show there would be a serious degree of mutiny among the crowds and crew. So to build him and the eventual victor up, was a McMahon choice he thinks has succeeded. It did not. Fans only cheer for the winner by default but, despite how multi talented Randy Orton is and WWE clearly need him to boost a new star in its desperation era which is Orton's prime role, WWE still has lacking options going forward. Fans are not too keen on the old top two Orton and Cena or even a potential Bray Wyatt opening that has lost all momentum and can't be rebuilt.

WWE's delusional call ups from its random playpen in Triple H's ego centric cesspit of ignorance known as TNA fodder land, NXT, is another constant letdown. Some random jobber looking like cookie cutter which as handful of 200-400 fans might know was supposed to be common knowledge to the WWE Universe who only live in Raw and Smackdown land. Who is this random loser and why exactly are any of them meant to care about another generic douche who runs in tune to a photo opportunity resembling Viktor from The Ascension, which failed to ascend. Apparently his theme is to be a "Perfect 10" so WWE predictably entered him, in a world where thirty men would most likely not enter him there, as, wait for it, number 10. How exciting. It flopped literally within one minute of his tepid walking and running to the lengthy gangplank to the rumble itself. 

What else? Oh the rest of it. Charlotte fought a new diva. The third of three roster divas, Bayley, a random who is just there to fill the time and has no actual being. Cool.

Then there was Kevin Owens, a constant ignorant disgrace who despite his completely idle 'performances' of backyard wrestling, yelling and whining like a child and rolling around on the floor for too long before waiting to get a cheap spot pop, is constantly protected by WWE. The title, its 'champ' and their audience ar4e completely sunk on this tiresome Triple H fandom rewards program 'cos Hunter like him in an interpersonal friendship beyond Triple H's professional duty.

John Cena beat AJ Styles to equal Ric Flair's title record, just like his daughter with 16 PPV defences. Cena has 16 titles now. It doesn't mean anything to anyone but WWE desperate to appease Cena, who is looking for outside career options beyond WWE in the future. Funny enough, Nikki Bella, Cena's girlfriend was made Executive Producer of Total Divas. Hmmm... This was not a match of the ages some idiotic fans are trying to hammer on about. Choices like this with such bias prove time and time again what fans and fans posing as critics try to champion, that Vince/WWE will always screw your 'Indy darlings' 'must be called up' blurbs with disdain. 

Another state in jeans and a tee under
Triple H favourites club of ignorance.
But is it star worthy?

Fans had hoped Samoa Joe would be number 30. Who? Some bloke with a dreadful look, constant sweat in a second, rolling around on the floor like Owens, un-athletic and pitiful in-ring action. Oh, and he's from TNA. Plus he has an ugly look and a dreadful button nose. WWE gave you the other Samoan instead. All fans' choices of ignorance to come in Shinskay F*ckamoron, Sh*tmoa Joe, Crap Angle and some curly mop from overseas bouncing around were inconceivable, ignorant and simply delusional. Vince could never book such imbecilic choices and he knows it. He may be losing his edge but he is not that completely moronic. Though it is Triple H constantly in his ear trying to convince him NXT is the way. It isn't. Ignorance only leads to more self imploded destruction. WWE is at an all time low. For the record, Samoa Joe showed on Raw the following evening to attack Seth Rollins as Triple H's poodle, to build their Wrestlemania match. Triple H is best for business, right?

John Cena. The square jaw puzzled look of no being.
16 time champ.
Equals Triple H's idol's record. Ouch.

It has the same setting as all the years before it. No new stars, current apathy, lame reliable, part-time cheap pops and no future direction. Triple H desperate to prove something for his ego to be loved by fans leeching on all call ups and failing to be a natural McMahon or a wannabe Max Waltham, Triple H is the most imbecilic nutjob WWE has ever put in charge. Off on a disastrous hiring spree of everyone but talent, and trying to strategically gets fans to love him with fandom choices he gifts titles to or spots they never earn and snubbing those with real talent on his own ego hate fest is no successor to Vince McMahon's shared empire. If Triple H can't get with it, McMahon needs to relocate him to "focus on growth" with NXT and out of the payroll gifting writing blank cheques his backside can't cash. It's all trash. Stop and think for one second. How far has the future moved since all these hiring's came through? Zilch. Orton, Cena, Undertaker, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are WWE's only household names. The ever dependable which we constantly told you, you cannot completely rely on. Triple H is a fool that wanted to test the water and his ego went too far. You need to look in the mirror, retract and really ask yourself what your goal is for WWE's future. It isn't working. Put the ego aside, or leave the business.

Fans feel that Vince McMahon doesn't give a care at all anymore. He probably doesn't. Though there is a fine line between being a revolutionary and simply being an antagonising nuisance for the sake of it with no direction because your peeved with the fans. The same fans who have left you because of wayward booking, Reigns or not and his involvements over the past two years going down the toilet.
Once more WWE failed James Ellsworth, who is still the only option to boost the title. Vince doesn't like to go with it because he can't be bothered. The most over star dwindled to a regular Cena/Styles future that has invigorated no-one. Does McMahon know what to do anymore when someone is 'redhot'? It would seem not. Fans are not amused any longer.
No new stars, no surprises, no direction, bland, empty, too long to get going, oh, and WWE's big (fat) men all received a go-cart caddy lift to zoom down the ramp quicker. WWE's two minute next entry system was flawed and not kept to time. Most of that false advertising was delayed by three to four minutes, regardless of the long entrance ramp. What an utter embarrassment of a live event. A complete shambles. What is WWE doing? It is truly laughable. WWE seems to have become its own in-house joke.

When Max Waltham isn't giving you any advice any more, and Triple H desperately trying to claim power and try to be an ego centric luvvie who has business acumen, WWE once more fails to see what's in front of them. They could have it all. Their attitude is their grandest failing. From a bad year business wise, under Triple H's misdirection of experimental ignorance hiring's WWE have severely messed its landscape up. WWE are desperate for Orton to make good on a Wrestlemania event.

What a disaster. A complete shambles.

Looks like WWE has officially entered the Desperation Era.

You're Welcome.

© Max Waltham 01 February 2017
All Rights Reserved

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